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Vedic Ratna And Gems
Antony & Rogger from Vedicratna Gemstone Academy started working on this project in 2009 for 2 years they did market 

analysis by visiting 100's of corporate sector companies which were just start-ups 5 years back now have gained lots of 

fame & dignity in the market. Some of these companies have been even listed in Bombay stock exchange. In 2011 Mr. Pankaj 

Mhetar from Mumbai played a vital roll in launching vedicratna by learning things from antony & rogger. Pankaj actually 

headed towards an angel investor who was having some funds for small scale companies. So pankaj gave him presentation on 

power point and investors were convinced finally after few other meetings and funded 50 crores in this company. Today 

whatever this company is only because of his efforts he put on time in right direction.

7 Years back in year 2011 Mr. Pankaj Mhetar started as a start-up with very small investment from TCS 

the angel investor who supports small business to grow. TCS funded approximately 50 Crore to gear start our 

company.Initially pankaj used to get calls directly on his mobile phone but later he registered company systematically 

with government of india. Applied for shop & establishment license & other formalities. is all about 

supporting those who are confused about which gemstone to wear & when to wear it. Now vedicratna is standing on it's own 

with confidence, We have grown so fast that we are on the verge of becoming asia's #1 E-Commerce company for gemstone 

selling platform after ranking first in india. We have range of collection in blue sapphire, neelam, nilam, yellow 

sapphire, pukhraj, pushkraj, ruby, panna, pachu, emerald, red coral, hessonite, blue topaz, moti, pearl, faced mukhi 


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