The Benefits of Mailroom Automation

No matter the size, every business and organization sends and receives mail. The bigger the organization, the more crucial and complicated the mail delivery process can be. Mailroom clerks must stay organized while lifting, moving, and transporting the mail in bags or carts. Clerks or other office workers manually prepare and process the information before it is filed, mailed, or delivered. Business decisions depend upon accurate and timely delivery of this information, and moving to mailroom automation is a guaranteed way to improve your company's document design and delivery process.

AutoMail’s document management systems have the ability to take batches of documents and pull information from pre-designated fields, expediting the indexing process. With our software, you add indexing information and receive documents that are scanned in their work queues to verify. This saves time in sorting, preparing, and verifying in your mailroom process.

The capability to access info whenever it's needed, from any location, delivers additional flexibility not only to workers but additionally to their constituents. Is the claims office waiting on support documentation or images to resolve a time-sensitive claim? A document management system can be set to send alerts as soon as missing info is received. Do you have business executives or agents on the road who are waiting for important mail? You can put an end to the repeated phone inquiries about the status of a piece of mail because document receipt results in immediate, automatic notification, wherever your employees happen to be, as long as they have access to the internet and your system. The arrival of new email, pictures, images, or data in the digital information repository can start a series of job-related tasks in accordance with your preset business rules.

AutoMail’s mailroom automation solutions will cut down on time spent preparing and delivering your mail so your office can focus on other tasks and work more efficiently. If you would like to learn how our mailroom systems can work for you, call today and schedule a demo!

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