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Sri Thiagaraja Fine Arts Academy was established inrn2015 with the main objective of promoting Fine Arts in the Chennai city. Today,rnthe objective has expanded to include providing a platform to Carnatic Musicrnbudding artistes to showcase their talents and to impart training in variousrnfields of Fine Arts to aspiring students. This Academy gives opportunity andrnexposure to upcoming Carnatic music youngsters. The main objective of SrirnThiagaraja Fine Arts Academy is to conduct Carnatic Music Programs and otherrnrelated programs like Bhajans, Musical discourse, lecture demonstrations,rnwork-shop etc. to enrich the knowledge of music lovers and "Rasikas"rnand to serve the music world. This site will also project Who-is who related tornCarnatic music and other relevant information which can be used as a Hand Bookrnof Music.

Finearts academy in Chennai
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Carnatic music fine arts in Chennai

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