Print to Mail Automation Transforming Corporate Mail Process

The ultimate goal of business development executives is to lower the bottom line costs to get a marginal profit. Increasing demands from clients for lower cost but higher quality service has let corporate officials to find ways to cut cost while achieving high profit levels. Automating aspects of your business process including print to mail is a way to gain efficiency and increase profit.


Automating aspects of your businesses processes can be beneficial by replacing unreliable manual work flows with smooth automation. Corporate mail centers are quickly switching over to digital, automated mailroom services in order to process high volume, repetitive tasks in a tight timespan and to see increased growth. If you were wondering how print to mail automation transforms corporate mail centers, just keep reading.

Outstanding effects on Accuracy.

Maintaining efficiency and precision throughout an operation is an important requirement for the mailing process. Constant retention is very difficult in handling mailing process involving thousands of mails every second. Each piece of mail requires folding, inserting, addressing, and sending – accurately.

Delivering mail to the incorrect address may lead to communication conflict and will result in costing the company revenue if articles of mail such as invoices or bills are incorrectly delivered. The incorrect delivery of confidential data also create disputes in the corporate bonds.

To avoid this, print to mail automation technology has found ways in mail printing, inserting, and addressing which cuts down on errors, and saves on time and money. Technology is capable of producing tens of thousands of personalized communications per hour, all in place, and incredibly high-volume folding, inserting, and addressing and this is only the beginning. Geocoding is included in the technology to route according to target locations.

One of the downsides to print to mail automation is that the start-up costs can be incredibly expensive. However, there are mailroom outsourcing providers who bypass the up-front capital expenditures, while gaining access to top-quality mailroom automation technology and industry-specific experience.

There are many business processes that are well suited for automation, including sophisticated folding and inserting technology that can streamline delivery and data extraction processes can effectively cut costs, and raise productivity and accuracy of their communication processes at the same time.

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