The Flavour Chef

Bringing you the best salt Free Seasoning
The Flavour Chef is full of flavour, no gimmicks have been used to create these wonderful flavours. These are high quality spices made with excellent ingredients both local and imported. There are no fillers just herbs and spice in the Flavour Chef. Very important there is no sugar in any of the Flavour Chefs seasonings. We think that sugar is made for dessert. This way there is no added calories to your food, just excellent flavour for your meats and vegetables.

The Flavour Chef comes in seven distinct flavours. Garlic, Barbeque, Lemon,Mediterranean,oriental,chocolate doughnut and Chili. Each one is made from all natural ingredients with no salt, no sugar, no MSG, no preservatives. It is 100% Vegan, 100% fit for the Paleo diet, 100% herbs and spices, and very low in calories.

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