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How Important is Automail in B2B Communications?

How Important is Automail in B2B Communications?

Date : 2018-07-18

The importance of automail system comes in the business enterprise environment more. About 80% of data communication is in an unstructured pattern. A well structured standard email communications can solve most of the business mailing faults.

Balancing of Mail Communication.

Automail mailing solutions with mailroom automated software improve workflow management thereby secure data transmission across locations. Digital mailroom lowers processing cost email queues for a balanced mailing system among the team. The mailroom is set to predefined mailing process to manage email queues based on priority or some criteria. The mailroom managers can view in dashboard if any delay in mailing happens. The automail system will get rebooted automatically in case of mail management crashes down.

The major sectors that need automail system that will benefit from mailroom outsourcing include:

  • Sales Orders
  • Billing Info
  • Order Invoice
  • Customer Inquiry
  • Financial Settlements
  • Legal letters
  • Claims & Application Forms
  • Tax Invoice & Notification

The automail system will filter out the spammy and non-important mails to speed up the processing of important business emails.

In addition to simple mail processing, the digital mailroom is engineered to automate the complete communication channel. There is a single entry point for input info like fax, scanned data, e-mail and everything else.

The automail system process the document either scanned copy, fax or email will be sorted out to be dropped into the inbox of the right person. The significance is the automail system self-recognizes the content to classify and distribute it. Hereby making the complex document sorting and sending process into highly automated workflows.

Benefits of Automated Mailrooms.

There are obvious benefits with automated mailrooms. The automail system is easy to get installed in your environment. The back-end process and database management are easy to process manually. The mailroom won\'t take much space to get it work in any business process makes mail outsourcing more preferred in any environment.

The most important advantage is that everyone will have their own personal mail management dashboards and custom document features for mail processing. The internal mailing and client communications can be done easily and process oriented. The critical business mails will be prioritized by the system for fast response. Mailroom automation has multiple delivery options like print to mail to e-Delivery. The system is fully set on a secure platform in case of mail crashes to recover important data by disaster recovery channels. As of now, in this century automated mailrooms are not an additional expense especially for B2B, B2C industries.

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Benefits of Mailroom Automation Software

Date : 2018-08-06

Business entities receive a high volume of documents from multiple channels during their day to day operations. More than half of the organizations do not have any standard process to automate this process. The collection of documents and sorting and generating feedback are manual processes in many organizations which result in a serious loss of data and time utilization. Relying on an error prone manual process to sort, scan, and enter data may cause heavy damages to present day fast paced operations.

The mailroom automation software used at AutoMail extracts and validates data from the incoming mail and communications. The software converts it into organized electronic information which streamlines the entire business communication process. Mailroom automation software is well equipped for 100% efficient customer communications and is widely accepted for the same reason.

Mailroom automation allows your business to grow larger and more efficient by improving the customer service activities. AutoMail’s system is easy to use and set up as well as available for both online and offline use. This software has built-in systems to process your information quickly and effectively and is being used in a wide variety of organizations.

Financial Institutions:

AutoMail helps financial institutions deliver customer communication quickly with reduced rates.

Utility Companies:

AutoMail utility billing statement solutions provide an accurate and timely service that is tailored to individual company needs.


AutoMail has a perfect solution for sending patient statements, letter bills, detail bills, data mailers, summary statements, notices or invoices more effectively than any other system.

The mailroom software is applicable for telecommunications, insurance, public sector, and other companies that process a large quantum of documents.

Most companies continue to remain on manual paper processing instead of automated solutions thus building up overheads. The significant benefits of digitizing and electronically transferring mail include:

  • Categorizing Mails

  • Extract data from the mail content

  • Personalized mailing system

  • Reduce Processing Cost

  • Reduce Postage cost

  • Quick Processing

  • Improved Tracking

  • Improved workflow management

  • High performance Service levels.

Whether you run a small or large business, an automated mailing system provides you with the best solution to grow your business farther and faster.

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Outsourcing Print and Mail Services

Date : 2018-08-09

The outsourcing partners provide automated system and information on applicable US postage charges and regulations. Outsourcing partners can benefit from using equipment for multiple clients thereby reducing equipment costs of companies.

Outsourcing print and mail services can reduce expenses saving hundreds, even thousands of dollars, per year. Outsourcing helps companies save more than 20% on their annual printing budgets. Online services complement this with ready-to-use print to mail drivers and options. Print to mail outsourcing has continued to grow with advancing technology since the onset of electronic mailing.

Communication bottleneck is defined as ‘a limitation of a system or process that prevents the system from moving faster’. When this happens, the whole business process and the system gets affected and delayed. Any amount of communication a business can deliver might be limited by these suddenly occurring bottlenecks. This delays potentially limit the business growth. This initiates most companies to opt for print to mail outsourcing for smooth handling of print and mail services.

The outsourcing partners provide automated system and information on applicable US postage charges and regulations. Outsourcing partners can benefit from using equipment for multiple clients thereby reducing equipment costs of companies. Various businesses need different print and mail services, outsourcers can help choose the best cost-effective service.

Outsourcing print and mail services, at any level of company need, is better to avoid bottleneck challenges and operational stoppages. The outsourcer helps you sort out any issues and helps your company grow successful.

Reason for Outsourcing Print and Mail Services

Cost Saving

Print and mail equipment is costly and needs to be trained manual labor to operate plus manual sorting consumes more time. Outsourcing helps overrule these issues and is beneficial for saving postage costs.


100% compatible mailroom for a business has strong security levels that cover all aspects of secure data management. Outsourcing partner meets the delivery of secure and confidential documents for national and international clients including financial organizations, utility companies, and healthcare centers.


ISO certified outsourcing print to mail services have high-quality mailing procedures and specification standards.

 Backup (Disaster Recovery)

Business entities are always prone to disaster due to sudden power failure or server crashes. Outsourcing companies have disaster plans to retain the business flow in the line.

Space Saving

Printing and using envelopes takes more space to file records. Outsourcing is an automated process that helps save space.

Outsourcing may seem terrifying at first, but there are so many benefits that come with this solution. 

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Effectiveness of Mailroom Automation Software

Date : 2018-08-17

Implementation of mailroom automation software in an organization leads to improve the overall efficiency rather than the mail communications. The process involved extracting data from the documents using a secured system. There are a lot of chances to misplace the data or even lose important information on using standard mailroom methodology.

Mailroom efficiency is claimed while processing, recognition, and classification of the electronic messages and documents. Thus, the key step in mailroom automation is deployed. Mailroom automation software extracts data from the paper documents, then transferred to digital formats to maintain the business workflow.

Almost 80% of the data utilized by an association is as unstructured paper records and later on, automated mailrooms were constrained documents with a fixed structure. Automated classification and identifying methods additionally automate document handling rather than manual document planning methods that cut the overall cost and manual labor charge. Automail has designed mailroom automation software provides advanced document classification, separation, and extraction capabilities. Automated mailrooms can automatically extract text and printed data from scanned document images avoids the need for costly and time-consuming manual keying.

