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Dome Safety Mirror - Effective for security and surveillance

Dome Safety Mirror - Effective for security and surveillance

Date : 2018-06-22

The Dome Safety Mirror can be used in commercial factories, manufacturing units and warehouses with large area. It can help in preventing collisions or accidents. Dome mirrors can be used for intersection points. It can also be used for surveillance and security purposes in these areas.


The warehouses and commercial factories are usually large in size. The safety mirror can help in preventing various accidents. Dome Safety mirror can proved to be an effective solution for the purpose of security and surveillance. In large factories and warehouses, the machinery keep moving from one place to another to transport parts or items to other place. Dome safety mirrors can be installed in various intersection points to reduce the chances of accidents and collisions in the intersection points.


Dome safety mirror works similarly to outdoor safety mirrors as both are helpful for preventing accidents. The outdoor safety mirrors are good for the roads or intersection areas where the point of view is not clear. In terms of talking about dome safety mirrors, it can be installed on those intersection points where there are multiple paths or ways are ways are there.


The Dome safety mirrors provide a large wide angle view which helps in increasing the visibility of different points. It also be used for surveillance in megastores, factories and warehouses. It can help in keeping vigilance on the activities in the different point or areas. It is the best way to keep a check on suspicious activities and it may act essentially during emergency situations. The mirrors are available in different varieties which may differ from the location and need. It is available in full, half and quarter domes.


The dome safety mirrors and outdoor safety mirrors are widely used by large number of commercial clients worldwide. The outdoor safety mirrors are usually available in different shapes and sizes, dome mirrors usually come in different models which may fit according to different needs according to various factors such as size of area, point of view etc. The dome safety mirrors are also manufactured keeping various standards in mind. The strong material helps keeping mirrors stable for longer time. The glass is processed in advanced machines which doesn’t get fade or get discolour for long period of time.


In terms of talking about fittings and fixing, the dome safety mirror comes with different mounting brackets that can be easily well fitted in any area. The mirrors are fixed in a way that it can bear any types of shocks. The mirrors are fixed through a standardised process that makes it stay strong on the pillars or walls.


The mirrors are easily available for purchases in online and offline stores. Lot of brands are offering hassle free shopping to order safety mirrors in bulk quantity. They offer genuine quality and standard safety mirrors to your doorstep without any botheration. It is always recommended to check for the reviews and customer testimonials before buying the product online so as to ensure that product is genuine and safe to use.

Original source : http://safetytrafficmirrors.blogspot.com/2018/06/dome-safety-mirror-effective-for.html

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Traffic Safety Mirrors can help in eliminating accidents

Traffic Safety Mirrors can help in eliminating accidents

Date : 2018-06-23

Safety Mirrors can effectively help in decreasing the number of accidents. It helps you to present a clear field of view at blind spots or narrow pathways. It is always advised to install traffic safety mirrors to avoid collision of vehicles due to inability to see the view.

The convex mirrors can be used as Traffic safety mirrors to provide a field of view of a particular area or at round pathways. It is considered vital as it can be used to avoid the chances of accidents and mishaps as it clearly provides you the view of other side. The risks of accidents can be clearly eliminated by properly putting these mirrors on the places where the field of view is not proper.  The Traffic safety mirrors are available in different varieties to eliminate the chances of accidents at parking ways or commercial factories.

Safety traffic mirrors are easily available in different online portals which will offer you genuine and quality items. In terms of talking about the variety of products, Safety traffic mirrors are available in various ranges such as- outdoor reflective mirrors, indoor mirrors, dome mirrors etc. Many commercial complexes and buildings prefer to use Traffic Safety mirrors as a part of safety standard to ensure complete safety at roundabouts, corners or parking pathways. These days it has become mandatory as well to put these safety mirrors to ensure proper safety of incoming and outgoing vehicles from parking area.

In terms of talking about the installation of Traffic Safety mirrors in roadside or highways, the outdoor reflective mirrors can be used to provide field of view in blind spots or narrow roads in tunnels and mountains. Traffic Safety Mirrors can also be installed in the front of parking bays so that driver can easily see the clearance of area at the back. This may help drivers to reverse their vehicles more efficiently denying the chances of mishap or accident.

These mirrors comes with advanced quality material and features a red marking around them to keep the safety mirrors on the focus. These are available in different shapes such as- Oval and rectangular. The shapes doesn’t impact much, but it can be installed depending upon the field of view and size of the pathway. These comes in different sizes according to the requirement of a particular area. The sizes generally are- 24, 36, 18 inches.

