What is mailroom automation software?

Mailroom automation software is the process of identifying and sorting of documents and mail contents. The system recognizes the document types automatically and classifies accordingly.

Document classification is the process in which software classifies the huge amount of different types of document and capture the content. Automail mailroom automation is all set up to classify documents, data collected from various input to get routed to the correct person within no time. This maintains the workflow for enterprise mail management. The automated software favors from mid to large companies dealing with an enormous amount of documents.

Small business can make use of less expensive document classification solution for workflow management. The process is based on whether you can identify documents for classification using keywords of templates. If the classification is based on a keyword or phrase is a very cost-effective solution when compared to template document design classification that is still affordable.

Is Mailroom Automation Software system Cost friendly?

The mailroom automation total cost is calculated based on several systems like:

  • Software Cost 
  • Installation & Configuration cost 
  • Classification rule configuration and training 
  • Automatic Filing System Configuration cost 
  • Training Sessions 
  • Maintenance Costs 
  • Labour Costs for manual verification 

The cost involved in the set-up process is mainly based on the classification, installation, and configuration. The cost varies with the amount of document management and print to mail design process involved. It is recommended to get proper guidance on the setup process from the software provider itself.

Mailroom Automation Software work-flow Management.

Following are the steps involved in digital mailroom software comprehensive workflow management.

  • Input Mail recognition & Data scanning 
  • Paper Documents scanning process 
  • E-document Inputting 
  • Classification Engine identify the documents 
  • Unverified Document scanning 
  • Routing Document   
  • Barcoding for data indexing 
  • Manual Review Process for unidentified data 
  • Error Correction & Exporting 
  • Data transferred as files to the filing system 
  • Routing the documents electronically to recipients 

In the process involved several steps including manual review but the end result is a paperless digitized and automated document management.

Simpler solutions combine the classification and data extraction steps and don't interactively train the classification engine.

Contact Automail LLC for all professional assistance on mailroom automation software setting up process and cost estimate.

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