The extracted data adds to the system already gained about the document aiding, separation and process routing of the document to a workflow queue, facilitating the indexing of the document for storage in a document management system or sending it directly to a business process. With recipient detail or an identifying case or account number extracted, the appropriate documents can be automatically routed to the right process destination: purchase orders to the sales and manufacturing departments, invoices to the finance Invoice Processing system and so on.

Toward the finish of the filtering procedure, pictures and the removed information are normally delivered to a document management system, Case Management framework or image vault to guarantee security, safe archiving, and auditing. This is fundamental to keep away from lost records. On the off chance that the document management system connects to business systems, for example, ERP or CRM, this further automates and enhances processes.

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How Print to Mail Automation Influence Enterprise Mailing?

How Print to Mail Automation Influence Enterprise Mailing?

Date : 2018-08-30

Print to mail automation technology is an important business function that helps control cost lines and increase profits for businesses.  Clients expect a high quality of service with lower costs. One way to achieve lower costs and save money is with an automated business system.

Automation advantages can be considerable, however, there are some best practices that need to be followed when setting up automated work processes instead of customary, manual ones. Additionally, a few procedures are a solid match for automation, while others require more human attention.

One process that is ready for automation is the cutting edge corporate mail focus. When automation innovation is brought into a situation where high-volume, tedious sorting should be finished in limited time spans, print to mail automation can deliver a great range of advantages.

Increased Level of Accuracy

Accuracy and proficiency are the objectives of any advantageous corporate mailing process. This happens to be troublesome when you are taking care of a large number of mailings. Pieces which require folding, inserting, addressing, and sending are time-consuming and can lead to errors in mailings.

If there are any mix-ups occurring in this mailing procedure, and if that mail happens to be a bill or receipt, the result can be a loss in income. In the event the mail contains private data, then the risk of legal noncompliance enters the process. The automated system streamlines the process and ensures safe delivery to avoid communication negligence.

However, with the accessibility of print to mail automation technology, many of the procedures engaged with mail printing can be automated. Automation reduces the number of mailing mistakes thereby saving time and money. Print to mail automation is equipped for delivering a large quantity of customized mail communications every hour, error-free.

By introducing technology that can streamline the delivery and data extraction processes on the mailing side, enterprises can effectively cut costs while raising the productivity and accuracy of their communication processes simultaneously.

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Online Printing Services Bound to Quality

Online Printing Services Bound to Quality

Date : 2018-09-03

The number of online services available to users has significantly increased from a decade ago. Online printing services are preferred by advertisement agencies as they need regular printing work. For individual printing purposes, online printing can be done at home as well as from a smartphone.

Printing Services

Business organizations that need brochures and catalogs for advertisement purpose look for an online printing service that offers an instant response. A full-service online printing should be well equipped with template designs as well as designers who help the customers choose their printing needs online. Predefined custom templates are an array of designs to select from which makes it easier to choose a print design.

Printing Quality

One of the things that separate online printed products from others is the quality of printing. Quality of printing is measured based on the printing paper used, color prints, design clarity, etc. Having an attractive design makes a product more appealing and more likely to catch someone’s eye. High-quality printing tools are another significant part of creating perfectly printed materials without blurs, dots or stripes. Self-printed cards differ in quality as they lack the professional methodology and standardization of printing equipment. Online printing services offer high-quality affordable printing services for businesses and all-purpose advertisements.

Printing Focus

Printed material should have a focus on the message that you want to convey. Don’t send your printing in without a specific idea and message in mind. The design of the printing materials must be based on matters that target the potential customers. Printed materials are a method of highlighting the company or business in the world.

The primary factor that bounds to online printing services are the quality of printing. Quality of printing is measured based on the printing paper used, color prints, design clarity, statement accuracy, typo and face usage. The online printing services company are affordable for all types of advertisement commercial printing needs.

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How to Choose Digital Mailroom Outsourcing?

How to Choose Digital Mailroom Outsourcing?

Date : 2018-09-11

When focusing on the future of your business, it’s important to consider decisions on investing money for additional resources. Have you ever thought of investing in digital mailroom outsourcing as a business resource? If your business has enormous amounts of incoming mail, documents, or faxes then you should consider mailroom outsourcing. Overtime, a growing business may find it difficult to manage mailing operations. Businesses that receive huge data volumes of highly secure documents most often opt for a digital mailroom.

1. Consider evaluating the manual processing of mail sorting and distribution done by your employees.

Analyze the volume of mail processed by staff to identify trends/seasonality. Reviewing your manual process will also allow for the identification of potential postage discounts that you may qualify for based on volume of mailings handled. Furthermore, manual process reviews let you identify opportunities to reallocate staff utilization for other crucial business operations.

2. Find the end user needs, specifically the formats that they need and how the data should be converted.

For simple mailing surveys you may only need excel data formats. Something more complex with many parameters records may require a more comprehensive content management system. Also, text file documents for printing and custom design documents are available to satisfy user needs. End users may also need scanned documents in their format requirements. Digital mailrooms can accommodate many types of user needs.

3. Consider the types of mails your recipients currently handle.

Incoming paper mail combined with electronic mails, can be overwhelming. Digital mailrooms help organize this data as well as convert fax copies to media type mail like flash drives. It is important to review what types of mail are feasible and cost-effective for outsourcing.

4. Inquire on whether any of your service providers need security certifications.

Security measures are strictly followed while transferring confidential data. It’s important to be aware of your security providers requirement on security measures and certifications for data transfer. Handling mailsinformation with sensitive needs a secure source.

5. Ask for quality assurance provided by the vendor.

Almost all documents have a backup of some method, even in the case of paper mails. It’s is necessary to verify if the mailroom outsourcing vendor carries certified quality assurance. Many mailrooms must have a certified quality management vendor. Research the methods of quality assurance provided by your vendor.

Be ahead of the business process with digital mailroom outsourcing.

By understanding these tips, a business may recognize their need for digital mailroom outsourcing. Depending on the internal and external business procedures, the requirement for outsourcing may differ fully or partially. We encourage you to contact AutoMail for further tips on mailroom outsourcing.

AutoMail, LLC is armed and ready to manage your incoming mails.

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What is mailroom automation software?

Date : 2018-09-13

Mailroom automation software is the process of identifying and sorting of documents and mail contents. The system recognizes the document types automatically and classifies accordingly.

Document classification is the process in which software classifies the huge amount of different types of document and capture the content. Automail mailroom automation is all set up to classify documents, data collected from various input to get routed to the correct person within no time. This maintains the workflow for enterprise mail management. The automated software favors from mid to large companies dealing with an enormous amount of documents.

Small business can make use of less expensive document classification solution for workflow management. The process is based on whether you can identify documents for classification using keywords of templates. If the classification is based on a keyword or phrase is a very cost-effective solution when compared to template document design classification that is still affordable.

Is Mailroom Automation Software system Cost friendly?

The mailroom automation total cost is calculated based on several systems like:

  • Software Cost 
  • Installation & Configuration cost 
  • Classification rule configuration and training 
  • Automatic Filing System Configuration cost 
  • Training Sessions 
  • Maintenance Costs 
  • Labour Costs for manual verification 

The cost involved in the set-up process is mainly based on the classification, installation, and configuration. The cost varies with the amount of document management and print to mail design process involved. It is recommended to get proper guidance on the setup process from the software provider itself.