The Traffic Safety mirrors can be purchased online through wide varieties of online portal. The portals offer you wide range of safety mirrors with high quality build material and clear vision mirror that can stay for longer period of time. These traffic safety mirrors don’t require much maintenance but it surely requires cleaning once in a while. It is always recommended and advised to install the Traffic Safety Mirrors on commercial spaces and malls, apartments, university, highways etc. Lot of accidents can be averted if proper number of safety mirrors are installed in accident prone areas or areas where the field of view is not clear or proper.

Original source : http://safetytrafficmirrors.blogspot.com/2018/06/traffic-safety-mirrors-can-help-in.html

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Indoor Safety Mirrors: A necessary precaution

Indoor Safety Mirrors: A necessary precaution

Date : 2018-06-28

Safety is often the overlooked component, whether it be your workplace or any other building. This is where people try to cut corners and save money. What they do not realize is that spending on safety is an investment that pays off in the long run. Features such as smoke detectors, fire alarms etc. are the types of necessary precautions that should be taken in any civil construction.

Another necessary precaution that we overlook or never think about are the safety mirrors. Safety mirrors are installed to act as a deterrent to thieves in stores. Safety mirrors also provide collisions inside the buildings by providing an increased angle of view in blind halls and driveways. Let’s learn a bit more about indoor security mirrors.

Types of Indoor Safety Mirrors

Indoor safety mirrors come in various types and shapes. Each type and shape carries their own advantages and is suited for different places. The three prevalent types of Indoor safety mirrors are:

1.      Universal Mirrors: These are the types of safety mirrors that are multifaceted and can be used for installation in both an indoor as well as the outdoor environment. There are attachments available for universal mirrors where you can install caps on them. This avoids spillage and glares from spreading on the mirror and obstructing the view. Standard Universal mirrors are made of sturdy materials and are perfectly suited for use in parking garages and driveways where many blind spots exist and chances of collisions are higher.

2.      Indoor (Shaped) Mirrors: These mirrors are optimal for installation inside buildings to improve vision both in the back and front. These mirrors can be installed in blind hallways, airport corridors, hotels, hospitals etc. Installation of these mirrors in the workplace provides an added sense of security. Installation of these mirrors in shops and departmental stores also acts as a major deterrent to shoplifters and thieves. The mirrors come in both square and round shaped. Depending on the kind of view you are looking for, you may use the suitable shape. Square mirrors give you a zoomed in view and round mirrors give you an extended view of the place.

3.      Dome mirrors: These mirrors are highly functional and are capable of increasing the viewing angle to a very large extent. Most of the dome mirrors are sized optimally which removes any difficulties in their installation. In places where blind spots are many and the place is expansive, the installation of these mirrors can help a lot in the surveillance and monitoring of these places. Some places even use these as a cheaper but smarter alternative to the closed circuit cameras.

Depending on the building structure and the type of establishment, you should choose the safety mirror that is right for you. Their versatility has seen the use of the convex mirror for Traffic Driveway Safety & Security. Thus, you can contact Safety Traffic Mirrors or you can log on to our website for any help regarding the purchase of indoor safety mirrors as well as their installation.

Original source : http://safetytrafficmirrors.blogspot.com/2018/06/indoor-safety-mirrors-necessary.html

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Outdoor Convex Safety Mirrors Protecting and saving lives

Outdoor Convex Safety Mirrors Protecting and saving lives

Date : 2018-06-28

We hear about a lot of road accidents every day. And in all those cases, there lies one case where a life could have been saved if the driver had a better visibility. Sharp turns and blind corners are already dangerous as they are and cars have to be extremely cautious while banking on those turns. Thus, what can be done to make driving safer and easier?

The answer is Outdoor Convex Safety Mirrors. These mirrors are designed in such a way that they can literally be placed anywhere. They are highly portable and can be placed on highways, mountain roads etc. They increase the visibility on those blind roads and turns and help the driver to maneuver a turn safely.

When you are starting out with the installation of these mirrors, it is better to be informed about them. Thus, read on to find out more about outdoor safety mirrors from safetytrafficmirrors.com.

