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How to choice feed mixer machine ?

How to choice feed mixer machine ?

Date : 2021-06-15

Mixing meaning various feed ingredients are mixed with each other under the action of external force after being metered and mixed to make them evenly distributed. In order to ensure that every meal of livestock and poultry can eat a diet containing various nutrients, it is necessary to ensure that the components of the material are distributed evenly in the entire batch of feed, especially if the amount of addition is very small but will affect the growth of livestock and poultry greatly, such as vitamins, trace elements, pharmaceuticals and other trace components, are required to be evenly distributed. Therefore, in feed production, the working condition of the main mixer not only determines the quality of the product, but also plays a decisive role in the productivity and feed quality of the feed production line, so it is known as the \"heart\" of a feed factory.

The main technical indicators of the feed mixer machine are: each batch of mixing volume, mixing uniformity, mixing speed and the residual rate of materials in the machine.

A.High requirements for mixing uniformity: The feed standard stipulates that the mixing uniformity variation coefficient of compound feed is ≤10%, and the mixing uniformity variation coefficient of pre-mixed feed is ≤5%;

B.The mixing time should be short: the mixing time is determined The mixing cycle and the length of the mixing time can affect the productivity of the feedproduction line;

C.The residual rate in the machine should be low: in order to avoid cross-contamination and ensure the quality of each batch, the residual rate in the compound feed mixer is ≤1%, pre-mixing Feed mixer ≤0.8%. The current advanced models can reach less than 0.01%;

D.The feed mixer machine should meet the mechanical performance requirements of reasonable structure, simple, no leakage, easy to inspect and sample clean.

At present, the most widely used double-shaft paddle mixer on the market is the mixing light and soft, and the mixture has no segregation phenomenon, especially when the particulate material (minimum additive) is in the fluid state, the diffusion effect and mixing effect are better; the material is in the mixer A fluidized zone is formed inside, coupled with convection mixing and shear mixing, so that the mixing speed of the double-shaft paddle mixer is faster and the mixing uniformity is higher than that of the general mixer.

During the use of the mixer, the sealing strips need to be replaced regularly to prevent material leakage to ensure that all materials remain uniform during the mixing process; at the same time, the mixer should be cleaned regularly to prevent materials sticking to the inner wall of the mixer in a humid environment Breeding of bacteria and mildew affect the quality of livestock and poultry feed.

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