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sbcglobal technical support phone number

Date : 2019-05-20

Sbcglobal Customer Care

SBCGlobal email service is widely used by the variety of users as it can justify the needs of all the users with their unique requirements. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual or business owner you will get the perfect ecosystem of email  to communicate with your groups. It can be easily accessed with various devices like smartphone, tablet or PC so you will get notified when the new email arrives. Now it is an easy process to create a new account in SBCGlobal email. You can contact at SBCGlobal customer support number or\r\nyou can follow this article to make a new account.

Easy steps to create a new SBCGlobal email account:

SBCGlobal provides some easy processes for its users to make them able to get the email service with an easy process. Now you need to follow these steps mentioned below to create a new account:

  Open your browser and go to Https.Att.net or SBCGlobal.net

  After selecting any of the above official websites you will get a sign-up page

 Now  you will be asked to enter your name, address and some other details

  Once you enter all information, click on “Create email account”

Now you can set up some security question to make your account safe

Now click on the “Continue” button to save all the details

    After that, you get a message stating “Successfully created” that means your account has been created

  Now close the window and go to log in page and start your SBCGlobal journey.

Some email settings of your SBCGlobal account:

Once you have created your new account in SBCGlobal email you need to know about the perfect configuration of email settings. These settings are given below and you just need to do mentioned:

  Name: Enter your name

 Email Enter the complete email address

 POP server: Inbound.net.SBC.net

 Port number: Incoming port number is 995

 SMTP server: Outbound.SBC.net

Port number: it is 456

 SSL required: Yes

Easy solution to SBCGlobal email account issues:

After getting everything in the right place. You need to go through with some easy checks. Follow these easy steps for perfect email access:

  First of all, make sure that you have a perfect an enable internet connection

   Check your incoming and outgoing email server settings

You can clear all the cookies and caches from your device if you find any difficulty in accessing your email account

Get the SBCGlobal customer support number for better assistance:

All the necessary requirements have been mentioned in this article so you can easily create a new account in SBCGlobal email and get the high quality secured service. In case you need any help you can call at SBCGlobal technical support number and get the professional support.

Source:- set up sbcglobal email account


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sbcglobal technical support phone number

Date : 2019-05-29

Sbcglobal Customer care

 SBCGlobal is a fast-growing email service provider. This vastly accepted by the users because it is highly efficient and reliable. This email service is managed and handled by AT&T. There are several features which are provided to the users by this email service. But like any other email service, there are certain issues that the users come across while using SBCGlobal email. Most of the issues which are faced by the users are because of ‘SSL Error.’ This is one of the most annoying issues which the user can come across. This is an issue which states that the site of SBCGlobal is insecure. At a situation like this, the user would be confused about whether to log in to their accounts or not. When the site is not secure, there are all kinds of threats that the users can be exposed to. There are chances of their data being leaked and various other such issues. If you come across a similar situation, then you can promptly connect with sbcglobal tech support phone number where\r\nyou can discuss the issue with trained professionals. The users also have the alternative option of going through this blog, which would also enlighten then with certain methods that they can undertake.


Ways to solve SSL error in SBCGlobal Email

If you wish to solve this issue, you would have to enable the secure socket layer. The steps that you have to follow to solve this issue is as given:

 your browser, click on the option of Menu and then access the settings.

 ·     Now, you would find the option of ‘Show Advanced Settings.’

 ·      Once you are in the advanced settings, click on ‘Content Settings,’ after which navigate to the available privacy section.

 ·     Further, you would see a dialogue box in the Cookies section, now make sure that you select the option ‘Allow local data to be set’ to permit both the first as well as third-party cookies.

 ·     After you have completed the above-said steps, click on ‘Done’ and close the process.

 Once you follow these given steps accurately, you would be able to activate the SSL on\r\nyour browser. After you have activated SSL, you can then use all the sites which were blocked up till now. This would also solve the issue that you were\r\nfacing with SBCGlobal email, and you would efficiently be able to resume using the SBCGlobal email account.

If you find that even after accurately following the give steps, you weren’t able to solve the issue and your SBCGlobal account hasn’t started working then you would have no other option but to take assistance from the trained professionals by connecting with sbcglobal customer service phone number. This service is available on a 24-hour basis and is entirely free of charge.