Mailroom Automation Software work-flow Management.

Following are the steps involved in digital mailroom software comprehensive workflow management.

  • Input Mail recognition & Data scanning 
  • Paper Documents scanning process 
  • E-document Inputting 
  • Classification Engine identify the documents 
  • Unverified Document scanning 
  • Routing Document   
  • Barcoding for data indexing 
  • Manual Review Process for unidentified data 
  • Error Correction & Exporting 
  • Data transferred as files to the filing system 
  • Routing the documents electronically to recipients 

In the process involved several steps including manual review but the end result is a paperless digitized and automated document management.

Simpler solutions combine the classification and data extraction steps and don\'t interactively train the classification engine.

Contact Automail LLC for all professional assistance on mailroom automation software setting up process and cost estimate.

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Print to Mail Automation for Corporate Businesses.

Print to Mail Automation for Corporate Businesses.

Date : 2018-09-18

Print to mail automation is the process of printing, inserting and delivering mail to the correct individual using an automated system versus achieving the same thing using a traditional, manual system. Automated mail systems reduce errors in addition to being time and cost efficient. Automated mail is a far more accurate system than manual because they reduce the risk of human error. 

The benefits of switching a company’s mailroom system to automated far outweigh those of using a traditional mailroom system.  Automated processes can be used for nearly all mail management, though some require an operator to manually check up on them. Corporate businesses are the main industry that benefits from the mailroom automation process. As the print to mail automation system is efficient in performing repetitive tasks with multitasking facilities. Time management is another important factor that adheres to print and mail automation. Here are some facts about how automation is transforming corporate mailing. 

Outbound mail.

Precise and efficient mailing is the end-goal of corporate mail centers. However, it is difficult to handle hundreds of pieces of mail for processing, as it requires accuracy when printing and sending. Mail delivered to the wrong recipient could result in negative customer responses or even cause you to lose customers. The monetary loss could also occur if invoices or bills are not sent. In addition, delivering legal documents or confidential data to the wrong individual could result in legal issues. These are just a few of the problems that may arise and cause issues with the customer when operating with a manual mailing system.

It is often too expensive for a small business to purchase the automated equipment needed to make the switch over from a manually operated mailroom. This is where mailroom outsourcing providers come in. Mailroom outsourcing providers do all the work for a small business at a fraction of the cost of purchasing the automated equipment themselves.

Inbound Mails.

To avoid losing incoming mail that could contain bills, invoices or confidential data, there is a technique called the locker system. The mail gets delivered to a locker and the individual recipient will receive a code which alerts them that they have mail. The recipient will be able to obtain the locked mail packet after entering the code, therefore, ensuring that they are the only ones who can procure it.

Automate Data, Increase Satisfaction.

Customers always have high expectations when it comes to services, quality of services, and responses. Automating mailing data allows businesses to streamline critical workflow resulting in increased customer satisfaction. Businesses must stay on top of their customer communications to be successful.

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Importance of Automail - Mailroom Automation Software

Date : 2018-09-21

The conventional method of mailing system has changed to meet the efficient processing of business requirements. Business to the core is establishing effective and organized communication internally and externally. The digital mailrooms have paved new way to mailing solutions for gaining business goals.

There are a large number of input mails dumped is organized and categorized by the mailroom automation software. The digital mailrooms are equipped with automated mailroom software that recognizes the mail according to the type and content. Theses mailrooms possess personalized mailing features for each user.

Mails are recognized visually, by content and are processed for data mining and data validation for successful mailroom delivery. Automail mailroom automation software works behind the scene for a paperless green business environment. Although this requires some capital investment, thus leads to an organized customer communication base for business success.

Time management has a significant importance while using digitally automated mailrooms. Mostly input mails will be received and dumped need to be sorted manually. This requires a lot of time for organizing the mails and distribution. Mailrooms get this job done automated and save your time for efficient workflow management.

The significance of Mailroom Automation Software.

  • It doesn’t need regular manual monitoring 
  • Establishes an easy communication channel source.
  • Saves time and maintains workflow management. 
  • Documents are processed before delivery 
  • Content, Visual classification of Input mails 
  • Custom document designs and print to mail solutions. 
  • Electronic transfer of data using E-delivery solution 
  • Complete Data restore management solutions. 
  • Saves money from resource management 
  • Establishes effective customer communication channels 
  • Builds Business Growth & Success 

A successful business always has automated mailrooms for solid mail recognition, processing, and delivery systems. Large volume based input mail data extraction and validation are possible with automated mailrooms. The business that adopts and manage automated mailroom have successive growth in business. These solutions have an enterprise management system to simplify the entire business process. Valued customer interaction is simplified by digital mailrooms is the success to business future.

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AutoMail - A Complete Digital Mailroom Solution

Date : 2018-10-12

 is a digital mailroom for processing all incoming mails and documents. The mailings are captured at the point of entry and automatically streamlined across departments, thus optimizing the work flow of mail communications. It includes the following solutions:


Includes technology that works best to improve the quality of your work, shortens your processing time, and saves you money. The software is accepted globally for utility, finance, medical & healthcare industries.


Allows for better communication among the clients & customers by utilizing custom design tools. This improves the overall effect of invoices, statements, bills, information brochures, and marketing notes.

Automail Certified

USPS® certified software adheres to all regulations for IM®pb barcoding. AutoMail® Certified software can save you postage costs by utilizing First-Class™ Postage presort discounts for volumes over 500 while also saving on Return Receipt (about $1.35 per transaction).

Print to Mail

Print to Mail is the process of securely delivering files to a remote facility, which prints and mails statements, billing, and other important documents directly to the customer. This is a perfect solution for those looking to outsource.

Mailstream Navigator

Take advantage of always knowing precisely where your mail is within the mailstream. This feature produces detailed, automated reports that drill down to individual records allowing for the confirmation of critical delivery, or aggregation of campaigns to support trends.

Disaster Recovery

We offer a complete print-to-mail outsource solution with business continuity and disaster recovery services that will protect your important documents and ensure their delivery. We are equipped to print, insert, finish and mail all your critical communications.


The DOCMaster solution features secure storage capacity, research capability, and variable site administration. DOCMaster is a perfect solution for the eDelivery of your customer statements and invoices.

Tax Notice Solution

This product is a full service, web-based application which provides the fastest and easiest way to process, prepare and mail tax notices. TNS gets you the lowest possible postage rate and includes all common forms produced for IRS compliance, thereby saving you time and money.

Data Center Manager

A fully integrated solution to handle all the moving parts associated with managing your data center. Whether it is state of the art document design, automated billing, or online customer tools, Data Center Manager has a solution to improve your work flow.


PayMaster is a complete payment processing solution. Whether it is online transactions or streamlining your check processing, it has everything you need to securely process payments in one easy to manage solution.

AutoMail is a perfect blend of the communication channel from the data entry point up to the delivery point. Whether it’s documents, bills, or payments, AutoMail offers the data security and backup solutions needed by every business.

