Lifeplan specialises in one-to-one supports for people with disability and / or mental health concerns throughout Perth, Western Australia. We have been part of the Perth community since 1999. Lifeplan is a not for profit agency whose purpose is simply to be positive and purposeful in all that we do. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our customers and work alongside them as our principle but we also recognise that sometime there are other important people in our customers lives, like families and partners and sometimes our engagement with you means we work closely with them also. Lifeplan has established professional working relationships with LAC, NDIS planners, Guardians, Trust managers and Advocacy we have formed these relationships long before the NDIS was implemented and that means we have the connections that can benefit you in the long term.

We acknowledge that this is YOUR life, and YOUR plan for YOUR future, and we are determined to ensure that our services reflects your needs with respect, dignity, flexibility and creativity. Lifeplan recognises that our customers are masters of their own destiny. So we encourage you to select your own support worker for our team and if we don’t have the person you need we will employ that trusted person who you already know so they can work alongside you.

We can deliver supports in your home or in the community.

People with Disability

Lifeplan has a proven track record as an exceptional disability service provider in Perth, providing quality Person centered, reliable disability support. Lifeplan also has a fleet of modified wheelchair accessible vehicles.

People Seeking Mental Health Support

Lifeplan recognises that in today’s ever-changing world, things can get tough. Everyone needs support at some point in their life, we all do, it’s part of being human. When you need help, Lifeplan we will be there for you – we’ve got your back!

Recovery: Lifeplan’s mission is to be positive in our outlook and purposeful in our actions. It is this and our belief that people can and do recover that is at the heart of our mental health services.

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