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With 24 years of manufacturing experience, EPACKs PEB solutions are known for durability. We excel in technology as well as design aesthetics, having in-house capability for end-to-end project execution. In 2019, we designed and constructed the civil terminal building at the Hindon air force base, Ghaziabad, NCR. This pre engineered airport terminal construction was completed in a span of 4 months, which was a pathbreaking feat in Indian construction industry. The terminal was inaugurated by the honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, who appreciated our skills. 

EPACK has its own manufacturing unit for prefabrication, equipped with modern machinery and production facilities. Our new age prefabrication models have been adopted by the government and PSUs for various projects across the country. Our products have earned recognition for their safety and long lasting attributes.  

Today, EPACK Prefab is a major contributor in the infrastructure sector of the country, having constructed more than 15 million square feet with prefabrication. We are committed to serving the nation through our efforts. Following the coronavirus lockdown in March 2020, we improvised and came up with three major products for the pandemic hit population: prefabricated isolation wards, sanitization chambers, and porta cabins that have double up for testing labs, ICU wards, general wards, and much more, to serve COVID hospitals.

 Rapid Construction. Guaranteed satisfaction.

 Prefabrication technology is known for its fast construction time. 

Due to this reason, prefabricated buildings are the best new age solution for executing large projects on time. Steel is recyclable, and therefore, pre engineered steel buildings are more eco friendly than their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

 Long-term cost savings. 

Buy once, use for years!

Pre engineered buildings are lightweight but can withstand heavy loads. This makes it easy to dismantle and port to a different location for reuse. This leads to immense cost savings in the long term.


Our product range

EPACK Prefab has a diverse product range, catering to industrial, commercial, institutional sectors as well as government and PSUs. They include prefabricated buildings, pre engineered buildingswarehouse, factory sheds, industrial sheds, agricultural sheds, prefabricated site office, airport terminal buildings, aircraft hangars,  control rooms, security cabins, cold storage, PUF panels, EPS panels, clean rooms, ripening chambers, prefabricated toilets, and prefabricated health centres


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