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TSplus Remote Desktop for Windows, Mac or Linux

Date : 2021-01-31

TSplus software is the easiest way to enable remote desktop and application connections from anywhere and any device. Offering both classic terminal server client and HTML5 access, our solution can be used on all Operating Systems from Windows to Mac and Linux.

Remote Access To Desktop via Windows Terminal Server

COVID-19 has brought a big change into the lives of people all around the world. Offices are decentralizing, as many companies are providing ‘work from home’ options to their employees.

Allowing remote access to office data and applications in a reliable and secure way has never been so essential and yet, so challenging. 

Enable Access to Office Workstation from Home

RDP or “Remote Desktop Protocol” is an essential tool provided by Microsoft for allowing remote access to Windows pc. Using this protocol, users can connect to apps or desktops hosted and delivered by remote desktop servers.

Usually, data is exchanged in a relatively secure way between server and client devices thanks to end-to-end encryption. Of course it is also important to secure your network before initiating Remote Desktop connections.

All Windows operating systems include this free tool “Windows Terminal Services” = Windows TSE or “Windows Remote Desktop Services” = Windows RDS to open an RDP connection. However, the installation on the server side is complex and requires strong Network Administration expertise, not to mention hours for deployment. Unfortunately, in the current state of the world, time is a resource most of us can’t afford.

Companies worldwide need a quick and affordable solution to set up the best teleworking conditions for their employees and ensure business continuity.

TSplus Remote Desktop Software offers an easy-to-use alternative to Windows RDS to deliver reliable and secure remote desktop connections without breaking your IT budget. In fact, TSplus Secure Remote Access and its range of companion tools are a great way to optimize your network infrastructure and drastically decrease expenses in software and hardware. This is the technology you need for a smooth transition to teleworking.

Deliver Business Apps over the Company Network

Professional tools and techniques are evolving at the speed of light and businesses are forced to keep up with the constant innovations to stay competitive and comply with the new working habits.

Some legacy apps serve critical business needs like CRM or Accountancy/Billing, but are outdated or obsolete which can cause compatibility issues with current operating systems, browsers and information technology infrastructures.

open space offices

This is where Remote Desktop software like TSplus steps in the game. It provides a simple way to publish business applications on a central server and to deliver them across your network to all your employees regardless of the device or operating system they use. In this regard, it can be your best ally in software deployment and international expansion as it eliminates the need of updating and harmonizing all hardware and systems to support a specific application.

All you need for the entire structure to work on your legacy application is to create enough remote connections. TSplus makes remote desktop administration and access easy.

Remote Desktop Software for Windows 10

TSplus remote desktop solution can be used with Windows 10; just install the program on the server, and generate as many clients as needed (from 5 to unlimited depending on the Edition you purchase). The software can operate on any modern Windows version: windows OS, from Vista to W10 pro and Server 2003 to 2019 with 32 or 64 bits. However, Windows remote desktop services must be uninstalled to prevent conflict with TSplus.

It is easy to centrally manage settings over the entire network thanks to the AdminTool.

On the client side, the user can easily open a session on a workstation by using the Windows rdp client. TSplus is always updated to stay compatible with the latest Windows versions. It works fine on all Windows OS, from Windows XP and W7 to W8 and Windows 10 pro! To know more about the hardware requirements, check the online documentation.

Remote Desktop Connection From Mac or Linux Workstations To Windows Server

What’s best, the software is also compatible with Mac and Linux Remote Desktop clients.

It allows remote to desktop connections to Windows machines from Mac and Linux using the classic Microsoft RDP method: “Remote Desktop client for Mac” or Linux Remote Desktop.

But the easiest way to connect to a Windows workstation from another Operating system is to use the Web Remote Desktop Client.

Web Access to Mac or Linux Remote Desktop

Some professional apps are only available for a specific operating system.  For instance, Mac is probably the best platform for design and graphic software, when Linux is well known to be a more affordable solution supporting free and open source programs.

Your organization wants to provide its employees with the best possible tools, and therefore may choose to equip them with different types of devices.

