Proven Market Strength of Automail

Automail has proven that they belong in the market by providing services to over 1500 companies. Usually benchmarking service is an analysis on mailroom process, measures and policies. Postal cost is the typical deciding factor in choosing to outsource your mailroom. Efficiency in providing mailroom services is the key to convincing companies to outsource their mailrooms.

Automail has succeeded in mailroom outsourcing with their effective data management programs and document security measures. Thus Automail as a company helps save companies money in mailroom outsourcing process with advanced technologies. Every business turns out to be success when they conquer the height of operational behaviour. Mailroom outsourcing is the simple but the foundation and stepping stone of every business success.

Why Choose Outsourcing?

Miscommunication is a common issue among business management that can be overcome by choosing an outsourcing company. Reducing postal charges of incoming and outgoing mails improves efficiency while reducing unwanted costs. Postage cost reduces as the bulk mailing process can compromise the postal costs thus providing internal features like courier services. Guaranteed mail channel for proper delivery and acceptance of mails and other printed documents are the advantages of establishing digital mailrooms.

Print to Mail Solutions

Print and mail services are the additional benefits of having personal mailrooms. The whole mailing structure is automated as the mails are screened to convert the documents electronically. Mailroom automation software system process the mails automatically and paper documents are printed and attached to electronic copies. Thus making a paperless environment with much more data security and backup measures.

Mailroom Automation includes the process of design, execution and delivery of the all mails including sensitive customer documents in a graphically appealing, data secure way. Automail provides mailroom solutions for financial institutions at the start and expanded their service areas to healthcare, human resource, utility and warehouse industries.

Why Automail Stays Top?

Our mail optimization solutions reduce postage expense by up to 30 percent through bar-coding, presorting, calculating weight and postage and eliminating the need for postage meters. AutoMail has expanded document automation software and services to enhance the design of all types of customer communications, such as statements, notices, agreements, contracts and marketing promotions, and improve the delivery of all methods of customer contact, including e-mail, Internet and mobile, in addition to traditional mail.

As our reputation for providing significant postage savings grew, we also built more than 25 strategic partnerships with leading core application and document processing providers, in order to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions for their document processing.

MailStream Manager® optimizes the entire workflow of customer communications, from document design through delivery. AutoMail® PRO, our company’s flagship mail automation software, saves companies time and money in processing daily manifest mailings. We also offer a number of outsourcing services to assist organizations looking to replace or augment their in-house resources.

The team at AutoMail®, LLC is committed to delivering the industry’s most advanced document design and delivery solutions and services and world-class customer service in pursuit of measurable customer savings and maximum ROI. Our customer-driven philosophy guides our daily work with each client to understand their specific needs and how to best apply AutoMail®, LLC products to solve each client’s unique challenges.

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