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Useful Carpet Cleaning Terms That You Should Know

Useful Carpet Cleaning Terms That You Should Know

Date : 2021-01-20

A professional carpet cleaning process is a detailed and elaborate operation. There can be a few terminologies that might not be fully understood by a layman.

This blog comprises such words and their meanings that can help you grasp the lingo easily.


A Glossary Of The Top 10 Carpet Cleaning Terms


1. Blooming

Blooming means the untwisting of the carpet fibers. It can be due to wear and tear over time.

2. Browning

Browning is the terminology for the reappearance of brown or yellow stains on the carpet. This can be due to the soil residue or uncleaned stains that might not have been cleaned thoroughly.

3. Clouding

Clouding is caused by the overwetting of the carpet. Residue and moisture from the past cleanings will come to the surface and give the carpet a cloudy effect.

4. Crushing

Crushing is when the fibers begin bending and compressing. It is also referred to as “matting”.

5. Fiber

Fiber is the material of the strands of the carpet. For example, nylon, polyester, wool, etc. As it is the primary material, it helps in determining the best cleaning solutions.

6. Hot Water Extraction

This is a method that takes a combination of hot water and cleaning agents. It is injected into the fibers of the carpet at high pressure. This breaks down the soil and dirt particles hidden deep within and removed by a powerful vacuum.


7. Padding

Padding is the carpet cushion placed between the carpet and the floorboard. It absorbs the weight in high-traffic areas and retains the quality of the carpet.

8. Rippling

Rippling is the formation of small wave-like structures that are seen in wall-to-wall carpeting. It can be due to an installation error or humidity.

9. Seam

As carpets are mostly available in a 12 foot-wide roll, more than one piece of carpet is required. The seam is the line between those two pieces of carpets.

10. Shedding

Newly installed carpets tend to shed carpet fibers. This can be cleaned by vacuuming.


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