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Management of PCOS During Pregnancy

Date : 2022-10-03

Women who have PCOS have more difficulties becoming pregnant. If you want to become pregnant and have this condition then you must take extra effort.  Some females are not aware of PCOS until they try to become pregnant. There are some strategies including; losing weight, a healthy diet, certain medication, and some exercises that will help you to get conceive. Women who have diabetes during pregnancy must face this disorder. If you are also suffering from it, you need to pay more attention as it creates more complications such as miscarriage, gestational diabetes, and preterm birth etc. 
The following care should be needed during pregnancy: 

Blood glucose:
While you are pregnant, you need to check your blood sugar. You have to ask your healthcare expert about ideal blood sugar level to be maintained.  

Take the recommended dose of folic acid and you should ask your professional about the prenatal vitamin you need. 

Medical nutrition treatment: 
You should follow nutrition therapy during this period. Make sure that your diet is full of nutrients and enough protein. Women should avoid junk, oily, and spicy food that may affect their overall health. Proper medical therapy will help in the development and growth of infants. 
If women is well planning, good ensures self-care and follows proper medication then they can have a safe pregnancy and healthy baby even after having PCOS.

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