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Sneed Speed | R56 front lip

Sneed Speed | R56 front lip

Date : 2019-05-28

Sneed4Speed has been racing the \"new\" BMW MINI Cooper since 2006.  Back then, there were no heavy duty race or performance parts available for a car so brand new and like nothing else on the market.  

It soon became obvious that while the new MINI had great handling, looks and power, it was not entirely bred for the track.  Sneed4Speed started by creating a front mount external oil cooler for the cars.  As the engine compartment is very tight in MINIs, oil temperatures would raise to engine damaging levels while on track. The Sneed4Speed oil cooler kit solved that problem allowing MINIs to run full track sessions without over heating their engine oil.  

Once the engine oil temperatures were under control the next weak link in the new MINI was the front brakes.  They were undersized and overheated quickly.  Sneed4Speed developed a brake cooler kit that forced air from the front bumper through flexible hoses into proprietary brackets mounted on the wheel hub to blow the air directly into the brake rotor ,Best Sti Shift knob, and cool the brake system.  The kit worked very well, reducing peak temperatures by over 500F!  

After Sneed4Speed had resolved the short comings of the factory in the oil cooling and brake areas they turned their focus to suspension, working with other companies, they helped develop coilover suspension kits, camber plates and suspension bushings to make the MINI handle even better than it already did.

As the MINIs continued to pick up speed in the turns, straight line speed become the next area of focus.  Sneed4Speed developed engines for the MINI, naming the line of engines \"Super Cooper\".  With a focus on reliability and performance, the base of the line starts with a street performance engine and moves all the way to an engine capable of producing over 400 wheel horse power and pushing the little box profile MINI to speeds in excess of 180mph.  

With new engines and higher speeds came a need for aerodynamic upgrades.  After track and wind tunnel testing Sneed4Speed developed a complete aerodynamic package, which included a rear wing, front splitter and side splitters for the R53 MINI and now the R56.  The kit produces over 220 lbs of down force at 100mph and over 300 lbs at 150mph over the OEM design.  Enabling the MINIs to stay glued to the track at any speed. 

Sneed4Speed continues to push the MINI Cooper performance edge with constant racing, lab testing and new manufacturing techniques designed to make their parts stronger, lighter and more user friendly.  
Sneed4Speed offers parts for all MINI Cooper models including the R53, R56 and F56, as well as Countryman, Clubman and convertible

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