Types of Outdoor Safety Mirrors

Outdoor safety mirrors have found application vast areas because of their portability and their sturdiness. This makes them easier to install anywhere and they can handle almost anything thrown at them. Safety traffic mirrors have these three types of outdoor mirrors:

1.      Universal Mirrors:Universal mirrors are very popular in the industrial market as they have multiple uses. They can be installed indoors as well as outdoors. A cap like attachment is also given for universal mirrors which protects the mirror from natural elements and protects the view. An economical alternative of a white outdoor mirror is also available that do not compromise on the quality but comes without a protective cap. The material is high quality with a great optical view.

2.      Reflective Mirrors: Reflective mirrors are another type of outdoor mirrors that are suited for the roads. You can typically see them around speed regulated roads such as in the suburban areas or in the hilly terrains. The mirrors are surrounded by a reflective coating around the edges. This reflecting strip lights up at night when the light from a vehicle falls on it. This lights up the mirror which helps the driver to maneuver the roads safely. These mirrors are very effective on tight hilly roads where hairpin bends are a common sight. The mirrors are made in two shapes, circular and square.

3.      Industrial Application Mirrors: In the industrial space, safety is a primal concern as any small incident can prove to be catastrophic. That is why there are safety protocols for areas such as factory floors and industrial storage facilities. That is where these outdoor industrial safety mirrors come in handy. On the edge of the mirror, there is a strip of black and yellow colors which helps to create visual contrast. This makes it easier to spot these mirrors in an industrial facility. These mirrors are also made to last longer in the industrial atmosphere.

The website of traffic safety mirrors has a wide array of safety mirrors and they can guide you through the purchasing process. Log on to the website for more information.

Original source : http://safetytrafficmirrors.blogspot.com/2018/06/outdoor-convex-safety-mirrors.html

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Traffic Mirrors for Sale: Visibility and safety equipment at the best prices

Traffic Mirrors for Sale: Visibility and safety equipment at the best prices

Date : 2018-07-17

Building a safer environment for everyone means reducing the number of potential accidents, both indoors and outdoors. The increasing awareness about safety measures has made safety guidelines and protocols a must for commercial establishments and roads. And a basic but crucial part of these safety regulations is a Safety mirror. These big convex mirrors not only reduce accidents but make a place safer to be in. They are easy to install and are available in various sizes and shapes. And now, traffic mirrors online websites can help you decideon which one is more suitable for you.

Things you should know: The Checklist

For attracting customers online, many websites have the “traffic mirrors for sale” banner on their websites where they offer cheap prices. But, you should know a thing or two before buying safety equipment from an unknown website. Here are the things you should look out for:

1.      Customer reviews: If a website wants to improve, they allow users to leave reviews. You can also read reviews online on other websites. These reviews will help you get an idea of the product you want to purchase such as size, shape, quality etc. Then, you can make an informed buying decision.

2.      Testimonials: Customers also leave feedback regarding the service of an online seller. Reading these will help you weed out those websites that have a poor service record.

3.      Quality: Your foremost priority should be buying a quality product when it comes to safety mirrors. Quality safety mirrors will be more durable in the long run and provide an added value to its purchase price.

Also, sometimes when you buy in bulk, sellers may agree for a bulk discount. Talk to the seller with your requirements and you might get a better deal on a high-quality product.

Outdoor vs Indoor

Depending on where you want the safety mirrors installed, you may need an outdoor mirror or an indoor mirror. For example: If you need to install the safety mirror in a blind hallway, an indoor mirror is the way to go. You can choose from square and round shaped mirrors along with 360-degree view dome mirrors. And if the safety mirror is to be used outside in the street, an outdoor mirror is the right choice. You can customize the mirrors for durability. This is done by using a high-quality frame and case materials, reflective strips for visibility and scratch resistant coating for a long lasting reflective surface.

There are universal mirrors that are also sold by online sellers. These mirrors are perfect for installations in driveways of covered parking structures. They provide better visibility for maneuvering and help in better surveillance of the area.

When looking to buy traffic safety mirrors online, prefer a manufacturer who sells directly to consumers. Chances are there, you will get high-quality mirrors at affordable rates. The mirrors can also be customized for industrial installations. Industrial mirrors are more durable and they can withstand the tough and extreme conditions of an industrial setting.