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Whether Print to Mail Automation makes a difference?

Date : 2018-10-23

Are you going insane by creating mailing formats over and over again for better results? There needs to be an evaluation on print to mail operations for a custom print to mail automation system.


The main objective of an automated print to mail process is to reduce the manpower to cut short the labour cost. Increased units of productivity per employee strength and to lower the risk rate. Apart from organisation size, this print to mail automation is completely profit proof regardless of volume. The single most objective of its implementation is process improvement at profitable levels for saving dollars.

Process Involved

Automated mail has a backend making process that incorporates formats, templates, designs, printers and altogether a custom mailing operation. This needs a fine integration of different skill sets to build this manually and is time consuming. The whole process is done within seconds and self-controlled, managed and delivered to the mailbox. This does print to mail automation run a successful  mailing operation.

Key to Automation

Key to automation is designed to eliminate wastage of time, labour, and cost. This in-turn establishes a standard unit of work done. The workflow has a standardised  level of procedures and controlled reporting that brings customers, clients, employees in secured communication. The whole mailing operation is automated from input to print, sorting documents, storage, delivery and each point of automated mail, needing no help from a mailroom manager.

Digitization of Printing

It’s not too late for digital marketers to get educated on automated printing. This feature overtakes any process in direct mail marketing, billboards, and high value digital marketing that needs an even digital option. Digital mailroom offers custom development of documents to be printed in black and white, colors, patterns and designs.

Personalized Printing

The mail input is printed in a personalized manner for delivering personal communication effectively. Proper titles are used with the names and statements and is organized on the priority and mail signature is customized to be received as a personalized mail. Personalized documents include specific margin level according to document types designed on the purpose for it serves. The touch of personalization is maintained in every step of mailing from input of data to delivery of the mail communication.

Print to mail automation generates a different level of communication with the customers, clients and within employees. Automated feature of mail and printable documents soon override the world communication channels. Digital mailrooms are so customized to favour the process to be secured and managed efficiently.

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Steps to Set up Print to Mail Outsourcing

Date : 2018-10-30

Most businesses have the insight to save money and time by outsourcing the print and mailing communications. However, the first step to finding a solution for this is quite difficult as many are concerned about the benefits of outsourcing.

At Automail, we help all types of business and industries regardless of the size by outsourcing perfect solutions to employ their needs in print and mail services. We have divided the process of print to mail outsourcing for business needs into simple steps for smooth and efficient functioning.

Revise the existing print and mail services

Watch the existing print and mail services you own and its functioning before making any changes. You have to consider certain factors like the capital investments, supporting equipment and extra manpower for the process. Space allocation is another major concern that takes into account and the time management offered by adopting a new process for invoice management and client, customer communication. It is good to find the cost applicable for individual emails as the USPS postal charges are calculated based on the single mail sending cost with added related costs.

Search your Outsource Partner

Figure out the factors you are looking for in an outsourcing company. Are you searching for a location-specific outsourcing partner? Watch out the reliability in their services and specialization in printing and mailing and analyze whether they are capable to work with your software and systems. Inquire about their quality assurance policy offered and they how they stick to it. Take a research on the clients they are working with and how they deal with the clients while delivering their product. Choose from the best outsourcer so that you have to avoid those who are not trustworthy.

Request for Quotes

As you find some of the best among the mailroom outsourcing providers that seem to rule the industry, request for a quote. It is quite a good deal to get an understanding of the behavior of different outsourcers. You can get an overall idea on how much you can save and how beneficial and helpful is the outsourcer to work with.

Business Process Transition

Transition becomes easy if there is good coordination between you and the outsourcers to make printing and mailing tasks to work out smoothly. But, have a quick look at the effects of transition in your business. You have to understand the external supplies that don\'t need anymore and reschedule the manual labor works or assign new mailing tasks such as communicating with outsource mail companies. Take the full advantage of saving time and money that gained on transition.

Start Outsourcing

There is no time to waste as little effort now will save you from a lot of efforts afterward. Experience the simplicity in transition to outsourcing and know more on the benefits of print to mail outsourcing.

There is a great deal for print to mail companies as automated mailrooms serve the industry for more than a decade. There are a lot of factors to consider while outsourcing any of the services. Automail is the industry leader in mailroom outsourcing for all types of business.
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Importance of Print to Mail Compliance

Importance of Print to Mail Compliance

Date : 2018-11-07

Documents that are of private in nature like tax forms, medical information, invoices include customer information may sometimes be delivered to wrong recipients and can cause security risks and severe damages to the sender.

The enterprise solutions have introduced print to mail feature to overcome the problem. The industry should meet the compliance as the non-compliance may damage the reputation of the brand as well as paying a very high amount as fines.

Print to mail compliance has given core importance to the secrecy of consumer information using the print to mail technology and process and thus safeguards the mail operations and information contained. Thus processing sensitive information in the industry has strictly adhered to the law for achieving the concerned industrial compliance.

Communication Regulations.

Mail operator is responsible to identify the personal identification of a customer. Personal identity is any information concerning the individual to distinguish his or her identity which may be intertwined with other information. While sending mail, the businesses should ensure that it contains the following criterion :

  • Recipient\'s Name
  • Social Security Number
  • DOB
  • Other identification details like Address, Mother\'s maiden name, etc.

Healthcare information needs HIPAA compliance as all the details related to the patient should be secure and safe while dealing with it. The banking industry also adheres to security measures for business mailing operations. Increase in demand for print to mail services gives more evidence for the need of mails being securely printed, inserted and sorted.

Help to Ensure Print to Mail Compliance to the Law

Ensure the mail process is using personal identification as per the Industry and Federal laws. The business operators include typical components to generate controlled, efficient mail system with world-class mailing technology and compliant strategy in the whole mailing process. With a printing system, it is able to print data on each page and scan each piece as it is printed to implement tracking and achieve highly accurate communications during the entire process.

Ultimately, the business goal as print to mail companies should be to achieve control on the full mail chain, automatically tracking and tracing mail pieces from finishing through sorting and then to hand-off to the postal services. Today\'s printing technology allows marketers to adopt and apply direct mail services like never before to their advantage.

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Key Factors of Choosing Automail

Date : 2018-11-09

Over a Billion Dollars saved for the Financial Industry. Over 1500 Businesses use AutoMail across USA & Guam.

Let us bring about more clarity by analyzing the above statement here.

Workflow automation is practiced worldwide to reduce the costs required to complete a task. Required manpower and time utilization are the targets to address when cutting costs.

Furthermore, reducing errors, integrating equipment, and closing the gap between production and delivery are just as important as matching the quality demanded by clients. These goals can be achieved by:

1. Automating and streamlining the number of steps used to complete a task.

2. Optimizing Integration of the various systems and machines used.

3. Reducing the risks and mistakes by using a proven automated process.

4. Adding more capacity and optimizing the existing capacity.

5. Producing Error free work flow and adapting Life cycle management skills.

6. Improving the process continuously in your production lines.

Billions of Dollars are saved worldwide because institutions adapt to standards and practices mentioned above. Automated processes are accurate enough to save disputes on content, delivery and time while saving millions for many institutions.

