Whether Print to Mail Automation makes a difference?

Are you going insane by creating mailing formats over and over again for better results? There needs to be an evaluation on print to mail operations for a custom print to mail automation system.


The main objective of an automated print to mail process is to reduce the manpower to cut short the labour cost. Increased units of productivity per employee strength and to lower the risk rate. Apart from organisation size, this print to mail automation is completely profit proof regardless of volume. The single most objective of its implementation is process improvement at profitable levels for saving dollars.

Process Involved

Automated mail has a backend making process that incorporates formats, templates, designs, printers and altogether a custom mailing operation. This needs a fine integration of different skill sets to build this manually and is time consuming. The whole process is done within seconds and self-controlled, managed and delivered to the mailbox. This does print to mail automation run a successful  mailing operation.

Key to Automation

Key to automation is designed to eliminate wastage of time, labour, and cost. This in-turn establishes a standard unit of work done. The workflow has a standardised  level of procedures and controlled reporting that brings customers, clients, employees in secured communication. The whole mailing operation is automated from input to print, sorting documents, storage, delivery and each point of automated mail, needing no help from a mailroom manager.

Digitization of Printing

It’s not too late for digital marketers to get educated on automated printing. This feature overtakes any process in direct mail marketing, billboards, and high value digital marketing that needs an even digital option. Digital mailroom offers custom development of documents to be printed in black and white, colors, patterns and designs.

Personalized Printing

The mail input is printed in a personalized manner for delivering personal communication effectively. Proper titles are used with the names and statements and is organized on the priority and mail signature is customized to be received as a personalized mail. Personalized documents include specific margin level according to document types designed on the purpose for it serves. The touch of personalization is maintained in every step of mailing from input of data to delivery of the mail communication.

Print to mail automation generates a different level of communication with the customers, clients and within employees. Automated feature of mail and printable documents soon override the world communication channels. Digital mailrooms are so customized to favour the process to be secured and managed efficiently.

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