However, they should still be able to access the company apps hosted on the central server! In order to avoid the hassle of installing multiple different programs according to the hardware, you can use a Terminal Server with a web Client. This will save you hours of setup and unnecessary investments! TSplus is one of these all-in-one solutions compatible with all operating systems.

TSplus Secure Remote Access includes its own built-in Web server and provides an HTML5 web client compatible with most common browsers: Safari, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Chrome...

TSplus on MAC

It enables you to web enable your Windows Legacy applications and full desktops by publishing them in a snap on a Web Portal via the TSplus AdminTool. The sessions can be protected with web credentials (PIN code or email) and connections are well-secured with HTTPS and end-to-end encryption.

The web-portal is fully customizable with logo, background image, font type and color, etc. Several displays are possible such as the RemoteApp mode, Single Application or Full desktop.

It is now also possible to have direct access to the web Portal from the local desktop by installing the TSplus Web App, which is a Progressive Web App. It provides the same user experience as a local application!  One click on the home screen icon and the user web portal is launched.

Thus, TSplus offers a multi-platform, multi-device, easy to use on Mobile and Tablets as well, with zero driver to install on the client side.

Which means that from a Macbook Air or a Linux workstation, opening a remote session only requires an internet connection. This is the easiest way to enable remote desktop access from a Mac or Linux to a Windows desktop or app!

Download the TSplus Enterprise Edition Free trial today

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Remote Work at the Core of TSplus Values

Date : 2021-01-31

TSplus’ growing international presence is strongly linked to its human resources strategy: recruiting the best local talents and giving them the keys to grow their activity with the flexibility of working from home or wherever they need to be. In addition to developing its own Remote Access software, TSplus follows the dream to make remote work an easy practice to deploy! 

TSplus' goal is to make business apps and desktops available from anywhere

An estimated 58 percent of American knowledge workers are now working remotely. This number is up by more than 30 percent from pre COVID-19 averages! To many, this mass exodus from the conventional workplace has been a welcome shift in employer expectations and telework policies 

TSplus, the cutting edge and profitable alternative to Citrix for Remote Desktop and Application Delivery technologies, was first developed with the idea that business applications should be made available to everyone, everywhere in the world, without breaking the bank. So that businesses can give mobility and flexibility to their employees, while providing the best tools for the highest efficiency.

How to make Working From Home a Business Asset!

TSplus Remote Desktop software makes it easy to deliver Remote access to applications to the workforces, wherever they are. 

With this vision in mind, TSplus corp. has grown its ranks of employees based on a Remote work practice. Each new recruit has access to centralized data and shared files, professional applications, collaboration tools, and all the support needed for the foundation of the right home office environment. With zero offices and an extra-connected staff, TSplus has successfully developed a dedicated team and a modern company spirit where “freedom of work” goes beyond marketing and becomes reality.  

Switching to a suite of remote work tools is an obvious economical option for IT jobs; but not only. TSplus has decentralized all its staff, from the Accounting to the Marketing departments. Year after year, this work practice has allowed the company to save millions on energy bills, construction work, commuting fees, etc. Plus, employees are happy and more productive, with the ability to organize their time as they wish.  

It’s a win-win situation!  

TSplus Expert in Work From Home Solutions

TSplus Corp. is built up on talents distributed all over the world, as location is no limit.  

For this reason, TSplus has developed multiple remote access solutions. Having multiple Remote Desktop and Application Delivery options allows organizations now forced to adopt Teleworking to give their remote employees the right tools to ensure business continuity in the best conditions! 

TSplus wants to make remote working accessible to anyone. 

Visit tsplus.net or download TSplus full-featured edition and test it for free.

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TSplus Releases Remote Work: Attractive Solution for a Successful Transition to the Home Office.

Date : 2021-01-31

TSplus releases Remote Work for an easy and cost-saving transition to Home office

The past 8 months have been filled with uncertainty. In response to the pandemic, centralized office spaces have been replaced by decentralized staff working remotely from home. TSplus recognizes the challenges that come with quickly reshaping staffing models and brings up a brilliant, cost-attractive solution for enabling Remote Access to Office Desktops: TSplus Remote Work.

