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A Discourse on Receiving a Throat Hit with E-cigarettes

A Discourse on Receiving a Throat Hit with E-cigarettes

Date : 2017-10-31

Ask a smoker what it feels when the puff that they take hits the throat and they would tell you the bliss that they experience. The deep puffs taken are what is known to allow the lungs to absorb more amount of smoke and that is when health ailments tend to surface. When a regular smoker switches from a tobacco cigarette to a vaporiser, the first thing that they look out for is the hit that they would receive in the throat. 

While vaporizers in Australia from Vapor Kings are known to be the best alternative to its regular counterparts lit by fire, it is something that minimises the risk of ailments in a person’s body while letting them get rid of the bad habit of smoking with each passing day. There are times when users do not get that throat hitting experience more so because they do not know how to get that experience. Here is a brief discourse on how to get that throat hit. 

What exactly is a throat hit? 

 The moment you deeply inhale a lit cigarette, the puff tends to reach the back of the throat and deep down to the lungs. While that can be experienced with a cigarette, it can be witnessed with an e-cigarette as well. Due to the glycerine content and the vape that comes along with every puff, the throat hit comes along strongly and is something that is minus the negative effect that tobacco has on the lungs. 

How does one get the hit to the throat?

There is this profound need to inhale the cigarette for an extended time and letting the vape to reach deep down. The longer you drag the puff, the denser would be the vapour, and that would ensure that there is a better throat hit. Due to the glycerine present in the e-juice, the hit is known to stay for long while giving a satisfying and lingering feeling. A maximum of 5 puffs would satisfy the craving while letting the feeling linger for a long time. It wouldn’t make you want to smoke any time soon due to the lasting effect it leaves behind. 

How do you improve the feeling in the throat?

There are people who make use of Shisha pens and are known to complain about not receiving the feeling as that of smoking a real cigarette. The flavour or probably the mildness of the e-juice is what prevents them from getting that feeling. Even though the cigarette smoking craving is satisfied with the e-cigarette, the throat hit aspect doesn’t come into the picture. 

When it comes to choosing the e-liquid for the cigarette, you can avoid the fruit-based flavours which give a mild taste and doesn’t aid to the hit that one intends to receive. When you intend to acquire that perfect hit, you could opt for liquids that are high on nicotine base or probably the ones that are tobacco based which would give about that strong flavour.                           

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