Original source : http://safetytrafficmirrors.blogspot.com/2018/07/traffic-mirrors-for-sale-visibility-and.html

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Safety Mirrors For Blind Corners And Driveways

Safety Mirrors For Blind Corners And Driveways

Date : 2018-07-25

Safety Mirrors for blind corners are widely used for blind spots at inner lanes, parking as well as many more places. Further, this mirror is also utilized at toll booth gathering centres as well as factories, warehouses, inside shops and several other places to obtain a superior view of surrounding area.

These security mirrors for blind corners are extremely required in the market for its excellence glass, ideal finish and extensive area coverage on the mirror as well as very smooth surface. There are several Safety Mirrors for blind corners manufacturers who made these mirror available to the customers in various specifications as well as at affordable prices.

Traffic Mirrors are made utilizing finest quality glass and are light in weight. These mirrors manufacture with fiber holding as well as and are enormously robust and adaptable. These mirrors are wonderful choice for tackling the hazard of traffic on roads. The coating at the rear of the glass offers a long lasting as well as crystal clear reflection. The provided assortment of mirrors is manufactured in a way that these are not pretentious by any type of light ray. Clients may avail these mirrors from these manufacturers in various sizes depending upon their precise needs.

On the other hand, security mirrors aren’t severely limited to threats or danger. They’re also enormous for identifying lost items like your jewellery, small valuables and many other valuable things. With its wide-angled viewing as well as impact resistant acrylic you may simply view under, over or behind the object or vehicle in question. What’s even superior is that the aluminium telescopic handle extends entire the way from 100cm to 200cm.

Security mirrors are appropriate for a range of organisations, you should purchase one made of long-lasting acrylic or an unbreakable polymer. Before purchasing take into consideration the length of pole that you’ll require for the job. If you’re utilizing it strictly for home or office utilization, you might not need a telescopic armrest that spans 3m extended. Equally, if the job calls for it that might be accurately what you require.

You should go for a mirror with a toughened acrylic face or strong polymer. Also check that it has a considerable warranty life in the event that pole or face since spoilt in any way. If the purpose is to utilize the mirror predominately under vehicles then also be certain that the wheels are manufactured of polyurethane tyres or a similar tough material.

Convex mirror is a road Safety & parking safety mirror which might be utilized on different Roads as well as apartments to keep away from the unlucky accidents while turning etc. These high quality mirrors can easily produce virtual, reduce (smaller than object) as well as vertical (with respect to object) images for real objects. So that the safety Convex Traffic Driveway Safety Mirror displays the virtual pictures of passing vehicles in the opposite side where they cannot observe that the vehicles are coming this helps in avoiding the accidents.

Original source : http://safetytrafficmirrors.blogspot.com/2018/07/safety-mirrors-for-blind-corners-and.html

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Commercial Safety Mirrors And Indoor Security Mirror

Commercial Safety Mirrors And Indoor Security Mirror

Date : 2018-07-25

Many have undergone the repercussions of huge accidents in such areas with limited visibility. These issues occur on blind corners, at the exits as well as entrances of residential complexes or business, and in high-pedestrian areas where the driveway does not have a clear view of moving traffic. The answer is convex mirrors.

There are several commercial safety mirrors manufacturer who are offering large as well as small quantities of indoor as well as outdoor convex mirrors for business, residential as well as industrial buildings. If you’re unsure about your mirror needs, you may contact these manufacturer and supplier today and they will search the products to meet your requirements.

An outdoor convex mirror would boost your field of vision around sightless corners, obstructed or unseen exits, entrances, and corridors. 160° viewing angle provides the widest viewing area possible and most excellent coverage. These strong outdoor convex mirrors help to enhance security as well as inspection outdoors around buildings, residential apartment communities, businesses as well as restricted areas.  Entire indoor security mirror contain modifiable wonderful swivel arm as well as the best mounting hardware. They are very easy to install as well as simple, straight forward instructions.

Blind spots as well as corners are dangerous for pedestrians and also drivers. They’re accidents waiting to occur, whether they be in undercover winding roads or parking area as well as even for extreme pedestrian traffic in shopping malls as well as schools.

The rotund convex shape protuberance out, shiny peripheral images as well as ensuring you to observe which is approaching around a corner. It’s the ideal solution to and frequently severe issue.

Not only utilized for traffic as well as driveway security purposes, indoor security mirror are also indoor theft deterrents. Favoured by retailers as an anti-theft security trait, they offer a wider view of markets, shops, schools and many more.

Security mirror design in several sizes as well as shapes, ceiling mirrors are completely equipped with PMMA lenses, which ensure for the clearest pictures. Easily installed, the products are sealed with industrial-grade sealants that stop dust penetrating the lens.