TSplus Remote Work Delivers Fast and Secure Remote Desktop Access

Business models are evolving, adapting for the future. Workforces are looking for flexibility and expecting to be able to work from everywhere. Home office will continue to increase. To stay competitive, companies need to make their applications accessible to their employees, customers and third parties wherever they are. For organizations that don’t typically allow teleworking, however, enabling it at a moment’s notice has raised serious logistical, compliance and security challenges. Especially that infrastructures, budgets and tools differ from one organization to another. 

The solution is a secure and easy to deployRemote Access software to deliver fast and seamless remote work experience on any device.  ​

TSplus already has the technology. It offers a complete, full-service application delivery suite for Remote Access. Aware that this advanced and comprehensive software might not always be the right answer for situations where remote office is a pressing question, the developers at TSplus have created a new adapted product. 

Introducing TSplus Remote Work, a simple to manage and easy to use remote desktop solution that enables employees to access their office PCs from anywhere, with any device. It is the ideal solution for hybrid staffing solutions that have become so common and for organizations implementing business continuity plans which includes work from home policies. 

Unique Remote Work Tool to Turn Office Desktop into Home Office in a Snap 

With a Remote Work server operating as a Remote Desktop Connection Broker, employees can be in the office a few days per week, and work remote the rest of the time without the challenges of multiple digital workspaces.  

For a quick preview, watch the video

Work Flexibility

This is a great opportunity to give employees more freedom with the ability to switch their place of work and to arrange their schedule as they wish without any limitation.  

Remote Work not only keeps them connected to the office;  it keeps them connected directly to the console session of their remote computer. To avoid any work disruption, connections are made via a secure web portal; which means that users can login from the device of their choice, including Smartphone and tablets - and get the same seamless experience! 

Technology without Complexity 

Remote Work is a very user-friendly software. Employees benefit from all their remote work tools and software at their disposal to stay safe at home - with the same look and function they have when physically in the office.  

The installation of Remote Work removes the need for multiple software licenses or costly hardware investments for duplicating significant parts of a corporate IT infrastructure. Companies can save hours in implementation and training while making sure their staff stay effective and productive.

Business Continuity 

With its “session capture” feature, Remote Work software enables task follow-ups from one place to another: whenever the user disconnects from its Remote Desktop session, the session will open on the same work in progress at the next connection in the office. This is the magic of  TSplus Remote Work!  

Remote Work offers an attractive alternative with a competitive licensing model that enables organizations to successfully make a quick transition to remote offices by keeping the users in a known and comfortable digital environment. 

To learn more, visit www.tsplus-remotework.com

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Remote Desktop for Windows 10: How to use TSplus

Date : 2021-01-31

TSplus compatible with Windows 10

In the past few weeks, Microsoft has released an array of updates. This is always a precarious situation for those heavily invested in the Windows ecosystem, including the use of Remote Desktop Protocol with Windows 10. TSplus, a cost attractive and simple alternative to Windows RDS, develops weekly updates that specifically target compatibility and stability changes introduced by MS updates.  

TSplus Leverages Remote Desktop on Windows 10

Windows Remote Desktop is a free tool which enables users to connect with a remote machine – a computer, a server - and to use the graphic interface from a distance. It creates a RDP connection between the windows terminal server and the remote desktop client for a stable, interoperable communication.  

Remote Desktop Protocol is an essential tool for allowing remote access to a Windows pc and business applications from any location. It is the smart solution for deploying legacy applications on multiple devices.  

Cloud computing can be simpler to work with and better to apply for distant workforces, but a lot of businesses haven’t migrated into the cloud, or even may not for regulatory or security factors. With Windows terminal services, users ‘ may simply use files and software saved locally on their remote computer. 

TSplus leverages this technology to enable reliable and secure remote access to Windows 10 systems from any device. In fact, it can be easily installed on any Windows OS, from Vista to W10 Pro! 

The centralized Admintool makes set up and management ultra-simple for a quick deployment over all types and sizes of installations comprising different hardware and OS. To check the many great TSplus features, visit the webpage.  

Users can then connect using a connection client which can either be the Windows remote desktop tool or the integrated TSplus RDP Client, either the TSplus HTML5 client via any web browser. Which means that one is able to connect to a W10 environment from a MAC or Android mobile if wished!  