Source:- Ssl error in sbcglobal email

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sbcglobal customer care number

Date : 2019-06-10

Sbcglobal Customer Service

Since you can easily configure your SBCGlobal email account to your iPhone, you never have to worry about missing any important emails from work, even if you are traveling. However, if there are specific network issues or server errors, you will find\r\nit difficult to access your SBCGlobal account from your iPhone 6S. But you do not have to worry since you can call the SBCGlobal email customer support and speak to a certified expert to fix the problem. You can also go through the steps mentioned in this article to identify the cause of the problem and see if you can troubleshoot the email error.

Causes behind SBCGlobal Email stopped working on iPhone 6S model

It helps a lot if you can identify the root cause behind the email problem so that you can implement the correct troubleshooting solution to fix your SBCGlobal email account. Here are some of the causes you can look out for when you encounter an email error on your SBCGlobal Email:

·       Inadequate network coverage: When there is a problem with the mobile network, it is understandable that you won’t be able to access SBCGlobal mail on your iPhone. You can consult your internet service provider to check if there is any network coverage issue in your area.

·       Outdated software: In case you are using an outdated email app, then you will definitely have problems sending or receiving messages on your           SBCGlobal account. Go to the app store and check if there are any updates for the email app you are using.

·      Server problem: A server outage will undoubtedly cause several errors related to your SBCGlobal email account. If the server status indicates\r\nthat the server in your location is down, then you have no choice but to wait until the server is fixed.

Steps to fix SBCGlobal Email problems on iPhone 6S Model

·    Solution 1: Reset your iPhone: Turn it off your iPhone for some time and then turn it back on after 5 minutes. This will restore the default setting on your iPhone 6S. You can use the reset option to fix minor errors on your iPhone.

·    Solution 2: Sign out of SBCGlobal email: Go to the account settings and log out of your SBCGlobal email account and then sign-in again. Be sure to manually type your account details when you sign in the second time.

·    Solution 3: Update the email app: You can visit the app store and check if there are any software updates for your iPhone that need to be complete. Download and install all the necessary update before you log in to SBCGlobal.     

If you need help implementing the solutions mentioned above, you can call the SBCGlobal email customer service and ask for additional technical assistance. In case the problem is not solved, you can speak to a professional expert and implement more advanced troubleshooting steps so that you can use your iPhone 6S to connect to your SBCGlobal email account.

Source URL:-  sbcglobal.net email stopped working iphone

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sbcglobal tollfree Phone Number

Date : 2019-06-20

sbcglobal Technical Support

 SBCGlobal is a highly efficient email service which has its customer base spread all across the globe. This email service caters to all the basic requirements of the users. It is necessary that the user resolve this issue at the earliest to get back to using the services provided by SBCGlobal email. This issue is displayed when there are some underlying issues in the recipient’s email address. The users can solve this issue themselves with the help of some basic troubleshooting steps. The users can also avail assistance from trained professionals by connecting with SBCGlobal Customer support Number. The users can also solve this issue by undertaking the methods mentioned in this blog.

Ways to solve error code 550

The ways in which the users can solve the error code 550 is as given below:

Authentication Blocked

The core reason for having to face this issue is when the authentication of the email fails. There could be some issue with the login credentials, or even the SMTP settings could be incorrect. To solve this issue, users can further take up the below-given steps:

· The user would have to access the main program and then choose the option of enabling the SMTP authentication.

· Now the users should select the option of ‘My server required authentication.’

· If you have email client options such as Outlook or Live mail on your system, then you would not require the authentication separately. You would then simply have to click on ‘Yes’ to confirm the process of setup.


Issues with sending emails from the wrong email address

There are times when the users are not sure about the recipient’s email address, to whom they wish to send the mail. It would always be ideal for the user to keep some points in mind to ensure that they do not cause this error. The steps to keep in mind are as given below:

·  Make sure that the email address and password that the user is entering is accurate.

·  If you need to take up the verification, then you would need to enter the email address twice.

· Once you have successfully configured the setup, it would take around 24 hours to get the account activated.

· It is suggested that the users avoid adding any unique characters to their email address or else the server might not be able to recognize the character accurately.


Incorrect Recipient’s Address

Whenever you are sending an email, it would be ideal that you enter the email address of the recipient in the indicated ‘To’ field. But if you enter the wrong email address, then your emails would not be sent. To solve an issue like this, the following steps can be followed:

·If you have any concern regarding the spellings of the email address, it would be ideal first to confirm it and then try sending the email.

·The users should make sure that they are entering the correct spelling, and it is also in the sequence and the correct order.

·It is also essential that the users ensure that the receiver servers stay free from any kind of faults.


If the users face any difficulty while following the below-given steps, then the best option which the users would have is to connect with SBCGlobal phone Number. The users would receive complete guidance regarding any issue which they are facing by connecting with this service.