You may easily set up these security mirrors on numerous kinds of walls, outdoor trees, ceilings, and as well as a broad range of surfaces without negotiation on flexibility. They are adaptable, ensuring you to contentedly point them in entire directions – offering you a wide angle view.

Commercial safety mirrors can decrease traffic accidents, see what’s happening at a glance in your schools, your store, parking areas and your business.

They are convenient as well as will easily help decrease accident as well as theft by creating the boosting in security well worth the investment.

These safety mirrors are very supportive in parking locations, in building sites, in junction roads etc.  This is why these are called as a world’s perfect product.  These safety mirrors is in the shape of spherical with a hat type plastic at the top on the mirror. The colour of the Plastic is in orange and the material is poly carbonate.

Original source : http://safetytrafficmirrors.blogspot.com/2018/07/commercial-safety-mirrors-and-indoor.html

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Different Facts Regarding the Use of Blind Side Mirrors

Different Facts Regarding the Use of Blind Side Mirrors

Date : 2018-08-28

Regardless of how well you position your side view mirrors, there will be a blindside on either side. A lot of this will rely upon your car's outline and development, yet there will dependably be territories that you can't see. Regardless of whether you're endeavoring to keep a mischance with passing movement, basic components or even people on foot, safety mirrors for blind corners can be situated in an assortment of spots for every one of these dangers.

Guarantee On-Site Safety of Personnel

Work escalated employments including truly difficult work, powerful apparatus and development could fundamentally profit by a mechanical blind side mirror. It's important first to recognize the floor plan of the office to all the more likely check what number of and which kind of blindside mirrors you'll require. The mirrors are developed to give a 180-degree all-encompassing perspective, and are impervious to UV rays, and are by and large fabricated utilizing a strong polymer. The most recent installation process with the mirrors couldn't be less complex with the included widespread settling unit and the adjusted edges which make every one of the items exceptionally good for any driver getting in or out of the taxi. Blindside mirrors for the building are strong and definitely justified even despite the speculation.

Color Plays an Important Component

You may not understand it but the color of a blindside mirror can expand its viability and in this way the general security. Yellow/dark is standard wellbeing colors other than white/red. Frequently you'll additionally have the capacity to choose the shape your mirrors. The Mirror is developed with an unbreakable polymer, 90-degree view focuses, plus, the yellow/dark edge sticks to wellbeing activities in the work environment.

There's Nowhere to Hide

In addition to the wellbeing from the mirror, these are the ideal fitting for retail foundations and organizations that get a high level of pedestrian activity. Ordinarily mounted on the inside roof, a blindside mirror enables chaperons and staff to screen the activities of customers. Combined with a couple of surveillance cameras close to the front and back end of your store, a blindside mirror can stop a criminal in his tracks or conceivably even distinguish unfortunate behavior among store faculty.

For most vehicles, the ideal area for the establishment is the upper corner on the outside of the mirror. This doesn't make a difference to all vehicles with Safety Mirrors for Driveways, so you may need to explore different avenues regarding situation so as to get the ideal scope of your particular blindsides. Note that numerous vehicles don't profit by a blindside mirror on the traveler side view. The measure of as far as possible permeability of the reflection for the driver and traveler side view mirrors are normally convex to cover the blind side.

Original source : http://safetytrafficmirrors.blogspot.com/2018/08/different-facts-regarding-use-of-blind.html

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Be Aware of the Difference between Indoor and Outdoor Security Measures

Be Aware of the Difference between Indoor and Outdoor Security Measures

Date : 2018-08-28

Utilized legitimately they can give you a superior perspective of concealed zones in your store, at the crossing point of your garage and the street or in the pathways of a bustling stockroom.

Rural or Urban areas

Regardless of whether you are introducing curved commercial safety mirrors in a provincial or urban territory may likewise assume a key part in what sort of mirror you, in the end, choose to run with. The already specified acrylic mirrors are perfect for country territories where there is less vandalism in general and where they are more averse to be messed with. If you are in a rustic territory the acrylic curved mirrors will work fine, yet take note of that they are not indestructible.

