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Things to Know About Distributed Computing With Cloud and Colocation

Things to Know About Distributed Computing With Cloud and Colocation

Date : 2019-08-23

In today’s world, it’s imperative that you take the appropriate measures to keep your company safe. For this, you have two excellent options. The first is to work with one of the most trusted colocation providers. That gives you offsite protection, complete with 24-hour security, redundancy, fire suppression, server rooms with controlled temperature, locked server cages, and more.

The second option is to rely on one of the best cloud computing service providers. With that, you have a place to store critical and proprietary information online, keeping it away from prying eyes. Utilizing the two solutions together ensures optimal security for your business. 

Bundled Solution

The good news is that the most reputable colocation data center providers offer both. You can store your servers in a protected area without concern of breaches or downtime. You also have a cost-effective and convenient service in the cloud. That allows you to store as much or little as you want while still gaining easy access whenever needed.

However, if your company transmits and processes a significant volume of data, you need a safe yet efficient option that goes beyond using just colocation service providers or cloud computing service providers. The key is to work with a provider that has both of these solutions as well as edge computing as part of its overall management services.

So, what does that mean? Edge computing is an innovative decentralized extension of data center infrastructures, networks, and the cloud. This approach involves all decentralized computing power that’s closer to the source of generated data. For application delivery, building management, IoT data distribution, and more, this becomes a vital part of the overall protection and management plan.

Remember, this doesn’t eliminate the value that colocation providers offer. Rather, it enhances this and cloud managed services. For many scenarios, edge computing is a more practical means of storing and protecting data. Not only is this for businesses, but large factories and even entire cities can also rely on this approach.

Just within the last several years, computer network technologies have gone through some dramatic changes – for the better. A balance of distributed, data center, and cloud computing is giving organizations exactly what they need. 

Distributed computing serves as a model for shared software systems that work among multiple computers. Ultimately, this improves performance and efficiency. That means you can share things across different systems even if some of those are in different locations while maintaining excellent security.

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