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How Divine Energy Transmissions Work Through Energy Healing

How Divine Energy Transmissions Work Through Energy Healing

Date : 2019-04-24

There is a big difference between Divine Energy Transmissions and Energy Healing. Energy Healing is defined as an ancient form of natural medicine that restores the balance and flow of energy through the body. The most common Energy healing we know today are Reiki Energy Healing, Acupuncture, Massage and Reflexology. These modalities are also considered Spiritual Healing because they integrate mind, body and spirit. They require years of training and practice.

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine that uses simple hands-on and visualization- techniques healing approach with the goal of redirecting and improving the flow of energy in the body. The energy is said to be transferred through the practitioner’s palms to the patient in order to produce emotional or physical healing.

Acupuncture relies on needles which stimulate the flow of chi energy to rebalance the body.

Massage is the practice of the rubbing and kneading of muscles and joints of the body with the hands to relieve tension and pain. There are many branches of massage: Swedish, Deep Tissue, shiatsu, etc

Reflexology frees up blocked energy and promotes energy healing by focusing on stimulation of the meridians, organs and systems through points on the feet, hands and ears.

How Does Divine Energy Healing work?

Divine Energy Healing works much differently than the above energy healing.

There is no trick, practice or technique that is required or to be learned. Guru Mahindra Trivedi, The Trivedi Masters and the Trivedi Healers are pure conduits for this Divine Energy.  The way a Divine Energy Transmission works is very simple. Through a thought request to Divine, the energy is then directed to the person. Having Divine intelligence, the energy is directed to what the person needs the most. This Divine Energy can increase and uplift your consciousness, which also separates it from the other forms of Energy Healing.  This upliftment can increase happiness, calmness and increased intuition. It has been scientifically proven to impact human health by boosting immunity, improving the quality of sleep, relieves depression, anxiety, stress and inflammation. Other results reported in testimonials include more clarity, less mind chatter,

better focus, increased energy and a deeper sense of connection to the Divine.

We are all part of God, or Divine. You can see Divine light especially through the purity of children. Throughout our lives, things happen. We experience trauma and rejection. We are mislead and misguided by others. We have inadequate spiritual and religious teachers. We all have questions about life and have made choices for ourselves that have not served us well.

We have mind chatter that can limit us as to who we are. We are confused. We have questions- “Why am I here?” “What is life about?” “What am I really supposed to be doing?”.

As we begin to get older in years, we look at life and predict our future through the lens of these stories. These stories are wrapped around our Divine light and sometimes even cover it completely. This becomes our reality- our past- and there is no room to grow. This is known as being stuck because our past is clinging to us like a ball and chain. We become prisoners of our minds and memories of our past selves or our projections into the future. Divine is only in the Now.

This is the big difference Divine Energy Healing can make in your life- connection to the Divine. You cannot accomplish this through other Energy Healing. Reiki masters, spiritual healers and energy healing are widely available and can give you temporary relief from physical pain or suffering. Divine Energy Healing can unwrap and dissolve the past and free us and clear space for us to grow and connect to the Divine at a higher level.

The only way to receive Divine Light is through someone enlightened who can transmit it to you. Since their Divine Light is already radiant and connected to the Divine, they act as a jumper cable to connect you to Divine, or the God of your understanding. We know from physics that energy always flows from a higher source. Guruji Mahindra Trivedi is the only person on the planet gifted with the ability to change the structure of the atom, the person on the planet most connected to the Divine. We have the opportunity to be grateful Guruji is on the planet at this time in history, since we can benefit profoundly through his Divine gifts.

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