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Top 5 Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

Top 5 Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

Date : 2020-10-28

Are you worried about your increasing weight? Is your beer belly becoming prominent even in loose clothes? Then you should practice yoga to lose weight, fat, and to gain lean muscle. There are many types of yoga forms that you can incorporate into your routine to transform your physique.

A few of many yoga poses to start your fat loss journey are as follows. Read on.

Weight Loss Yoga Poses For Everyone

Sun Salutations

It consists of 12 basic yoga poses that work on your overall health. It improves your flexibility and strength when you hold various yoga stances for more time. Moreover, it puts a lot of pressure and load on your muscles, and help in breaking down the fat.

Also, when you practice sun salutations, you get to rest after the completion of the complete cycle. Hence, it raises your heartbeat and breathing, which pushes your body beyond its limits.

Plank Pose

When you practice plank pose, you hold your body against gravity. Therefore, you develop arms and core strength when your hover in the air.

To start, get on your all fours. Slowly place your elbows on the ground and move your feet to the back. Shift your weight on your elbows and feet, and maintain a straight line of your body. Engage your hips, legs, and core muscles to work on different parts of your body

Boat Pose

Practicing boat pose makes use of your abdominal strength and your legs. Though it is optional for you to use your arms or not, it decides the intensity of your pose.

To begin with, get on your back and lie down. Engage your core muscles and lift your upper and lower half in the air. Balance your feet and arms in the air such that it makes an arc with your body. Balance your body and try to hold the pose for as much time as possible. Also read vinyasa yoga poses

Plow Pose

It helps you with legs flexibility and neck strength. Moreover, when you hold the pose for more time, you witness a stretch in your lower back as well.

To start the pose lie down on your back, and with a gentle push, raise your legs in the air. Keep your legs over your head and then let them fall under the effect of gravity. Let your feet touch the ground and keep your legs straight. Hold for as much as you want and then move back to the starting position.

Shoulder Stand

When you practice shoulder stand, your shoulders are used that increases their strength and flexibility. Also, it improves your neck strength and overall sense of balance of your body.

Lie on your back, and with a gentle push, raise your legs in the air. Touch your chin with your chest and keep a stronghold in your neck. Balance your legs in the air for an extended period to engage your every muscle.

Wrap Up

Practicing the above-mentioned types of yoga poses help you lose weight and increase your overall lean muscle tissues. Also, it initiates body re-composition that further loses fat. In turn, you attain an ideal physique when you practice yoga regularly.

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