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How to download and Setup Alexa app on Mac OS device

How to download and Setup Alexa app on Mac OS device

Date : 2018-11-22

How to download and Setup Alexa app on Mac OS device


When it comes to using a smart device we all know SIRI is\r\none name that we all hear too often. But with Google home and Amazon Alexa in the picture, things have changed a lot lately.

Alexa is one application that is used by the smart home users to make thing easier, be it finding something or getting any information from anything. The Alexa app lets you control all the Alexa-Compatible devices with ease. This application has the ability to set-up and configures all the new abilities to view and shop the to-do list of the user. Echo Alexa Helpline  number 

The Alexa app is an AI-based application that works on not just on the predefined structure of commands but also on the comma and that are given live to it by the user. Although when it comes to iOS operating system things get a bit fishy because Apple is one brand that is very confined to whatever they provide. An Apple user is not as free flowing in terms of downloading things like a windows user.

 For all the users Alexa App is available on:

·        Ios 9.0 and higher versions.

·        Fire OS 3.0 and higher versions.

·        Android 5.0 and higher version.

·        For all the desktop browsers, you can go to the  official Alexa’s Amazon site to download it.

 If you are wondering as to how can Alexa be downloaded on MAC then here is what you were looking for:

·        Go to the apple store in your device.

·        Search for the Alexa App and download it.

·        After you have successfully downloaded the app, just connect it with the WiFi network of the Echo app and get going.

 This application will not just help you in getting  information about different things but it also helps in easing up your daily tasks as well. Now you might face some problems during the connection of your Mac with the Alexa app because for ios you will have to connect the application with your device’s wifi. Although it is a next-generation application easing up your workload still you need to be very careful about using it. In a nutshell, the connection of Alexa with Mac is simply good and smooth.


Source Url:  Echo Alexa Tollfree  Number

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How to Connect Amazon Echo Dot to an External Speaker

How to Connect Amazon Echo Dot to an External Speaker

Date : 2018-12-28

Amazon echo dot is the 2nd generation of Amazon smart speaker and they come in a more compact and smaller size than Amazon Echo. These are a portable range of speakers which makes the perfect travel companion. And apart from the fact that you cannot use Alexa outside where there is no internet, it is a very reliable piece of gadget. The speakers in this device isn’t that impressive as its predecessor but if connected to a speaker it can give you the same satisfaction of a normal speaker. It can be connected to external speakers via a line out jack or through the Bluetooth. You can use already owned or purchased speakers as it is compatible with any kind of speakers. For additional information about this smart speaker, you can get in touch with authorized supervisors at Echo Alexa helpline number

Echo Dot users have to connect their device to an external peripheral since they cannot enjoy the optimum satisfaction by using only the inbuilt ones. So if you are an Echo Dot user and if you want to know how to connect the device to an external speaker, follow the steps given below:

For connection\r\nthrough Bluetooth.

·        Firstly, set up your Echo Dot. If you have already set it up then you may proceed to the next step.

·        Place your speaker in its pairing mode.

·        Open the Alexa app on your phone and go to the Menu and click on settings.

·        Select your echo dot from the list that has been provided.

·        After selecting the device click on ‘Bluetooth’.

·       Your speaker’s name should appear on the Bluetooth list on the phone. Locate it and tap on it. Thus, your speaker is successfully connected to your Echo Dot device.

For connection through the Audio Jack

·         Firstly, place the speaker at least three feet away from the device.

·        Turn on your external speaker and plug one end of the cable to the device and one end to the speaker.

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These are the two ways and the steps involved through which you can connect your external speaker to the Echo Dot device. If you run into any technical glitches, you can call the 24hours helpline at Echo Alexa support number

. You can place all your issues and problems here and you will be provided with an experienced and qualified supervisor to attend to your problem.

