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Learn How To Organize An Authentic Tibet Trekking Tour

Learn How To Organize An Authentic Tibet Trekking Tour

Date : 2019-03-11

Tibet is a land of spirit, dream, adventure, and mysteries. The terrain opens up for you natural serene panoramic views and the region also has a unique culture of its own. A leading and licensed Tibet group and private tour operator can offer you more than 50 trekking tours that cover the different terrains, lakes, and beautiful landmarks of Tibet. A Tibet trekking tour may also span across the snow-capped mountains, fascinating and timeless monasteries, hike around the national parks and lakes, and much more. Here are some of the best treks of the region that are memorable for their exclusive terrains and pristine attractions. You can contact a leading tour operator in Tibet, like Shambhala Adventure Company can organize the trek for your group easily and affordable. 

Gandan to Samye Trek- This trek spans across a time period of 4 to 5 days and is one of the longest treks of the region. It includes two passes including the Chitu-La Pass and the Shuga-La pass (range of over 5000 feet). During the Tibet trekking tour, you will also witness the Nomad camps, alpine forests and landscapes, holy and sacred lakes and sites and two of the biggest Buddhist monasteries of the region, including the Samye Monastery and the Gandan Monastery.

Mount Kailash Trek- This track is deemed to be the most difficult religious Trek in the whole world but the most adventurous and interesting three days trekking too. As you might be familiar, Mount Kailash is a holy mountain and revered by many different religions including Buddhism, Hinduism, and Bon religions. The route of the trek has some of the most beautiful natural and mountain sceneries for you to cherish.

Shalu to Nartang Trek- This is one of the best short treks of the region. You will witness wonderful destinations and views during a short duration of 2 to 3 days. You will visit the different Buddhist monasteries, villages, the majestic and dry canyons, and the vibrant Tibetan villages, among other hot attractions.

Other engaging treks of the region include the Amnye-Machen trek, the Nyenpo Yurtse Lake trek, the Kartha Valley trek and the Labchikang trek. It is good to undergo a medical examination before you actually start a Tibet trekking tour. Engage a leading tour company like Shambhala Adventure that has the oxygen cylinders, medicine boxes, and other important amenities always available for the trekkers and tourists. The company will also arrange for you the necessary permits that you need to trek in Lhasa, Tibet, and the surrounding regions, some of which also fall in other provinces of China. The best trek is only organized when you consult the leading tour operators like Shambhala Adventures.

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Some Significant Tips for A Tibet Cycling Tour

Some Significant Tips for A Tibet Cycling Tour

Date : 2019-04-16

Traveling to Tibet is not just restricted to one single activity. Tibet offers you the scope to enjoy each day of your visit in a grand way, subject to the fact you know how to do it. Tibet is nothing less than a paradise for travelers. It offers countless options to enjoy the trip in a unique way. The scenic beauty of the place will set the mood so well that your heart will be completely satisfied and will get engaged in multiple activities. One of the most popular activities which many tourists to this destination love to enjoy is cycling. Cycling in Tibet is one of the most popular activities which you can’t miss in any way.

Why is cycling so popular in Tibet?
Travelers, in general, want to cover maximum area of Tibet in a very short time. There are various modes of transportation but beyond any doubt, the amount of enjoyment which you will get in cycling is an absolutely superb one. Tibet established itself as the perfect getaway to enjoy cycling adventure. All that is important for you is to know the correct routes. Many travelers are still doubtful about the available options of cycling in Tibet. The scope of safe cycling is huge and it emerged out as a popular activity to do in the last couple of year’s time. The rules for traveling remain the same in the case of Tibet tourism for foreigners. You will not be allowed to go for independent cycling in Tibet as it can be dangerous due to lack of knowledge about routes.

Few tips for your cycling tour in Tibet 

•    Quality Bike: 
Mountain bike will be a great choice for cycling in Tibet. Because of the huge popularity of Cycling in Tibet, several bicycle shops offer mountain bikes on rent. It is advisable that you take it on rent in place of buying one

•    Tools and important accessories for safe riding: 
Having a bike is not enough and you need to make arrangements for waterproof tent, first-aid kit, sleeping bag, enough food and distilled water, medicine and other personal necessity items. If you contact with a local Tibetan owned travel agent like Tibet Shambhala Adventure, you don’t need to worry about arranging your cycling tour and arranging the above mentioned items because Tibet Shambhala Adventure has great equipment and Giant bikes to rent as well. 

•    Warm clothes: 
It’s a big necessity for cycling which can’t be overlooked as you need to cycle at high altitude and will experience huge temperature variation between day time and night.
Take care of the above tips and enjoy a blissful trip to Tibet.

