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The Harrin Group is an insurance agency operating from SanrnAntonio, Texas and serving the people of Texas, California and Florida fromrnover 24 years. We are a veteran owned company and take pride in the wellbeingrnof our American citizens and small businesses. As an independent agency we willrnprovide you the opportunity to choose from a wide array of insurance policiesrnfrom different insurance providers. Rather than choosing an insurance plan thatrnsuits our convenience, we will help you choose a customized plan that’s necessaryrnfor you and financially manageable by you. In addition to all this, we don’trncharge any fees unlike other insurance agencies, offering a no cost, nornobligation analysis of your needs. The Harrin Group covers a wide array of lifernfacets and offers different types of insurance policies including LifernInsurance, Annuities, Health Insurance, International Travel Insurance,rnMedicare Advantage Plans,rnMedicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Part D Plans, Vision Insurance, DentalrnInsurance, Business Continuation, Executive Bonus, Key-Person and Buy/SellrnProtection insurance. The policies we offer you come from a number of Insurancernproviders in USA including AIG, American National, Blue Cross Blue Shield ofrnTexas, Gerber Life Insurance Company, North American Company, UnitedrnHealthcare, Well Care and many other reputable insurance companies. For morerndetails about us and our services, visit and

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