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What is the need for EV Charging Management Software? - YoCharge

Date : 2023-06-27

As EVs cannot automatically function to recharge themselves, we require a system that would act as an intermediator between the vehicle and the charger. Therefore, EV Charging Management Software (CMS) has been developed to read the vehicle’s battery and charge them accordingly. In India, YoCharge is currently one of the best and most exponentially growing EV charging software providers, popular for their seamless services.

What is a CMS?

An EV CMS is a software that has been developed to help EV charging operators and e-mobility service providers control all elements of EV charging. This software boosts charger uptime and provides EV drivers with a seamless EV charging experience. You can also utilise this software as an EV charging station operator and charge customers for your services. Further to the charging management software, the following are some of the functions it performs

- Monitor EV charging operations
- Handle EV charging billing
- Distribution of energy management for EV charging
- EV driver management
- EV fleet management
- Integration with other Charging Software & Platforms

Let’s learn more about YoCharge’s EV Charging Management Software

Yocharge EV CMS commits to providing smooth and uninterrupted solutions for charging station management, tariff allotment, power load balancing, analysing energy consumption, and generating reports to charge point operators and distribution centres. These solutions are free of monthly subscriptions and commissions which work very well in a business owner’s favour. 

A little more in-depth knowledge of YoCharge EV Charging Management Software What are the EV CMS services provided by Yocharge?

There are two types of EV CMS services provided by YoCharge:

Your Charging Station, Yocharge’s Software and Your Brand

According to this service, if any person owns an EV charging station or is thinking of buying one, then YoCharge will provide you with a customised CMS that authorises you to launch the EV Charging Station business under your name and brand, along with a customised website and mobile app. Budget-wise, this service charges only a one-time cost and subscription fee.

Our Charging Station, Our Software, Your Brand

Under this service, if an investor is interested in launching and running an EV Charging Station business, then a team of professionals from YoCharge would assist you in providing end-to-end solutions. You would be guided and supported on

- Choosing the apt charging station
- Installation of charging station equipment and EV CMS
- The technical know-how of operation and maintenance will help you promote your network.

All of these services would only charge you a one-time cost and subscription fee.

Benefits of choosing Yocharge EV Charging Management Software

Save cost and time by using an already existing software

Rather than spending money and time on developing software for your business which is time-consuming, it is better that you purchase YoCharge’s already existing Charging Management Software. The package consists of ‘Zero Onboarding Charges’ and ‘Zero Subscription Charges’, which means it would all work out at a more reasonable price when compared to building new software.

Quick to install and easier to use

The electric vehicle’s CMS is easy to install, set up and use in any charging station. The design and user experience of the software are such that even a layman would be able to run the software without any hassle.

Timely software upgrades

The Yocharge EV Charging Management Software is regularly updated and upgraded to prevent bugs and ensure that its functionality runs smoothly and uninterrupted.

Effortlessly monetise EV Charging Infrastructure

You can easily generate extra income by utilising the YoCharge CMS Platform as the process of launching your own EV charging network is very simple and faces no software development issues.

YoCharge offers ‘EV Charging Station Management Software as a Service’ or (CMS-SaaS) which is grounded on the idea that you focus on establishing the business whilst we focus on the development of technology & operations. Applying this approach helps YoCharge pursue development, optimise the cost of the operation and enable them to provide a seamless charging experience to EV Users at pocket-friendly costs.

On a final note

I would like to conclude by saying that if you are looking to invest in a smooth-functioning EV Charging Management Software, then YoCharge is the right place for you. The software has been developed so that the operator can understand its functionality and utilise it effortlessly. Also, if any issues or queries do arise, then the service providers from YoCharge will be available to assist you in resolving your issue.

If you wish to learn more about setting up an EV Charging Station, then click here.
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