Mailroom Outsourcing - 5 Tips to Know

Mailroom Outsourcing - 5 Tips to Know

It is a challenge to handle cumbersome amounts of mail, documents and other mailing data in a limited time. Before going for digital mailroom outsourcing services, make a study of how it affects your organization.  For making a decision, it is critical to evaluate the amount of incoming mail, information security concerns and other mailing factors that accounts for efficient mail processing that is necessary for the business.

Following are the five tips to consider while asking some questions of yourself to decide if outsourcing fits good for your organization.

  • Examine the total incoming mails
  • Find the format suitable for data conversion
  • Methodology of bills and invoice handling
  • Legal advice on the outsourcing
  • Make sure of quality control methods

On analysing the above tips, some practical queries may arise that includes:

1. Determine total volume of incoming mails processed and classified by the company staffs

Is the mail volume is constant throughout the year or seasonal? The incoming mail volume is a considerable factor to determine the postage cost discounts. Also, it is good to consider time management of staffs to dedicate them into some other critical operations.

2. Find out the end user friendly data format

Simple mail data can be transferred to excel sheet whereas some complex data having many field needs to be inserted into a pre-formatted file with field values or into a content management system. There are also documents and images that needs to scanned and printed with confidential informations.

3. Analyse internal and external invoice and tax form handling process. 

Assess the types of incoming mails such as paper mails, electronic copy, fax messages and media files. Find whether the types of mails your business matters is feasible and cost-effective to outsourcing.

4. Take prior information on the legal issues concerned with the certifications of the service provider

Confidential data handling should also be careful nowadays as there are many fraudulent activities. Every client has the legal rights to know the security measures taken by the service providers, whether they ensure security, quality management and other certifications to handle your data efficiently. It is good to have a legal check whether any third party involved in the service.

5. Make sure of the quality control procedures adopted.

Quality control includes backup data in all formats whether it is via paper mail or electronic mail. Every provider should possess a valid quality management certificate issued by the standard federal governing laws. Make sure  your mailroom automation service handler possess the quality certificate procedures that meets your organizational guidelines.

Staying ahead in business is closely related to planning data flow in digital mailrooms. Getting proper answer to the said matters lets you take initial assessment on your requirement for mailroom services. It is the organizational goal to whether outsource fully, partially or done it internally.

Automail LLC, an outsource mail company is self reliable to manage your mailing procedures and we encourage to experience and learn more about the process.

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