Source url:-  Eliminate Error 550 from\r\nSbcglobal Email Screen?



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sbcglobal email login not working

Date : 2019-07-03

Sbcglobal Tech Support


The ideal feature of SBCGlobal Email is that the user can set up this email service to any device. SBCGlobal is an adequate way in which the users can send and receive messages. The users can also easily setup SBCGlobal email to Thunderbird. The users would simply have to enter the POP3 and IMAP settings. The users can learn more about this process by connecting with SBCGlobal Customer Care Number.

Issue in configuring\r\nSBCGlobal Email with Thunderbird

Some common issues which the users come across while configuring SBCGlobal email with Thunderbird are as given below:

 The users face issues while trying to find out Spam emails in SBCGlobal Emails.

 Malfunctioning while trying to configure emails to Thunderbird.

 Unmerging the SBCGlobal in Thunderbird.

 When the users try to keep the SBC email id after cancellation.

 Encountering threads in your SBCGlobal email.

Process of configuring SBCGlobal with Thunderbird

The most accurate way in which the users can configure SBCGlobal with Thunderbird is as given below:

SBCGlobal.net setting of IMAP with Thunderbird

 The users would have to open the main menu.

 Then the users would then have to click on the email and\r\nfurther press the ‘Next’ option.

 Now select the main menu and choose the option of Add.

 Further, choose the account type to be (IMAP).

 Then you would have to use your username and email password.

 Then you would click on ‘Next.’

Procedure for setting up an incoming email server

 The users would have to enter the port number 993.

 Further, enter the username and password of your account.

 Then you would have to select the security SSL.

 In the end, verify the email settings of SBCGlobal and Thunderbird.

Procedure for setting up an outgoing email server

 The user would have to enter the email address and password.

 Then the users should enter the port of outgoing email server as 465.

 Now select the option of security SSL.

 Further, you would have to verify the account settings by clicking on ‘Next.

By following the above-given steps, the users would efficiently be able to configure SBCGlobal email with Mozilla Thunderbird. The users also have the option of connecting with SBCGlobal Contact Number. By connecting with them, the users get complete guidance on how to configure SBCGlobal email with Thunderbird. The customer support executives at this service are highly trained and professional. They ensure that the issue is completely eradicated. The executives always focus on providing complete customer satisfaction.


Source url:- How to configure SBCGLOBAL email with Mozilla Thunderbird?


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Sbcglobal Customer Service Phone Number

Date : 2019-07-16

Sbcglobal Technical Support Number

Whenever the customers create an\r\naccount on sbcglobal.net email login service, they are provided with the email address with the suffix @sbcglobal.net. One must know this fact that the parent company Yahoo manages the SBCGlobal email accounts. Some users also have an email account in Att.net email service, where Yahoo also regulates the latter one. Now you can imagine, when both .net email accounts are the parts of the same parent mail service, the users can easily switch from SBCGlobalMail to ATT.net. This will help you to forward all your messages from the SBC account to ATT email service. Once you complete the process shared below, you can read all your emails of SBCGlobal email account by logging to Att.net. This blog talks about the same, and you can read the content and information shared thoroughly, and later if you require, then feel free to contact SBCGlobal Phone Number.


The procedure to switch SBCGlobal Mail to Att.net

Step 1- First of all on your web browser ( Google Chrome) search for the website URL Mail.yahoo.com

Step 2- Now in the ‘user Id’ filed, type your SBCGlobal email address ( Reference-abc@sbcglobal.net)

Step 3- Now enter your SBCGlobal email password and then click on ‘Sign In’ button

Step 4- On the right side of the page, you will be able to see ‘Mail.’ Click on that

Step 5- After that tap on the ‘Management’ tab

Step 6- Now you need to select the option of ‘POP access and forwarding’ Click on its button

Step 7- In the next step, put a tick mark on the box which says ‘Forwarding.’

Step 8- Here, you need to input your att.net email address. This indicates that all your messages from SBCGlobal email account will now be forwarded to att.net email address.

Step 9- Once the changes have been configured, click on ‘Okay’ to save the changes.

The users can now login to att.net email address from Yahoo mail and can get access to their SBCGlobal emails as well. The process is quite simple, but if you find yourself stuck at any point or even after implementing the procedure, you are not able to get access to SBCGlobal emails. In this scenario, the customers must have a word with the dexterous techies at SBCGlobal Technical Support Number, which remains in service 24*7 and is absolutely toll free.

Source URL: how to Switch SBCGlobal Mail to Att.net 

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