What is Digital Mailroom Automation?

The digital mailroom automation term itself is used to describe automated processing of all incoming communications. The main purpose of automated digital mailroom solutions is to address the incoming communications and utilizing them for high-end communication channels. Incoming mails are collected at the main head office and streamlined to the local desks or internal channels for further sorting and classifications.


The data extracted is delivered rapidly to all the important business systems like ERP, CRM, HRM, and other business solutions, thus eliminating delays in channelizing the communications. Time-sensitive data requires urgent responses to address its importance. Automail has developed digital mailroom automation software that satisfies the end to end mailroom solutions that are easily configured to business applications to map the whole business communication from a single enterprise gateway.


What you have to search for in mailroom outsourcing companies is their capabilities to meet your needs. Some mailroom automation companies support only suitable formats and types that are supported by their digital mailrooms and are not capable of addressing the entire gamut of communications available. But there are options to integrate different technologies to process different document types and is being widely used by many. The industry strongly recommends that as a digital mailroom, it should perform all sorts of incoming data irrespective of the types and formats. An organization requires a single platform for the consolidated mailroom solutions across the organization.  The original format – be it paper, email, fax or web form – and the document type – be it a purchase order, an invoice, bill or tax statement - is irrelevant. The same technology should be able to handle them all. The efficiency of processes and capability to scale up the technology across the business is most important for any good mailroom automation company.


Benefits of  Digital Mailroom Automation:-


Benefits of employing digital mailroom automation are more than what is apparently visible to us. Consistent growth through effective communications and minimizing time gaps in internal organizational dynamics is a visible change where digital mailroom is being used.


It reduces the operational costs across the business organization as the relevancy of document recipients are given high priority. In addition, internal storage cost and delivery means can be eliminated. Mails are delivered infraction of a second than using a manual mailroom.Automated mailrooms have automatically prioritized documents to route correct channels and makes the business more customer-centric. This helps to reduce customer response time and achieve fast advancement in business deals. The business is streamlined with proper acceptance of incoming mails in the varied formats. This uniform indexing method helps any document to be instantly retrieved.


Digital mailrooms are also a valuable tool in comprehensive auditing that ensures compliance with postal regulations. Finally, digital mailroom automation facilitates straight-through processing. For many standard business tasks, touchless processing, from document entry to completed processing, has become a reality.


How Mailroom Automation Software Values?


It is important to choose a process that acts fast on critical document management irrespective of the type of your industry. Standard mailroom process has replaced the complex human involvement as well as saving the expenses incurred thereof. Digital mailroom software is really more than digitizing mail; it is about channelizing powerful communication tools and thereby making customers raptly responding to key events.


  • Classification - Data Identification and extraction
  • Routing - Routing to the correct desk timely
  • Capture - Instant access

Together, these features help clients to expedite transactions, improve customer engagement, and streamline document management.

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