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Get To Know Your Rights With The Help Of Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer Toronto

Get To Know Your Rights With The Help Of Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer Toronto

Date : 2019-08-13

Was there a breach of the employment contract when you were recently dismissed from your job? If the answer is yes, then you should not wait any longer. You should immediately get in touch with an appropriate lawyer for taking timely action. The wrongful termination of employees in most of the cases may be quite tough to prove.  A vast majority of these claims are resolved through settlements. 

Necessary steps

The value of settlements in case of employees who have been wrongfully terminated may differ from one situation to another. Such value is determined on the basis of various factors. If you have been wrongfully discharged, then it is a wise decision to get professional support. Seek the intervention of Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer Toronto to gain knowledge about the steps that are required to be taken to bring a claim.

•    At will 

In most of the states, employment is regarded as at will. This implies that you may quit or the employer may fire you at any point in time. Termination of an employee is considered as illegal if it violates any anti-discriminatory law or contractual obligation. The area of law which concerns the relationship between employer and trade union is labor law. If you want to initiate an action against your employer, then take the assistance of Labour Lawyer Toronto.

•    Obligations binding as per the contract 

In any state, employers must not take action based on race, gender, color, age, religion, disability, and pregnancy. Apart from these federal laws, there may be specific state laws. Such laws too may prohibit discrimination based on immigration status and sexual orientation. If you have entered into a contractual agreement with your employer, then those terms will be binding on your employer. 

Making the right choice

Selection of the right lawyer is necessary. The very thought of having to search for an appropriate lawyer may sound challenging to you. Do not fret. Almost all individuals face that sort of predicament. Keep the following pointers in mind before choosing the right lawyer.

•    Checking out the credentials

Start researching about lawyers who have specialization in wrongful dismissal. Then make a list of some of the prominent names in the industry. Glance through the website of the lawyer. Go through the kinds of cases he tackles. Check out his membership at the bar associations. 

•    Inquire about the charges

Legal advice is not at all cheap. So you must ask about his fees beforehand. Go in for an initial consultation with him. After hearing the facts, the legal expert should be able to give you an estimated figure for the costs.

Prudent decision 

The lawyer you plan to select should not have disciplinary action against him. You should also be comfortable talking about your case. You should not hesitate to contact him when you have relevant queries. It is important to note his response time. Though a lawyer indeed has to tackle numerous cases simultaneously but he should be able to respond to you in a timely fashion. 

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