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Towell Group of Companies is one of the largest International Companies in Oman. We offer quality services and world-class standards in Enhance, Engineering, Construction, Real Estate Property, Services and Trade, Consumer Product Division (CPD) and AutomotiveReal estate is one of the Group's core businesses and major assets and many of extensive properties hold valuable redevelopment potential currently in the planning and design stages. 

As a leading Consumer Goods distributor, WJ Towell promotes locally manufactured Products through a distribution network that extends throughout the region. Aware of the changing nature of traditional agency services, "The Group is positioning itself to provide the most thorough and cost-efficient distribution in Oman. Capitalizing on its strong regional market presence, the company developed and launched its own "Sultan Brand" line of imported foodstuffs. In the future, some of these Items could be manufactured at home.

In Industry, The Group is directly involved in the manufacture of paints, textiles, Furnishings, dairy products, pet bottles and building materials including concrete and fiberglass pipes. With its investment portfolio, the Group participates indirectly in the power generation, quarrying, engineering and chemical industries through a number of small shareholdings in local enterprises. In the service area, WJ Towell developed one of the most sophisticated information technology businesses in Oman, the first to "Arabise" management software packages In the region, and has an important foothold in telecommunications. Computer services and telecommunications are key areas slated for rapid growth over the next few years. 

Throughout WJ Towell's corporate history, each generation of the Sultan family has left its mark. The current directors' efforts are aimed at achieving projects that may be looked upon by future generations as milestones in their country's development.

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