Objective of Automation in Print to Mail

The main focus of every business is to “stay ahead in the game” as the competition grows. The only way to achieve this is to reduce the labour power with lower levels of risk factor thus increasing the production levels. The ultimate goal of every business is to generate more profit levels regardless of their operational size.

Print to mail is the process of automating the direct mail process including printers and skilled artists. The objective of the process is to equalize manual and technical power to get the best outcome.  There are questions that arise such as how much is a waste of time? How to reduce the manual strength to achieve greater targets? etc.

Key aspects of Automation

Automation is the key to establish a standardised unit of work in any manufacturing process. Moreover, this eliminates waste of labour power in the automated processes of print and mail services.

Print to mail automation is a chain of single unit that enables increased efficiency and reduced cost-per-unit simultaneously.  The process includes hundreds of mail pieces daily incoming and outgoing. Consider evaluating a print to mail workflow to examine how revenue increases when it becomes an automated process.

Physical interference has been reduced by the process of automated print and mail services. Thus the unit of work is standardized, easily understood in terms of volume of mail handling. The United States Postal Service (USPS) tray is a standardized unit with similar piece counts.

Advantages of Automation

The print to mail automation is the advanced technology to overcome  the difficulties in print and mail services. There are both standardized and personalized mails to be handled and printed by two different techniques. The entire mail load is printed error-free, sorted within the time frame to reach the right place.  The mails are grouped and documents are processed according to the business needs. The risk factor is less and accuracy is 100%. More than 60% of labour work is done by the automated process making it more simple, accessible and convenient.

The print to mail process is incomplete without automation,  as there are stages of mail creation, designing, scanning, printing, sorting, inputting that are incorporated in a single workflow unit. The work flow unit may differ according to the outsource statement printing unit as their outsourcing technologies differs. This type of automation addresses direct mail services needs that had been ignored too long in the past.

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