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How To Prepare Yourself For Trekking Tours In Tibet?

How To Prepare Yourself For Trekking Tours In Tibet?

Date : 2019-06-03

Tibet is probably the most unique travel destinations you’ll ever get the chance to experience. With an average altitude of some 4,800 MASL, trekking tours in Tibet poses many unique challenges, but will reward you with some of the most incredible landscapes painted by soaring mountains, hidden valleys, sacred lakes, and vast plains your eyes will ever lay upon. The local culture adds even more vibrant colors to the already splendid and majestic mountainous scenes innate to the region. Planning for a Tibet trek is crucial because the region’s elevation can make trails extra challenging to traverse and ascend. The question remains, how do you prepare yourself for a Tibet trekking adventure and make your body and mind strong enough to withstand its unique conditions?

One of the most important things you should remember when going on trekking tours in Tibet is to prepare yourself physically for demands of high altitudes and the cold temperatures that come with such elevations. If you climbing a flight of stairs is already a struggle to you, think of how much more challenging it would be trying to trek in high altitude conditions. If you plan on trekking Tibet, prepare yourself with a good cardio routine to get physically in shape. 

Tibet trekking is best with a good guide. Guided tours are definitely your best option because local guides have the best inside knowledge and can help you discover more hidden gems than you ever would, trying to DIY your trek, no matter how good your guide book may be. It is also important to suit up with the right gear and equipment for climbing to ensure you are well-protected from the rigors of particularly challenging trails. Acclimatize to avoid altitude sickness and pack the right sustenance to keep you energized throughout your Tibet trek.

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Top Places to Visit with A Tibet Local Tour

Top Places to Visit with A Tibet Local Tour

Date : 2019-09-11

When you think about Tibet, all it reminds you of are those beautiful, snow-covered peaks, sprawling grasslands, vast valleys, turquoise lakes, and the serene beauty all around.  If you are in the process of booking yourself a tour to Tibet, one of the first and foremost aspects to look for is the important places to visit.

While it may not be humanly possible to visit everything at one go, there are always ways in which you can club in all point of interest, if you are wise enough to plan it carefully.  Now, as to the top places of interest in a Tibet local tour, there are several depending upon your personal choice.

The city of Lhasa is the first point which every tour operator in that area will suggest, since this is where it all begins, at least to the cultural point of view. The city of Lhasa is the capital of Tibet and is at 3700 meters high above the sea level. While the altitude is definitely a point of great interest to the trekkers and climbers, the city has some great and popular places of interest to visit.

The Potala Palace and the Jokhang temple, as well as the Norbulingka, are some of the favorite attractions. Although, what makes it even more special is the fact that it remains a pathway into the myriad of attractions that Tibet has in store for a traveler.

Most of the Tibet local tours start with Lhasa as the starting point, and from there to many monasteries such as the Shigatse and Dzong monasteries. There are also some very high-altitude lakes which are not only crystal clear but present a serene and spiritual experience to those who visit the place.

Some of the notable lakes of Tibet are the Pangong Tso, Yamdrok and the Namtso lakes. The Pangong Lake is one of the remotest lakes, even in the Tibetan point of view, located to the fur western part of Tibet, bordered to Ladhak and takes a longer time to reach. You can come across some of the rarest migratory birds in its proximity.

The Yamdrok lake camps are extremely beautiful among the tourists and the Tibet local tour organizers have several tours and treks to them. Although the lakes on the photographs that you see on websites might look quite similar, the views from them are entirely breathtaking and unique.

Apart from the lakes, the best part of any Tibet tour is the view of the snow-covered peaks and mountains. There are no words to describe the first minute you set your eyes on any one of those peaks. And, if you think the peaks are just snow-covered mountains, you will be offending your local tour guide for sure. For the Tibetans, each peak represents something highly spiritual and life-giving. Each peak has unique and enchanting names, such as the Noejing Kangsang mountain and the Kurla Gagri. And each of them is thought about and worshiped with reverence. All these quaint and endearing practices and the cultural uniqueness of the place itself is an experience that one can have on a Tibet local tour.

And, if you are still up for a challenge, you can always visit the Mount Everest base camp to have a firsthand view of the peak that has many adventurers and mountaineers pant about. The base camp tours are aimed at providing some insights into the lives of the mountaineers and the way they work at reaching the peak.

There are a lot more to Tibet than just peaks and valleys, as we mentioned before. It presents itself differently to every individual depending upon their interests and requirements. So, book yourself the best Tibet local tour from the list of packaged tours available to have a once in a lifetime experience!

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