Read the following article for more info on TSplus for Windows and the Online Documentation for a successful deployment from the start including setting the right remote desktop port and generating your own remote desktop client(s).  

Compatibility With Latest Updates for Remote Desktop on Windows 10

TSplus is always updated to stay compatible with the latest Windows versions. This is the case regarding last November and December updates for W10. Microsoft systematically releases the Patch Tuesday, security patches for all supported versions of Windows 10. As part of this process, Microsoft has now released Windows 10 November 2020 cumulative updates and December 20 Patch Tuesday. 

Our expert development team is aware of the way updates can affect client systems, and they have continued to stay ahead of the curve. As usual, silent and automatic kernel update will fix all TSplus servers connected to the internet!  

Additionnaly, we just published new versions of TSplus LTS 11 and LTS 12 which include all compatibility fixes developped in the last weeks in response to the different Microsoft preview updates. 

As part of the new features included in W10 30.11.20 update, the Microsoft Remote Desktop app has received some noteworthy changes on Android smartphones and tablets. Full changes can be read on MS changelog.  

For details on recent TSplus updates, check out our changelogs

Download TSplus Free 15-day trial.

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Announcing Remote Work V2, Securing Home Office with Two Factor Authentication

Date : 2021-01-31

Over the holidays, TSplus surprised its customers with a new version of TSplus Remote Work, just one month after its first official release. Remote Work is TSplus Corp's latest creation, developed to offer a quick-to-set-up and cost-attractive solution for home office, much needed in today's business world. TSplus is proud to introduce TSplus Remote Work V2.0 - Now with optional Two Factor Authentication.

Working at Home in Comfort and Security

As many organizations who have been forced to send their staff home for their own safety must have noticed by now, what is safe for employees might not be as safe for a business.

To start, setting up a full and operational office at home is not always a straightforward process. When it doesn’t require important hardware Investment, it does often mean hours of software installation and configuration. Then comes the necessity of granting access to the company server and applications, which can be risky for the whole network. Remote Work was created as an answer to these problems - it includes its own connection broker which enables the software to create a direct connection between a home computer and a desktop in the office, without handing your connection off to a third party.. This secure gateway ensures the privacy of the data transferred between the two computers.

TSpus Remote Work technology

A secure web portal allows the remote worker to access the console session on their own workstation at the office, and to perform any task they need using his professional tools in the environment he is familiar to.

Two Factor Authentication offers an extra layer of security for the web portal, restricting access with a two-step verification process with a personal device. To know more, check the product page. It is a common feature for any Cloud service provider, and it was mandatory to make it available for the Remote Work portal. With Version 2, it’s a reality.

Enable 2FA option for Remote Work software

Once 2FA is activated, the process is the same as described in TSplus’ online user guide. A 15-day trial is included in the downloadable version of Remote Work.

Easy Network Administration

The new version of Remote Work brings other improvements to ease the job of network administrators. Delivering software which is both powerful and simple to deploy is one of core values at TSplus. The complexity of the technology should never be visible to the user. As a result, Remote Work is simple to install and configure with the same intuitive user interface common to all TSplus’ products.

Without the need for specific knowledge or training, Remote Work is an effortless and cost-effective way for an organization to quickly transition to the home office.

Some new features are meant to further simplify the management of Remote Work:

  • In case of expired license, the AdminTool automatically displays a warning pop-up at its first opening, with a direct access to the online store. A “Buy Now” button appears in the “license” tab, so the administrator doesn’t lose time looking for it online.
  • When a new workstation is added to the Admintool, there is now a way to quickly check if the connection with the Remote Work broker is working. With a system of green and red indicators, one look at the AdminTool is enough for the administrator to see which workstations are correctly connected.
  • A temporary “file transfer” shortcut is now automatically created when a Remote Work session is started.
From the Remote Work AdminTool, check at a glance if worsktations are correctly connected

All these changes can be found in the new Remote Work release and of course, more are to come. To update, visit the website.