More and more institutions are reaching for a portion of a pie. This has brought about intense competition among them. Increasing productivity, along with adapting to new challenges, is the key for the success of an organization.

Securely delivering data to the correct address is a key factor in avoiding disputes and legal tangles. This ‘Right time at the right door’ policy is the most admirable factor of an automated process. Consumer product and service companies must adhere to a number of legal requirements for safeguarding and protecting consumers’ private financial information, including the Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) Act, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Safeguards Rule, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the FACT Act Red Flag Rule.

Saving on postage related to the accuracy of addresses is another key factor and highlight of adopting an automation company and process. Many Institutions give great importance to this to avoid disputes. Years of practice combined with automated software can deliver your mailings very accurately to reach the right targets. Here, an easy adaptability of the software is considered as a top priority.

Producing high volume mailings for transaction business can be costly for many institutions. Automation is a time saver and cost saver for any businesses engaged in high volume transaction business and is the best answer.

An automated mail room addresses all the above concerns and reduces the man hour costs incurred. An automated mail room works and is based on a well-defined plan with a systematic approach. Automail LLC is the place where one gets a complete source for design, process, and delivery of customer documents in the most graphically appealing, secure and cost-effective way possible.

At Automail, we integrate technology at its best with an easy to install software. Automail software is unique and best suited for banks, utilities, municipalities, and any transaction business producing mailing quantities of 500 pieces or more.

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Mailroom Automation - The Benefits to Organization

Mailroom Automation - The Benefits to Organization

Date : 2018-11-12

Mailroom Automation is the automation of incoming mail processes through document scanning and document capture technologies. Companies can digitize incoming mail and automate the classification and distribution of mail within the organization. Both paper and electronic mail (email) can be managed through the same process allowing companies to standardize their internal mail distribution procedures.
One major benefit of turning all incoming paper mail into images as soon as it is received, is the extent to which it shortens the decision cycle. Digital mailrooms allow users to receive immediate notification of a document\'s arrival at the company. Employees can access images in record time, regardless of where the documents were physically acquired.

Mailroom costs not only include staff costs involved in the distribution of letters, but also the costs associated with the resending, loss or deterioration of documents. Digital mailroom implementation has a direct effect on all those costs and becomes a key element of competitiveness for the company. Another source of paper costs is the one associated with the physical storage of documents. Encouraging employees \"to do without paper\" will quickly lead to the reduction in the cost of excessive printing and copying of documents. The aim is obviously not to ban paper from the work environment but rather to set up a new coherent and secure organization that makes the use of paper superfluous.

Incoming mail tracking has become a necessity for companies. The earlier a document is transformed into an image file, the more reliably it can be tracked throughout its lifecycle. Furthermore, a scanned document becomes accessible by all authorized users (as a PDF, TIFF or JPEG file). The file created includes more than simply images; it references one or more documents in the archive database and records all the actions carried out by the people responsible for the file. The security of the process guarantees the authenticity and integrity of the document, which aligns with the records management policy of the company.

The electronic management of incoming mail improves the handling of documents within service-oriented companies and agencies. It enhances the quality of the service offered to customers by allowing staff to instantly access customer files and answer questions immediately. Improving customer service is of fundamental importance by most companies.
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Outsource Mail Companies

Outsource Mail Companies

Date : 2018-11-22

Rely on outsource mail companies for fast and accurate processing of mail. Let digital mailrooms help you manage your mail process and take care of mail opening, sorting and managing.

Mailrooms are set up to secure document scanner to scan the mail and directing mail to the correct address. Typical process unit that requires mailroom that handles your:

  • Invoices
  • Orders
  • Applications
  • Insurance Forms
  • Legal Documents

An outsource mail company can manage the entire mail process including document design, print to mail, successful delivery, simplified inbound and outbound mail process thus being called print to mail companies. Outsource companies usually assess the existing mailing system, manual labour, equipments and operations of the business. Then they are able to utilize the right mix of of mail process technology, labour and equipment to achieve efficient mail operations. Outsource mail companies are certified in USPS mail center management and other postal services for the cost-efficient mail management. They are well suited with technologies and applications to track mail according to business needs.

Print to Mail Benefits

Print to mail companies involve the integrated process of printing resources and services for print and mail services. Those require services that maximize print production and distributions across multiple channels of mail communications to deliver efficient mail services. Business are free to access the newest print technologies and features to comply their printing needs. Print to mail companies have high level of compatibility to print and mail practices thus deliver great results.

Benefits of Outsource Mail Companies

Outsource companies means your business is devoid of the real problems in the print facility like printing failures, disrupted print materials, limitations of print proficiency and technology, andinsufficient print capability.

  • Potential Benefits of Outsource Mail Companies
  • Regardless of the size of the business, helps to enhance marketing efforts.
  • Simplifies the complexity in the print marketing campaigns
  • Effective time and resource management
  • Meet the printing demands and frequency of printing requirements

Outsource mail companies optimize print management for business needs to deliver the industry standard mail communication channel in addition to mailroom automation.

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The Benefits of Mailroom Automation

Date : 2018-12-06

No matter the size, every business and organization sends and receives mail. The bigger the organization, the more crucial and complicated the mail delivery process can be. Mailroom clerks must stay organized while lifting, moving, and transporting the mail in bags or carts. Clerks or other office workers manually prepare and process the information before it is filed, mailed, or delivered. Business decisions depend upon accurate and timely delivery of this information, and moving to mailroom automation is a guaranteed way to improve your company\'s document design and delivery process.

AutoMail’s document management systems have the ability to take batches of documents and pull information from pre-designated fields, expediting the indexing process. With our software, you add indexing information and receive documents that are scanned in their work queues to verify. This saves time in sorting, preparing, and verifying in your mailroom process.

The capability to access info whenever it\'s needed, from any location, delivers additional flexibility not only to workers but additionally to their constituents. Is the claims office waiting on support documentation or images to resolve a time-sensitive claim? A document management system can be set to send alerts as soon as missing info is received. Do you have business executives or agents on the road who are waiting for important mail? You can put an end to the repeated phone inquiries about the status of a piece of mail because document receipt results in immediate, automatic notification, wherever your employees happen to be, as long as they have access to the internet and your system. The arrival of new email, pictures, images, or data in the digital information repository can start a series of job-related tasks in accordance with your preset business rules.

AutoMail’s mailroom automation solutions will cut down on time spent preparing and delivering your mail so your office can focus on other tasks and work more efficiently. If you would like to learn how our mailroom systems can work for you, call today and schedule a demo!

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Automail: Commercial Printing, Mailroom Automation, and Beyond

Date : 2018-12-06

Commercial printing services offer an effective means of customer communication by maximizing efficiency through cutting costs and saving time. Business owners can see tremendous savings through outsourcing all their commercial printing needs.

What types of companies can benefit from commercial printing?

Banks, insurance companies, medical providers and utility providers, certainly. But it doesn’t stop there. We cater to any type of company that communicates with customers or patients on a regular basis. Essentially, every type of transaction based company can see the benefits of mailroom outsourcing. We are extremely fortunate and  proud to work with companies in all 50 states- including the U.S. territory of Guam.

