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Rap Artist In USA is an online website which is run by an amazing up and coming Rapper who is  Dancer/label-ownerRapper/singer/Dancer/label-owner. He made his singing debut with the single “soldier”. (client name) started his music career when he was only 15. Moreover, he was born and raised in a place where there was nothing but HipHop music all around him. Josie LLoren is his uncle who has taught him all the old school Hip Hop music. He has taken part in a lot of music and dance battles on the streets.

What is the song “Soldier” about?

Soldier is a song which is a cultural song in other words we can say it is a multilingual and multi-layered Anthem. (client name) is a rapper who do rapping in two languages:



His record label name is quadrostar records LLC and the reason behind it is that when he was a kid he called himself Quadro and the reason behind calling himself quadrostar was he used to believe he has four talents. As he was a quadruple threat, he wanted to give a unique name that can represent his threat perfectly and to represent all the artists who are multi talented as well as multicultural like him. is a best platform for Hip Hop lovers to find out details about his new songs, concerts and amazing products that he will launch soon on his website.

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