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rnSPL Fire and Security is arnfire and security firm with offices in Bedfordshire that offersrninstallation and maintenance services all throughout the county. Wernoffer a wide selection of fire and security goods and services, suchrnas fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, intruder alarms, and CCTVrnsystems. We feel that fire safety should be a top concern, which isrnwhy we offer a full service that includes routine servicing andrnmaintenance, unlike other companies who may merely install a cheaprnsystem and leave it at that. Aside from designing, installing,rntesting, and commissioning fire alarm systems, our team of fullyrnqualified engineers can also offer ongoing maintenance. We installrntraditional and addressable fire alarm systems. We are proud of thernreputation we have developed in the neighbourhood after more than 20rnyears in the business for dependable, professional, and economicalrnservice.

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