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10 Best Web Hosting Services

10 Best Web Hosting Services

Date : 2017-09-20

Selecting a website hosting service could be a hectic and confusing task. You will find so many hosting service providers with luring offers. You may think whom to trust and whom not. To solve your problem we have written this article. Here you will find information of 10 best web hosting services so that you may choose the one that suits your needs.

Let us make a brief study about 10 recommended website hosting services:-
1) Bluehost
Bluehost offers a free domain, control panel and site building tools. It also offers WordPress themes to build up your website. It has a 30 day money back guarantee. Its operation team assists you for 24/7. This hosting provider is certainly most recommended in its class due to being in web hosting industry for a long time. Bluehost was launched on the web in the year 1996. Today it has become the largest providers of cloud hosting solutions.

2) SKT Themes Hosting
SKT Themes Hosting is a well established member of website hosting group. It has been providing flexible featured hosting services for more than a decade. It offers some best hosting packages in the web based market. This website hosting company offers unlimited disc space, sufficient bandwidth and multiple email facility for its hosting plans. It is offer absolutely free WordPress themes free download with slider and demo content with hosting. You can 24/7 customer care support through email, phone and chat against rival web hosting companies.

3) HostGator
HostGator has an easy to use cPanel. It is a nice choice for a newbie user. It is a renowned company in the field of website hosting. This hosting provider has made website hosting very easy and light to the weight of your wallet. It states that whether you are starting your website for the first time or you are a seasoned pro, it is always there to assist and guide you at each step. HostGator provides website hosting at a very affordable rate. It is counted among the cheapest WordPress providers on the web. 

4) SiteBuilder
SiteBuilder offers 1000 templates for free. It also provides you with a free domain. Here you can create a free website. You can easily create a fantastic and customizable website with ease through this web hosting company. You can choose your favorite domain name and template from the collection of 1000 templates. You can easily use their state of art features to build your website online. With a single click button you can publish your website on the web. SiteBuilder offers you a full pack of domain, email, hosting and website at the same place.

5) Just Host
Just Host is a popular web hosting service. It provides you with a great uptime. This website hosting service provides with a free website setup facility. It also offers you with multiple emails. It is very affordable to your pocket.

6) Domain.Com
Domain.Com has earned great fame in the field of website hosting. It not only provides you with web hosting it also provides you with the facility of website building. It provides 24/7 community support to its customers. This web hosting provider offers you with sufficient uptime. 

7) Website Builder.com
Website Builder.com is a highly recommended platform for the purpose of website building. It is available at a low cost price. It also offers you with a free website builder package.

8) Start Logic
Start Logic is a website hosting provider with great goodwill. It offers you with a variety of template designs. It provides with multiple email setups. It also offers you 99% uptime and 30 day money back guarantee. 

9) Fat Cow
Fat Cow provides you with fantastic web hosting facility. It also gives you with customer service facility.

10) Sitey
Sitey provides you with great templates. It has a great market value. It also offers you with sufficient bandwidth.
If you are setting up a new business or personal website then you will need to choose the best website hosting service provider. 

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WordPress Plugins To Recoup Search Engine Ranking After Penguin Update

WordPress Plugins To Recoup Search Engine Ranking After Penguin Update

Date : 2018-01-03

It is known that SEO is an integral part of any website to maintain its quality. The SEO WordPress Plugins are commonly used to enhance the ranking amongst other strategies. There is a lot more to SEO than just backlinks that are often associated with them. There are factors like users experience, page layout, page load time, website social signals etc. The main goal is to maintain the quality of the website and provide high-quality services to the visitors. Google comes up with new announcements to make the websites run effectively and ensure that the best ones show up as a search result. 

Google Penguin
In the year 2011, Google update Panda update that has changed the way SEO worked. The internet has become social with these changes. After that Google updated penguin which made a lot of sites to change their features to keep up with the traffic. 

The SEO WordPress Plugins are used with the update but there are certain things that requires changes. The Anchor text distribution, for example, the sites that suffered from the penguin update were the ones that used anchor text distribution. The marketing strategy that used to work was the use of proper keyword with the anchor text that would provide backlinks. The new update requires the website to work on the diversity of the link. The web owners should try and get links to the website from different anchor text. This would diversify and attract more traffic to the website. 

