How to Connect Amazon Echo Dot to an External Speaker

How to Connect Amazon Echo Dot to an External Speaker

Amazon echo dot is the 2nd generation of Amazon smart speaker and they come in a more compact and smaller size than Amazon Echo. These are a portable range of speakers which makes the perfect travel companion. And apart from the fact that you cannot use Alexa outside where there is no internet, it is a very reliable piece of gadget. The speakers in this device isn’t that impressive as its predecessor but if connected to a speaker it can give you the same satisfaction of a normal speaker. It can be connected to external speakers via a line out jack or through the Bluetooth. You can use already owned or purchased speakers as it is compatible with any kind of speakers. For additional information about this smart speaker, you can get in touch with authorized supervisors at Echo Alexa helpline number

Echo Dot users have to connect their device to an external peripheral since they cannot enjoy the optimum satisfaction by using only the inbuilt ones. So if you are an Echo Dot user and if you want to know how to connect the device to an external speaker, follow the steps given below:

For connectionrnthrough Bluetooth.

·        Firstly, set up your Echo Dot. If you have already set it up then you may proceed to the next step.

·        Place your speaker in its pairing mode.

·        Open the Alexa app on your phone and go to the Menu and click on settings.

·        Select your echo dot from the list that has been provided.

·        After selecting the device click on ‘Bluetooth’.

·       Your speaker’s name should appear on the Bluetooth list on the phone. Locate it and tap on it. Thus, your speaker is successfully connected to your Echo Dot device.

For connection through the Audio Jack

·         Firstly, place the speaker at least three feet away from the device.

·        Turn on your external speaker and plug one end of the cable to the device and one end to the speaker.

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These are the two ways and the steps involved through which you can connect your external speaker to the Echo Dot device. If you run into any technical glitches, you can call the 24hours helpline at Echo Alexa support number

. You can place all your issues and problems here and you will be provided with an experienced and qualified supervisor to attend to your problem.

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