Long-term use of medicine for Acid Reflux Problem

Long-term use of medicine for Acid Reflux Problem

Today as people are living in a fast-forward life and most of them hardly get time to follow a healthy diet plan. People today dive into some fast food restaurant or any fast food chain and grab a meal. But due to the consumption of such foods people today face many health problems. From Acid Reflux problem to Gastroenteritis, people face many problems due to unhealthy food.

Though medicines are available in the market for such problems; but Long Term PPI Use is really harmful to a person. The PPI or the Proton Pump Inhibitors are a set of drugs which helps a person to reduce the stomach acid. Stomach Acid is the digestive juices which help people to digest the food that they consume. But due to consumption of unhealthy food, the stomach produces excessive digestive juices and thus it creates the problem of Acid Reflux Problem.

The human stomach produces acid according to the food consumption but when a person consumes more food or unwanted food the acid from the Stomach flows back through the Lower Esophageal Sphincter and it cause Acid Reflux problem. To know about this problem in complete details you can talk with the experts at Reflux md.

So what happens if you consume PPI for a long term? What are the side effects of such medicines?

1.      It lowers the resistance of our body

Long Term use of PPI medicines reduces the resistance of our body. It makes our body weak against the Acid Reflux problem and we become completely depended on those medicines. Therefore those medicines should not be consumed unless and until it is extremely necessary.

2.      Hypergastrinemia

The PPI medicines suppress the stomach acid and make us feel good. But if a person uses the PPI medicines for a long-term this might lead to Hypergastrinemia. It is a situation which arises due to long-term suppression of the stomach acid. And this problem can create a lot of trouble for the people.

3.      Fractures.

It might sound unreal but prolong use of PPI medicines can also lead to Fractures of bones and it can also lead to crumbs in muscles and create pain in our body. Therefore such kind of medicines should be avoided to live a healthy life.

4.      Cardiac Arrest.

People who are using PPI medicines for a long period of time can also have the risk of Cardiac Arrest. And once a person has cardiac arrest he or she might have to go through a lot of hard times. Therefore such medicines should be avoided and one should not be dependent on such medicines.

5.      Iron Deficiency.

According to some research done by the doctors, it is found that people who consume PPI medicines for a long period of time lack of Iron in their body. And therefore the person also faces problems due to Iron Deficiency. So it is advisable for the people that they avoid consuming such kind of medicines.

6.      Hypertension.

Along with creating a physical problem, prolong use of PPI medicines can also cause hypertension. This makes people feel uneasy all the time and it might create an imbalance in the day to day life of a human being. Therefore such medicines should be avoided until and unless it is extremely necessary.

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