How to connect an iPhone to an Amazon Echo Device

How to connect an iPhone to an Amazon Echo Device

Amazon Echo Device Connect with IPhone


Amazon is one company which is known for its services and products. All the services and products launched by Amazon have their own benefits and advanced level features. One of the product launched by Amazon is Amazon Echo. This device came in the market with a blow. Almost every person who knew about Amazon Echo appreciated this device. Amazon Echo is a smart speaker which can be useful in daily life. It uses Bluetooth and a virtual assistant to connect with the mobile phone.


If you are an iPhone user and own an Amazon Alexa Customer Service, then connect both devices and enjoy the mind-blowing services offered by Amazon Echo. This device enables you to make a daily schedule, listen to sports and music and much more. You can use the Echo with smart home appliances also. If you don’t know how to connect an iPhone to an Amazon Echo device, then read this blog and get the step by step instructions to do that. In case you get any kind of trouble then get technical support help.


Steps to connect iPhone to the Amazon Echo device

Method 1

  • Launch App store and type Amazon Alexa in the search field, then tap on OK.

  • After that choose to install Alexa App on your iPhone.

  • Once the Alexa App is installed on your iPhone, press the power button on your  Amazon Echo device.

  • When you see the orange light on the top of Echo device, that means Echo is  ready to connect with a device.

  • Then go to the Alexa app and in my device menu, you will see the list of various Echo devices.

  • Choose  Amazon Echo and tap on the name of your Echo device. It will start the pairing of both iPhone and the Echo device.

  • When the pairing of is done, an orange light will turn to blue, indicating that you can use it now.

Method 2

  • Turn on the Echo device and tap on the Bluetooth icon in iPhone to turn on the Bluetooth of your iPhone.
  • After that take your iPhone near to your Echo device and ask Alexa to pair with Amazon Echo.
  • Make sure to give the command to Alexa for the next to auto connect with your Echo device.

This is enough information about how to connect an iPhone to an Amazon Echo device. In case you face any problem then take Amazon Alexa Tech Support help.


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