Along with the latest version, a video presenting TSplus Remote Work in a nice Christmas spirit has been published. It takes 1minute to watch and gives clear insights on what TSplus Remote Work can do! Watch.

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Call for Official TSplus Resellers in USA!

Date : 2021-01-31

Recruiting TSplus Resellers in USA

TSplus is a software developer, with more than 10 years experience in providing solutions for remote access to desktop and applications. Our TSplus resellers network is covering 150 countries, on 5 continents. We help about a million users connecting and working wherever their location or time zone.

Recruiting TSplus Resellers and Partners in US territory and worldwide

At TSplus, we focus on a single driving principle: making the world’s apps and data secure and easy to access - Anywhere. At any time. On any device or network.

We are actively recruiting IT resellers, distributors and professionnals, especially on the US territory.

Be part of TSplus' Partner Program!

Benefit from an attractive package including:

  • Discounts
  • Extensive Technical Support
  • Marketing materials & tools
  • Preview and beta-testing of new releases
  • Possibility of rebranding...

Watch the video


At sales@terminalserviceplus.com or jay@terminalserviceplus.com

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RDS Web Access from Any Device with TSplus Web App

Date : 2021-01-31

Check our TSplus’ new video featuring the Web App, the easiest RDS Web Access to your office Applications. Connect to your office in a click from any device and OS thanks to this HTML5 remote desktop solution.

search bar "tsplus web application portal"

Publish and Access Your Apps on the Web with RDS Web Access

TSplus software has more than 10 year experience providing remote access to professional applications and office desktops. With four different editions, TSplus is able to offer scalable solutions, adapted to every need and compatible with all OS and device types. 

The Mobile Web Edition is a best seller: TSplus leverages HTML5 technology to create smooth remote desktop web access. Customers benefit from an alternative remote desktop connection meaning other than the classic Windows RDS tool. The full-web remote desktop supports connections from any browser: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari... 

The built-in HTTPS Web Server and Webmaster toolkit allow companies to create their own customized web application portal, secured with SSH tunneling and web credentials such as PIN code or email address. Publishing Windows and legacy apps online and assigning them to each user or group of users is super easy with the intuitive AdminTool.  

TSplus RDS Web Access has been developed for the best Remote to Desktop experience: fast file transfers, sound and clipboard support like a native RDP connection, no driver needed regardless of the end-user device. 

Users can login into this secure area with their tablets or smartphone from wherever they are, with no worries about platform compatibility as it would be with Windows Remote Desktop for Android or Chrome Remote Desktop. All they need to access their apps is an internet connection!

Seamless RDS Web Access with the Progressive Web App

In order to make mobile remote access even easier, TSplus has developed its own Progressive Web App. Since the 12.70 release, TSplus customers with Mobile Web and Enterprise licenses can turn their remote desktop online into a native-like application directly accessible from their home screen or desktop.

How does it work?

The TSplus Web Portal integrates modern HTML5 display features and browser APIs to offer a seamless rds web access experience, which looks and feels like a local app. 

As the TSplus Web App is a web-based application, it follows the Web Portal’s requirements and does not ask for complexe installation nor any specific connection clients. It works fine on all device types, displaying industry standards for HTML5 and respecting common communication protocols. 

However, it does behave like a native app with screen-size flexibility, engaging notifications and a local icon for a quick start.  

Installing the Web App is as fast as enabling remote desktop on a workstation. Navigate with your favorite web browser secured with HTTPS to your Corporate Web Portal, and select the option to install the App. A few clicks later, a shortcut is automatically created on your home screen. The color, name of the icon and other settings can be easily managed from the TSplus AdminTool. 

You can always refer to the small installation guide which is also included in the program.

What are the benefits over a local app?

Our Web App offers many advantages compared to using connection clients or legacy apps. 

Watch the following video to understand these great features in less than two minutes: 

  • Higher performance: Faster load times, Lower data usage 
  • Seamless user experience: Native-Like characteristics
  • Better productivity: Direct Connection and Multitasking Options
  • Multi-platform: Compatible with any device and OS
  • Safe: Connections are secure with HTTPS/TLS

With the TSplus Web App, RDS Web Access to the corporate office is at your fingertip!

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