At AutoMail, LLC, we can provide immense savings to business owners by using our proprietary mailroom automation software. Developed exclusively in house, our software has helped us save companies over $1 billion dollars, and as a result, it was added to the Modern Business Solutions area of the Smithsonian Institute.

How were we able to achieve this?

Right out of the gate, our automation software saves 23 percent on postage costs. In the grand sense of the thousands of articles of mail sent, the postage savings alone are an incredible value. Additionally, our program efficiently sorts mail with extreme precision and cut out the cost of paying mailroom staff to do the job.

To remain competitive in the age of digital information, we also offer electronic document distribution in addition to our commercial printing services. We can send out your mail in both physical and digital formats, covering all the bases of modern communication.

While commercial printing is indeed a cornerstone of our offered services, AutoMail has evolved to answer the growing needs of the consumer. We not only process and distribute mail, but are now equipped to design and compose documents completely in house. Our team of design experts are highly skilled in creating mail outs for your company that adequately inform and captivate customer attention.

We are proud to offer the highest quality custom online printing services for businesses and creative individuals. We offer competitive pricing and fast, friendly customer service. For the business owner or the graphic designer, our large selection of products can meet all printing needs. Choose from a variety of exclusive product lines including business cards, postcards, brochures, and much more. AutoMail, LLC strives to provide the highest efficiency and greatest economic value to our clients. Offering a full-service solution to customer communication, we can help your business maximize efficiency, cut costs, and increase profits. To schedule a demo or speak with a salesperson, call (800) 898-2540!

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Mailroom Automation for Business Process Automation.

Mailroom Automation for Business Process Automation.

Date : 2019-01-01

More than a paperless office or business mailroom, automation serves as a secure information carrier. Traditional mailroom solutions (digital mailrooms) are much more advanced to meet the needs of business communication. If the technology implemented is not safe enough to block misplaces or prevent losing documents, then it creates a mess instead of a secured mailing system.

There is mailroom automation software that processes the documents from a single point regardless if it is a scanned copy, email, fax or image. The input scanned from different sources are organized and routed to the personal inbox. Thus, automated mailrooms complete secure document management and processing according to the business needs.

Mailrooms are automated to get a cost-efficient workflow business environment. It’s simple to integrate the automated mailroom back-end processes to customer management, document management, or database for accelerated business processing.

Mailroom Automation vs Planning

Critical business decisions are mainly based on complete and timely information. Countless amounts of documentation and data need to be manually sorted, tracked and extracted. They are then scanned and delivered within seconds using automated mailroom solutions. Information passed on to more than one person requires careful planning. A single form should be delivered to multiple recipients in some instances. Identifying the terms and conditions to organize and search for documents helps documents get delivered correctly.

The AutoMail system also promotes mailroom automation on a global level as the information can be accessed from anywhere at any time by the desired staff members. This enables the scanned input to be indexed and routed for delivery to each single recipient, thereby ensuring information security and secrecy of the communication. Alerts are set in the document management system itself to notify missed documents and they are then traced and delivered to the right place.

Marketing professionals can keep tracking their customer responses and inquiries using the mailrooms instead of the phone. Phone inquiries need to be physically recorded whereas mailroom systems serve as an all-in-one platform for marketing strategy implementation, planning, and customer communication. The system helps the strategist to plan accordingly and market the product. There are automatic alerts received from the system on inquiries and messages that helps prevent ant missed information. This helps to achieve the marketing goals for accelerated business growth for an organization.

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Proven Market Strength of Automail

Date : 2019-01-15

Automail has proven that they belong in the market by providing services to over 1500 companies. Usually benchmarking service is an analysis on mailroom process, measures and policies. Postal cost is the typical deciding factor in choosing to outsource your mailroom. Efficiency in providing mailroom services is the key to convincing companies to outsource their mailrooms.

Automail has succeeded in mailroom outsourcing with their effective data management programs and document security measures. Thus Automail as a company helps save companies money in mailroom outsourcing process with advanced technologies. Every business turns out to be success when they conquer the height of operational behaviour. Mailroom outsourcing is the simple but the foundation and stepping stone of every business success.

Why Choose Outsourcing?

Miscommunication is a common issue among business management that can be overcome by choosing an outsourcing company. Reducing postal charges of incoming and outgoing mails improves efficiency while reducing unwanted costs. Postage cost reduces as the bulk mailing process can compromise the postal costs thus providing internal features like courier services. Guaranteed mail channel for proper delivery and acceptance of mails and other printed documents are the advantages of establishing digital mailrooms.

Print to Mail Solutions

Print and mail services are the additional benefits of having personal mailrooms. The whole mailing structure is automated as the mails are screened to convert the documents electronically. Mailroom automation software system process the mails automatically and paper documents are printed and attached to electronic copies. Thus making a paperless environment with much more data security and backup measures.

Mailroom Automation includes the process of design, execution and delivery of the all mails including sensitive customer documents in a graphically appealing, data secure way. Automail provides mailroom solutions for financial institutions at the start and expanded their service areas to healthcare, human resource, utility and warehouse industries.

Why Automail Stays Top?

Our mail optimization solutions reduce postage expense by up to 30 percent through bar-coding, presorting, calculating weight and postage and eliminating the need for postage meters. AutoMail has expanded document automation software and services to enhance the design of all types of customer communications, such as statements, notices, agreements, contracts and marketing promotions, and improve the delivery of all methods of customer contact, including e-mail, Internet and mobile, in addition to traditional mail.

As our reputation for providing significant postage savings grew, we also built more than 25 strategic partnerships with leading core application and document processing providers, in order to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions for their document processing.

MailStream Manager® optimizes the entire workflow of customer communications, from document design through delivery. AutoMail® PRO, our company’s flagship mail automation software, saves companies time and money in processing daily manifest mailings. We also offer a number of outsourcing services to assist organizations looking to replace or augment their in-house resources.

The team at AutoMail®, LLC is committed to delivering the industry’s most advanced document design and delivery solutions and services and world-class customer service in pursuit of measurable customer savings and maximum ROI. Our customer-driven philosophy guides our daily work with each client to understand their specific needs and how to best apply AutoMail®, LLC products to solve each client’s unique challenges.

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Why Use Online Printing Services?

Why Use Online Printing Services?

Date : 2019-02-12

Businesses often require high quality printing needs to be addressed quickly. These printing needs could include marketing materials, flyers, photos, business cards or any other material requiring high quality print. This type of quality cannot be done with your home or office printer. Rather, you should choose a professional online printing service.

Online printing services offer a hassle-free, higher quality printing service than other printing shops cannot provide. Hiring an online printing service company will help you save time with simple steps that include uploading, printing, and delivery.

An online printing service company will have several design templates and cards from which you can select depending on the business needs. Once the design has been chosen, the context for printing can be sent to the company. It can then be verified via the electronic copy of the print and, upon approval, be delivered to your business place.

This is a simple, easy, and quick professional printing solution.

How Do You Choose an Online Printing Services Company?

