AutoMail - A Complete Digital Mailroom Solution

 is a digital mailroom for processing all incoming mails and documents. The mailings are captured at the point of entry and automatically streamlined across departments, thus optimizing the work flow of mail communications. It includes the following solutions:


Includes technology that works best to improve the quality of your work, shortens your processing time, and saves you money. The software is accepted globally for utility, finance, medical & healthcare industries.


Allows for better communication among the clients & customers by utilizing custom design tools. This improves the overall effect of invoices, statements, bills, information brochures, and marketing notes.

Automail Certified

USPS® certified software adheres to all regulations for IM®pb barcoding. AutoMail® Certified software can save you postage costs by utilizing First-Class™ Postage presort discounts for volumes over 500 while also saving on Return Receipt (about $1.35 per transaction).

Print to Mail

Print to Mail is the process of securely delivering files to a remote facility, which prints and mails statements, billing, and other important documents directly to the customer. This is a perfect solution for those looking to outsource.

Mailstream Navigator

Take advantage of always knowing precisely where your mail is within the mailstream. This feature produces detailed, automated reports that drill down to individual records allowing for the confirmation of critical delivery, or aggregation of campaigns to support trends.

Disaster Recovery

We offer a complete print-to-mail outsource solution with business continuity and disaster recovery services that will protect your important documents and ensure their delivery. We are equipped to print, insert, finish and mail all your critical communications.


The DOCMaster solution features secure storage capacity, research capability, and variable site administration. DOCMaster is a perfect solution for the eDelivery of your customer statements and invoices.

Tax Notice Solution

This product is a full service, web-based application which provides the fastest and easiest way to process, prepare and mail tax notices. TNS gets you the lowest possible postage rate and includes all common forms produced for IRS compliance, thereby saving you time and money.

Data Center Manager

A fully integrated solution to handle all the moving parts associated with managing your data center. Whether it is state of the art document design, automated billing, or online customer tools, Data Center Manager has a solution to improve your work flow.


PayMaster is a complete payment processing solution. Whether it is online transactions or streamlining your check processing, it has everything you need to securely process payments in one easy to manage solution.

AutoMail is a perfect blend of the communication channel from the data entry point up to the delivery point. Whether it’s documents, bills, or payments, AutoMail offers the data security and backup solutions needed by every business.

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