The SEO WordPress Plugins requires some changes as well. The website owners use paid services which creates backlinks. These may lead to some penalization. The best is to use SEO WordPress Plugins to enhance the visitor’s experience so that the traffic is increased instead of creating backlinks that might attract trouble. Think about the SEO WordPress theme which ensures that the users find the site more interactive and they add it as a regular site they prefer to visit. This will work wonders compared to low-quality services that can be detected by Penguin. The high-quality genuine links are just about fine and they come under a good strategy. The sites with good quality backlinks and spammy links can still be penalized. Thus no association with services that provide low-quality links is a great strategy. 

How to ensure that you are on the right track. 
Keep the use of the SEO WordPress Plugins to a minimum, unwanted and not responsive plugins make the site slow which adversely affects the reputation. Use the SEO WordPress Plugins that are being used by the visitors and that have proved beneficial for the site in long run. The use of Google webmaster tool is another great way to use an official product for something great. There are features where is google send out emails to the Google webmaster tool users when there is a change in traffic. If there are a lot of spam links that are pointing to your site then also you get an update. This allows the owners to set things right before the reputation is spoiled. 

There is another practice which is spoiling the traffic that is keyword stuffing. The unnecessary use of keyword puts the website off. Instead of doing that the better way is to use LSI words. The long tail keywords are easier to rank. Anything which is between 1.5% density is a great use. Use LSI words along with Keywords and make the use organic. This is the internet audience and standard are intelligent and demands higher and better use of words. There are online tools which will help the owners make these changes. 

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Attributes That Make Up A Good WordPress Theme

Attributes That Make Up A Good WordPress Theme

Date : 2020-03-12

How you justify that the WordPress themes by professional you are using is the best one to create an online presence for your business? What are the features and functionality that you have checked before going with that particular theme? Whether the theme is included with all the elements? You will get the answer to all these questions at the end of this article.

Let us see what are the WordPress themes attributes that should be considered while creating a website.

Web Hosting, Speed and Performance

You should make sure that the theme should perform well and has a fast page loading speed. You should be aware of a fact that the only theme is not responsible for page loading it depends on the total time required to get a page load. You should check whether the WordPress themes is created by professional and is well optimized with clean code. Also, some plugins are available that will help you to check the speed. Some WordPress hosting providers also provide a pack of plugins that helps to optimize the website. 

Before purchasing any tool or plugin check if the same tool is available for free or not. If it is free then check the speed and performance. 

SEO friendliness

If you are worried about the speed and performance of your website then SEO friendly is the most important factor than should be focused. SEO is a search engine optimization process that focuses more on content and keywords. The theme should be crafted with the latest code so that your website will be easy to crawl. Check if your website has fulfilled the W3C markup validation standards and make sure that it should not generate any warning. 


Every theme should have the ability to perform customization. But it does not mean that everything in WordPress should have a customizable feature. The theme should be customizable means the theme should provide that much accessibility that will make the right amount of chances to give a competitive look and feel. It does not mean that the user should able to change every code of a page. 

Mobile Friendliness

Nowadays there are more mobile users as compare to the desktop users so it makes sense if you create a website with a theme that is mobile friendly. Each theme and a template you choose should be responsive as much as possible so that each section will be visible on every type of mobile phone. 

Browser Compatibility

The other important factor that should be considered is browser compatibility. Not all people use the same browsers, some uses Chrome, some uses Firefox, whereas some uses Opera. Every browser has its own standards resolutions, therefore your website can look perfect on every devices else some content will look bigger, smaller, wider, etc. So it is your duty to make sure your website and a blog must be browser friendly. Should be cross-compatible with browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Explorer, Microsoft, etc. WordPress compatibility plugin is the best tool to test browser compatibility. 

Individual But Natural Appearance

While choosing a theme it is important to check if the theme is perfect to give functionality and a feel that you are looking for. Therefore while choosing a theme make sure you have a perfect requirement in your mind. For example, if you want to place a header at the vertical side but you have chosen a theme that has a header at the horizontal size. Then this design will be difficult to execute hence you need to choose a theme by checking the design and functionality you want. 


If you are going to purchase any theme check the features if they has. SEO friendliness, speed, performance, browser compatibility, mobile friendliness, and intuitiveness all are the major factors that should be considered

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