As services differ, the quality of printing varies between different online printing service companies. You need to identify the 100% accurate and highest quality provider. The printing qualities received to compare with costs can be identified using some simple methods:

Companies that have design tools and templates to select from are counted as quality printing services. They can offer custom design templates for specific business needs. Also, editing preferences are possible to make variations in the design before printing.

A quality online printing service company provides options to choose from in line with your requirements. The service can provide flyers, business cards, posters, catalogues, brochures, and more as the requirements change.

Excellent customer support services provided by the online printing service company is a highlight. As the printing, uploading, and delivering are processed online, so are the transactions and the customer service representative is prompt to respond to any of your inquiries.

Working with an Online Printing Service Company Really Favours

Working hand in hand helps create the online printing documents or business marketing materials needed for your business. If all you want to do is to select a design and approve the electronic copy of what you have asked for, then hiring an online printing services company should be your choice. It will help keep your business in pace with printing requirements.

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Objective of Automation in Print to Mail

Date : 2019-02-26

The main focus of every business is to “stay ahead in the game” as the competition grows. The only way to achieve this is to reduce the labour power with lower levels of risk factor thus increasing the production levels. The ultimate goal of every business is to generate more profit levels regardless of their operational size.

Print to mail is the process of automating the direct mail process including printers and skilled artists. The objective of the process is to equalize manual and technical power to get the best outcome.  There are questions that arise such as how much is a waste of time? How to reduce the manual strength to achieve greater targets? etc.

Key aspects of Automation

Automation is the key to establish a standardised unit of work in any manufacturing process. Moreover, this eliminates waste of labour power in the automated processes of print and mail services.

Print to mail automation is a chain of single unit that enables increased efficiency and reduced cost-per-unit simultaneously.  The process includes hundreds of mail pieces daily incoming and outgoing. Consider evaluating a print to mail workflow to examine how revenue increases when it becomes an automated process.

Physical interference has been reduced by the process of automated print and mail services. Thus the unit of work is standardized, easily understood in terms of volume of mail handling. The United States Postal Service (USPS) tray is a standardized unit with similar piece counts.

Advantages of Automation

The print to mail automation is the advanced technology to overcome  the difficulties in print and mail services. There are both standardized and personalized mails to be handled and printed by two different techniques. The entire mail load is printed error-free, sorted within the time frame to reach the right place.  The mails are grouped and documents are processed according to the business needs. The risk factor is less and accuracy is 100%. More than 60% of labour work is done by the automated process making it more simple, accessible and convenient.

The print to mail process is incomplete without automation,  as there are stages of mail creation, designing, scanning, printing, sorting, inputting that are incorporated in a single workflow unit. The work flow unit may differ according to the outsource statement printing unit as their outsourcing technologies differs. This type of automation addresses direct mail services needs that had been ignored too long in the past.

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Mailroom Outsourcing - 5 Tips to Know

Mailroom Outsourcing - 5 Tips to Know

Date : 2019-03-07

It is a challenge to handle cumbersome amounts of mail, documents and other mailing data in a limited time. Before going for digital mailroom outsourcing services, make a study of how it affects your organization.  For making a decision, it is critical to evaluate the amount of incoming mail, information security concerns and other mailing factors that accounts for efficient mail processing that is necessary for the business.

Following are the five tips to consider while asking some questions of yourself to decide if outsourcing fits good for your organization.

  • Examine the total incoming mails
  • Find the format suitable for data conversion
  • Methodology of bills and invoice handling
  • Legal advice on the outsourcing
  • Make sure of quality control methods

On analysing the above tips, some practical queries may arise that includes:

1. Determine total volume of incoming mails processed and classified by the company staffs

Is the mail volume is constant throughout the year or seasonal? The incoming mail volume is a considerable factor to determine the postage cost discounts. Also, it is good to consider time management of staffs to dedicate them into some other critical operations.

2. Find out the end user friendly data format

Simple mail data can be transferred to excel sheet whereas some complex data having many field needs to be inserted into a pre-formatted file with field values or into a content management system. There are also documents and images that needs to scanned and printed with confidential informations.

3. Analyse internal and external invoice and tax form handling process. 

Assess the types of incoming mails such as paper mails, electronic copy, fax messages and media files. Find whether the types of mails your business matters is feasible and cost-effective to outsourcing.

4. Take prior information on the legal issues concerned with the certifications of the service provider

Confidential data handling should also be careful nowadays as there are many fraudulent activities. Every client has the legal rights to know the security measures taken by the service providers, whether they ensure security, quality management and other certifications to handle your data efficiently. It is good to have a legal check whether any third party involved in the service.

5. Make sure of the quality control procedures adopted.

Quality control includes backup data in all formats whether it is via paper mail or electronic mail. Every provider should possess a valid quality management certificate issued by the standard federal governing laws. Make sure  your mailroom automation service handler possess the quality certificate procedures that meets your organizational guidelines.

Staying ahead in business is closely related to planning data flow in digital mailrooms. Getting proper answer to the said matters lets you take initial assessment on your requirement for mailroom services. It is the organizational goal to whether outsource fully, partially or done it internally.

Automail LLC, an outsource mail company is self reliable to manage your mailing procedures and we encourage to experience and learn more about the process.

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What are Promotional Materials?

What are Promotional Materials?

Date : 2019-03-26

Promotional materials are necessary in every type of business regardless of its size. The main purpose behind promotional products is to increase the sales by attracting customers. Getting ahead of the competitors and gaining the attention of target customers is the purpose of promo ads. The common similarity in any of the promotional product is that they may have their company logo for branding. Customers are offered promotional items to help keep the company in their mind.

This form of marketing includes different kinds of promotion medium such as print, online advertising, direct mail, social media, events, exhibitions etc. Many companies do advertising campaigns on their promotional offers or sales. Promotional merchandise is the offering of promotional items during merchandise trade shows, events, business meets. Implementation of mixed marketing and offering promotional products may increase leads, sale and thereby ROI. Moreover this is a promising method of gaining long term customers.

Types of Promo Materials


A variety of promo products are now available in marketing ranging from online coupons to mugs, pen, T-shirts and more. Promotional material also include marketing materials like flyers, posters, brochures, postcards which small business use to attract their potential customers. These include small informative content that speaks about your company at low cost instead of a word of mouth marketing strategy. This may help customers understand about your products or services and contact details, location, online store. During the trade shows many small business companies adopt this method of marketing to stay ahead and get noticed.

Coupons are other type of promotional materials that customers can easily make use of. Coupon comes in different forms such as direct through emails or newsletters or that appears at the checkout of e-commerce websites. Coupons can also given to the customers in hand on purchase or during events that can be used later. Promotional coupons can offer a percentage or dollar amount off the price of a product or service or offer a deal such as “buy one, get one free.”

Do you want to begin using promotional materials for your marketing purposes? We do bulk creation of promotional product marketing materials. Contact us for affordable promotional items. Visit Automail Promotional products online store to know more.

