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China King Buffet stands out as the premier Chinese buffet in town, rnoffering guests an unrivaled combination of exceptional food, pristine rnfacilities, and outstanding service. With a diverse selection of freshlyrn prepared dishes, China King Buffet aims to provide diners with a rnsatisfying all-you-can-eat experience featuring the best of Chinese rncuisine. The extensive buffet menu is one of the key features distinguishing rnChina King Buffet from other local buffets. In addition to all the rnclassic Chinese favorites like hot and sour soup, crab Rangoon, egg rnrolls, and chicken broccoli, China King Buffet also offers made-to-orderrn hibachi dishes and fresh sushi rolls prepared at the bar. Their rntalented chefs prepare authentic Chinese specialties along with regionalrn dishes from across China. Every item is made using high-quality rningredients and excellent seasoning for maximum flavor.The excellent service from China King Buffet's friendly staff furtherrn elevates the dining experience. Attentive servers promptly cater to anyrn needs guests may have during their visits. They happily explain menu rnoptions, bring drink refills, and accommodate requests to ensure rncomplete satisfaction. Management regularly solicits feedback to rnidentify areas for improvement. It is clear the entire staff aims to rnprovide top-notch hospitality to every guest. With its array of Chinese favorites and contemporary dishes like rnfresh sushi, meticulously maintained facilities, and stellar service, rnChina King Buffet offers an unrivaled Chinese buffet option. The menu rnhas something for everyone, from classic egg rolls to made-to-order rnhibachi. The clean, comfortable environment allows guests to fully enjoyrn every bite.  And the welcoming staff enhances the experience through rntheir gracious service.For those seeking a high-quality, all-you-can-eat Chinese dining rnexperience with excellent value, China King Buffet is the ideal choice. rnTheir lavish buffet, pristine restaurant, and hospitable service allows rnevery guest to enjoy a five-star buffet. Whether dining for a special rnoccasion or casual weekday meal, China King Buffet consistently deliversrn an exceptional food and service experience. They are the premier rndestination for Chinese buffets in the area.

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