Source Url: https://www.usahelplinenumbers.com/how-to-connect-amazon-echo-dot-to-an-external-speaker/


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How to connect an iPhone to an Amazon Echo Device

How to connect an iPhone to an Amazon Echo Device

Date : 2019-01-19

Amazon Echo Device Connect with IPhone


Amazon is one company which is known for its services and products. All the services and products launched by Amazon have their own benefits and advanced level features. One of the product launched by Amazon is Amazon Echo. This device came in the market with a blow. Almost every person who knew about Amazon Echo appreciated this device. Amazon Echo is a smart speaker which can be useful in daily life. It uses Bluetooth and a virtual assistant to connect with the mobile phone.


If you are an iPhone user and own an Amazon Alexa Customer Service, then connect both devices and enjoy the mind-blowing services offered by Amazon Echo. This device enables you to make a daily schedule, listen to sports and music and much more. You can use the Echo with smart home appliances also. If you don’t know how to connect an iPhone to an Amazon Echo device, then read this blog and get the step by step instructions to do that. In case you get any kind of trouble then get technical support help.


Steps to connect iPhone to the Amazon Echo device

Method 1

  • Launch App store and type Amazon Alexa in the search field, then tap on OK.

  • After that choose to install Alexa App on your iPhone.

  • Once the Alexa App is installed on your iPhone, press the power button on your  Amazon Echo device.

  • When you see the orange light on the top of Echo device, that means Echo is  ready to connect with a device.

  • Then go to the Alexa app and in my device menu, you will see the list of various Echo devices.

  • Choose  Amazon Echo and tap on the name of your Echo device. It will start the pairing of both iPhone and the Echo device.

  • When the pairing of is done, an orange light will turn to blue, indicating that you can use it now.

Method 2

  • Turn on the Echo device and tap on the Bluetooth icon in iPhone to turn on the Bluetooth of your iPhone.
  • After that take your iPhone near to your Echo device and ask Alexa to pair with Amazon Echo.
  • Make sure to give the command to Alexa for the next to auto connect with your Echo device.

This is enough information about how to connect an iPhone to an Amazon Echo device. In case you face any problem then take Amazon Alexa Tech Support help.


Source Url: https://www.usahelplinenumbers.com/how-to-connect-an-iphone-to-an-amazon-echo-device



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Setup Amazon Alexa Echo dot Wi-Fi configuration

Setup Amazon Alexa Echo dot Wi-Fi configuration

Date : 2019-02-13

Have you recently been gifted with an Echo dot but you don’t know how to do the Wi-Fi configuration? If your answer is yes then you are at the right post. With the motive of making the lives of users simpler, the manufacturers came with the Echo smart speakers. Now they are available in many versions like Echo dot, show, plus and many more. But this blog is specifically about doing the network configuration of Echo dot. For other Echo device setups, you can any time connect with Echo Alexa support where the technical representatives will guide you thoroughly with the steps.


The Echo device has bigger speakers according to its size. Even there is another version of the second-generation dot that is quite smaller. There is a volume control on top as buttons. The best advantage of this device is that it can be used without other Alexa devices. There are two methods for the Wi-Fi setup.


Configuring Alexa Echo dot via the app

  • Download the Alexa app from the play or app store depending upon the device you are using
  • Log in to your account or create one and follow the instructions
  • Choose the Echo Dot and the language you want
  • Wait for the orange light around your Echo Dot then choose continue to confirm.
  • Select your Wi-Fi network and enter the password
  • Your Echo Dot is ready and you can start talking to Alexa

Configuring Alexa Echo Dot via the website

  • Go to official Alexa website and log in to your account
  • Click settings and then set up a new device
  • Choose Echo dot and then the preferred language
  • Connect  to the Wi-Fi and then connect your Echo to the power supply
  • When the Echo Dot says ‘Ready for setup’ connect directly to the Wi-Fi network that has been created
  • Find your network from the drop-down list and click to use
  • You can now use your Echo Dot

Once the configuration is done as desired, you can use the Alexa dot without any further complications. Moreover, you can connect the echo dot to an external speaker. In case of guidance, contact Echo Alexa support. You will receive instant support from the technicians.

Source Url: https://www.usahelplinenumbers.com/setup-amazon-alexa-echo-dot-wi-fi-configuration/

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