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Print to Mail Automation Transforming Corporate Mail Process

Date : 2019-04-11

The ultimate goal of business development executives is to lower the bottom line costs to get a marginal profit. Increasing demands from clients for lower cost but higher quality service has let corporate officials to find ways to cut cost while achieving high profit levels. Automating aspects of your business process including print to mail is a way to gain efficiency and increase profit.


Automating aspects of your businesses processes can be beneficial by replacing unreliable manual work flows with smooth automation. Corporate mail centers are quickly switching over to digital, automated mailroom services in order to process high volume, repetitive tasks in a tight timespan and to see increased growth. If you were wondering how print to mail automation transforms corporate mail centers, just keep reading.

Outstanding effects on Accuracy.

Maintaining efficiency and precision throughout an operation is an important requirement for the mailing process. Constant retention is very difficult in handling mailing process involving thousands of mails every second. Each piece of mail requires folding, inserting, addressing, and sending – accurately.

Delivering mail to the incorrect address may lead to communication conflict and will result in costing the company revenue if articles of mail such as invoices or bills are incorrectly delivered. The incorrect delivery of confidential data also create disputes in the corporate bonds.

To avoid this, print to mail automation technology has found ways in mail printing, inserting, and addressing which cuts down on errors, and saves on time and money. Technology is capable of producing tens of thousands of personalized communications per hour, all in place, and incredibly high-volume folding, inserting, and addressing and this is only the beginning. Geocoding is included in the technology to route according to target locations.

One of the downsides to print to mail automation is that the start-up costs can be incredibly expensive. However, there are mailroom outsourcing providers who bypass the up-front capital expenditures, while gaining access to top-quality mailroom automation technology and industry-specific experience.

There are many business processes that are well suited for automation, including sophisticated folding and inserting technology that can streamline delivery and data extraction processes can effectively cut costs, and raise productivity and accuracy of their communication processes at the same time.

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What is Digital Mailroom Automation?

Date : 2019-05-06

The digital mailroom automation term itself is used to describe automated processing of all incoming communications. The main purpose of automated digital mailroom solutions is to address the incoming communications and utilizing them for high-end communication channels. Incoming mails are collected at the main head office and streamlined to the local desks or internal channels for further sorting and classifications.


The data extracted is delivered rapidly to all the important business systems like ERP, CRM, HRM, and other business solutions, thus eliminating delays in channelizing the communications. Time-sensitive data requires urgent responses to address its importance. Automail has developed digital mailroom automation software that satisfies the end to end mailroom solutions that are easily configured to business applications to map the whole business communication from a single enterprise gateway.


What you have to search for in mailroom outsourcing companies is their capabilities to meet your needs. Some mailroom automation companies support only suitable formats and types that are supported by their digital mailrooms and are not capable of addressing the entire gamut of communications available. But there are options to integrate different technologies to process different document types and is being widely used by many. The industry strongly recommends that as a digital mailroom, it should perform all sorts of incoming data irrespective of the types and formats. An organization requires a single platform for the consolidated mailroom solutions across the organization.  The original format – be it paper, email, fax or web form – and the document type – be it a purchase order, an invoice, bill or tax statement - is irrelevant. The same technology should be able to handle them all. The efficiency of processes and capability to scale up the technology across the business is most important for any good mailroom automation company.


Benefits of  Digital Mailroom Automation:-


Benefits of employing digital mailroom automation are more than what is apparently visible to us. Consistent growth through effective communications and minimizing time gaps in internal organizational dynamics is a visible change where digital mailroom is being used.


It reduces the operational costs across the business organization as the relevancy of document recipients are given high priority. In addition, internal storage cost and delivery means can be eliminated. Mails are delivered infraction of a second than using a manual mailroom.Automated mailrooms have automatically prioritized documents to route correct channels and makes the business more customer-centric. This helps to reduce customer response time and achieve fast advancement in business deals. The business is streamlined with proper acceptance of incoming mails in the varied formats. This uniform indexing method helps any document to be instantly retrieved.


Digital mailrooms are also a valuable tool in comprehensive auditing that ensures compliance with postal regulations. Finally, digital mailroom automation facilitates straight-through processing. For many standard business tasks, touchless processing, from document entry to completed processing, has become a reality.


How Mailroom Automation Software Values?


It is important to choose a process that acts fast on critical document management irrespective of the type of your industry. Standard mailroom process has replaced the complex human involvement as well as saving the expenses incurred thereof. Digital mailroom software is really more than digitizing mail; it is about channelizing powerful communication tools and thereby making customers raptly responding to key events.


  • Classification - Data Identification and extraction
  • Routing - Routing to the correct desk timely
  • Capture - Instant access

Together, these features help clients to expedite transactions, improve customer engagement, and streamline document management.

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Saving the Time and Paper with Mailroom Automation Software

Date : 2019-05-20

Mail processing is an important aspect of every business, whether 100’s or 1000’s of mail and other communications analysed and handed over to different departments for further actions. Effective customer engagement requires confidentiality, meticulous sorting and timely delivery especially transactional mail in particular—the mail that relates to new customer on-boarding, account opening, services requests, policy renewals, complaints, other critical business processes. Yet, in many organizations, it remains slow to process which is costly and error-prone. Addressing and Processing errors significantly disrupt any line of business operations causing further delay and added expenses. Recent technologists has developed Mailroom Automation Software to overcome this problem effectively.

As the world of technology grows wider, the workplace becomes an innovative ground where the processes are now automated at many levels. Mailroom Automation Software help businesses run more efficiently and respond to changes in a cost effective manner by automatically classifying, separating, sorting and extracting data from documents in paper, fax and electronic formats. Information can be extracted based on the prevailing business rules, exported to a database, or produce an outbound correspondence (a confirmation letter or email for example) establishing an automated workflow for communications. This becomes the bridge between hard copy and electronic documents, enabling all departments, internal or external, to function as a well oiled machine.

Trends in mailroom automation Software:-

Mailroom Automation software has to be developed in-house based on the operational requirements of the organization. Businesses that can handle mail-based customer engagement quickly in this context will have a distinct competitive advantage. Customer engagement is quickly becoming a multichannel activity and each organization now expects mailroom software to deal with documents they submit through paper, email, fax, mobile, XML, or other automated channels. Multichannel mail processing is the imminent successor of the traditional paper-based mailroom management. Digitization of signatures are also widely used by corporations and large organizations for high volume items. Mailroom automation software is taking over the traditional way of responding to a more effective, timely manner saving much needed revenue while instilling confidence in every face.

Benefits of Mailroom Automation Software:-

Time: Improved processing speed.

Cost: Less process duplication and manual intervention.

Regulatory compliance: Business records and personally identifiable information is treated appropriately.

Security: Information is captured and processed at a centralized gateway for greater control.

Better Quality of Information: Achieve the highest information quality across revenue-driving customer touch points, allowing business processes to perform at speed and with reduced errors and risk, improving customer satisfaction, generating greater customer loyalty. It increases lifetime customer retention and also achieves the target of right information gets delivered to the right people.

Better Decisions: Improve decision-making by providing consistently higher quality of information to the system or business, increasing revenue generation and profitability.

Faster Validation: Accelerate document validation and information correction processes using better automation and bridging the gap of missing information.

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