For something more robust that would be perfect for urban territories, you can pick the Stainless Steel Convex Mirror. Made with a steel front, these mirrors have been completely tried and can survive a wide range of vandalism and effect from a variety of things, including vandalism, quakes, and weathering. Also, the mirror is accessible in an assortment of sizes and is accessible for in an open-air or indoor condition and additionally different diverse sizes. In spite of the fact that the cost of these curved mirrors increases in contrast with the acrylic style mirrors, they do give "value for their money" with regards to execution.

What Is the Difference amongst the Indoor and Outdoor Curved Security Mirrors?

The difference between an indoor and an outdoor curved security mirror is the price, sections and weatherproof seals.

·         Indoor mirrors, for the most part, accompany a wood, chipboard or no support by any means. Then again, outside carved mirrors need to face the components so they, for the most part, have a more climate-safe fixed plastic or stainless steel backing.

·         There are likewise some different concerns when mounting a carved mirror outside, in view of their shape they should be all the more safely mounted when subjected to wind. Bigger outdoor curved mirrors accompany 2-3 mounting sections to keep your carved mirror from transforming into a kite.

·         While figuring out what choice to run with you should decide whether the carved mirror will be presented to wind and climate.

·         Regardless of whether the mirror is sheltered from rain and sun, it might at present be presented to twist as on account of parking structures or arrangement under roof. In such cases, you might need to consider running with an outdoor mirror rather than the Indoor Security Mirror for lifespan.

To utilize a mirror accurately, it ought to be introduced with the goal that it gives a perspective of the blindsides on your right side and left when sitting in the driver's seat. Ensure your side view reflect itself is situated effectively (you shouldn't have the capacity to see the side of your car), and after that modify the mirror with the goal that you can perceive what the other mirror misses.

Original source : http://safetytrafficmirrors.blogspot.com/2018/08/be-aware-of-difference-between-indoor.html

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Why Traffic Safety Mirrors Are Used?

Why Traffic Safety Mirrors Are Used?

Date : 2018-09-22

Security Traffic Mirrors allow you to see round corners and bends. This makes them particularly useful for blind corners, sharp bends as well as your driveway, if you can’t see the oncoming traffic. By placing these mirrors at an appropriate height, they ensure you to see vehicles coming, while you can’t see them with the naked eye. This means that instead of exiting your driveway inch by inch, more in hope than anything else, you may now see whether the road is clear before exiting.

Convex Blind spot mirrors provide a wide angle of view and hugely reduce the chances of accident in and around your business premises, ensuring drivers, pedestrians as well as cyclists to see around blind corners and walls, or to have a clearer view of other vehicles.

Traffic Safety Mirrors are placed to help get better the lateral visibility at junctions. Road safety signs, vegetation, trees, etc. which can hide approaching vehicles. These mirrors may help in these situations. The same goes for sharp corners, while you can’t see oncoming traffic, a strategically placed convex mirror allows you to see what’s around the corner, and likewise for the oncoming vehicle, making you both more aware as well as warning you to slow down. The same principal applies to parking garages. When oncoming cars are approaching and there’s a blind corner ahead, these mirrors helps you to see each other, forcing you to take evasive action or slow down in time.


Convex safety mirrors

The hard working safety as well as security mirrors are inexpensive to begin with but while you calculate their value over their long lifetime of useful service out there, you find their cost to be only cents a day Discourage shoplifters. They require to be hidden before they will risk a theft. Use Convex and dome mirrors at blind corners and in the aisles of industrial factories where traffic mirrors and convex safety mirrors are required. Also to help stop intersection accidents in car park areas. Employees can tell at a glance, on-coming traffic and movement of vehicles that would otherwise be obscured from their direct line of vision.

They literally allow you to see around the corner. While you consider what you can save in terms of insurance premiums, missed work as well as employee, accidents, theft, goodwill each time you prevent a forklift truck from colliding with a pallet loader, for example, at a crucial and busy T intersection in your factory or warehouse or business corridors. If you stop and think on the huge potential losses which result from bold thief’s as well as shoplifters helping themselves in retail aisles these days. As part of a theft deterrent, there is no more affordable and cheaper way than strategically positioning Convex and Dome security mirrors within your business.

Our Safety Mirrors for Blind Corners provide superior reflection when required for blind corners and aisles, hallways racking and as well as safety and security matters. They are also a ideal prevention and security device in retail and commercial applications where visibility is obscured and blind corners, probably provide the most cost effective technique of wide area surveillance.

Original source : http://safetytrafficmirrors.blogspot.com/2018/09/why-traffic-safety-mirrors-are-used.html

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