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Our mission is to engage and expand the concept of Health and Care in our community through education, treatment integration, and personal empowerment.

Established in 1992, Graham Chiropractic Center has been arnfixture in the downtown Seattle community. We are located in the Medical Dentalrnbuilding on Olive Way between 5th and 6th. Our center offers safe, drug andrnsurgery-free treatment options for neck pain, back pain, disc herniation,rnmusculoskeletal pain, TMJ, headaches, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain,rnhip pain, knee, ankle, and foot pain. Nearly every sport-related injury isrndiagnosed and effectively cared for by our chiropractic providers. With yearsrnof community networking, we have developed strong relationships with diagnosticrnimaging centers and other providers. We work as part of your healthcare teamrnand refer for physical therapy, massage therapy or to a medical specialist whenrnneeded. Make no mistake that your response to chiropractic care is practitionerrndependent and not all chiropractorsrnare created equal. In other words: Our Seattle chiropractic team is highlyrnqualified, experienced, and dedicated to providing personalized care for yourrncondition. We are experts in restoring proper joint motion which is nowrnrecognized as a primary source of spinal pain.

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