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"Thomas J. Menges founded Side-Rite Tool Co. in Lexington, KY, with the mission to develop tools to help eliminate human error in the housing industry. In particular, exterior siding for houses can be very difficult to repair or install. He decided to develop a tool that would revolutionize the home siding industry for the better.

With more than 15 years of experience in the housing industry, he understands and has experienced the frustration home contractors often experience with home siding installation. Menges, who is also president of TM Custom Construction Company, started Side-Rite Tool Co., an American tool company to aid home contractors everywhere with precise and high-quality siding tools.

Side-Rite Tool Co. sells the only siding gauge in the industry that measures both the horizontal and vertical gaps during fiber cement siding installation. The Side-Rite tool allows contractors to simplify their job while still meeting manufacturer's recommendations for siding installation. These affordable gauges come in blue or gray and save home contractors money, effort, and time by providing precise results every time. All housing tools created by Side-Rite Tool Co. are made in America to support American jobs.

The Side-Rite gauge comes with left and right side pieces that work together. Beginning with a starter strip, the gauge pieces are placed on both sides of each section of siding as it is applied. When placed tight to the trim board, the home siding tool creates a consistent and precise 1/8 inch vertical gap. By sliding the next piece of siding down into the notch of both sides, it guarantees an exact horizontal gap. The result is a siding job that looks consistent, precise, and professionally done.

When you need to install new siding or do partial siding repair, use the expert gauge tool from Side-Rite Tool Co. To purchase or learn more about this Kentucky company's home siding gauge and other products, call them at (859) 699-7064. Thewebsite includes step-by-step instructions and a demonstration video showing how easy and simple the Side-Rite tool is to use."

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