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Exterior Cleaning with a Hot Water Pressure Washer

Date : 2018-10-17

The exterior of a building is the first things people will notice when they approach a business. Make sure that first impression is a good one by keeping the exterior clean. Focusing your attention on keeping the exterior of your buildings in shape is easier when you’re using a hot water pressure washer. Below, we’re sharing tips to get the job done right.

What Pressure Washers Can Do

Using a pressure washer makes the job of cleaning a building exterior faster and more effective. The tools work by heating the water with a boiler to between 100 - 140°C. The water is pumped through the machine and out of a nozzle with enough pressure to blast dirt and debris off of your building’s surface. 

Cleaning Your Building

Prep work is an important step when cleaning any building. You’ll need to put some time in before you wash, to make your job easier. Remove anything that might get in your way, and cover plants to protect them from chemical runoff. 

Pretreating some areas can help to make hot water pressure washer more effective when you start washing. Use commercial cleaners to scrub stains, built up dirt, and mildew affected areas before you start using your machine. 

When you start washing, start from the top of the building and work your way down. Always spray at an angle, rather than straight on, and move from side to side as you spray. Spend extra time on areas that have substances caked on and spots that are stained. 

Why Hot Water?

Does cold water remove dirt? Sure. Does it do the job as well as hot water? Not necessarily. Hot water breaks down substances and makes it easier to remove them from surfaces. When it comes to the exterior of buildings, from parking lots to commercial buildings, hot water can more easily remove everything from peeling paint to oil stains. Choosing a hot water pressure washer means using a more effective cleaning tool that will keep your buildings looking their best over time.

Other Uses for Your Pressure Washer

Hot water pressure washers are a smart investment. In addition to being a powerful tool for cleaning the walls of your building, they can be used in a variety of ways to keep the entire area around your business clean. Use your water to spray down your parking lot to remove debris. Clean the sidewalk leading up to your build to prevent injuries and improve curb appeal.

Learn more and check out pressure washers for sale at Roy Turk Industrial Sales Ltd. to find the right fit for your business.

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Karcher Pressure Washer - Simply Perfect for Regular Cleaning

Karcher Pressure Washer - Simply Perfect for Regular Cleaning

Date : 2018-11-30

Anyone who is looking for a better, high quality clean from their pressure washer is obviously not using Karcher pressure washer parts or equipment from this highly sought after brand of pressure washers. Karcher manufacturers some of the finest pressure washer parts on the market. It’s these high-quality components that come together to creat a perfect, easy clean. There are a number of reasons why you should visit a Karcher pressure washer parts dealer to provide you with the equipment that can provide you with a better, faster clean.

Easy to Use

Karcher pressure washers are simple for anyone to use. You don’t need to be a skilled expert to operate one of these pressure washers. Anyone can completely clean their premises with a Karcher pressure washer, whether it’s an industrial space or an outdoor area. Their high power makes regular cleaning simple and straightforward. The machines are user-friendly and allow you to quickly figure out how to do a regular cleaning without any additional training needed.


Karcher’s pressure washer parts are respected around the world. This is thanks to not only the quality product that they put out but also thanks to their availability. Karcher pressure washer parts are readily available in Canada. This means that you don’t have to deal with long shipping periods. Instead, you can quickly purchase your Karcher pressure washer parts and get to work quickly.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the only downsides to pressure washing is that it uses a lot of water. This makes most pressure washers bad for the environment. However, a number of Karcher’s pressure washers are able to use water from an alternative water source. This means that one could fill a bucket with rainwater and use that in their Karcher pressure washer. This makes many Karcher pressure washers offer an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional pressure washers.

Pure Power

Karcher takes the power of their pressure washers seriously. Karcher pressure washers are extremely powerful are able to reduce cleaning times by up to 50%. This allows you to spend more time doing the things you enjoy, instead of pressure washing. Although there are a number of pressure washer companies in the world, Karcher stands out from the crowd. They are available all around the world, including Canada. A number of Karcher’s pressure washer models are environmentally friendly and all of the models are powerful. With all of this in mind, it’s not hard to see why so many homeowners and businesses trust Karcher for their pressure washer parts that they purchased from Roy Turk.
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Electric or Gas Powered Pressure Washers: Which One is Right For You?

Electric or Gas Powered Pressure Washers: Which One is Right For You?

Date : 2019-01-30

Whether it’s for around the home or in a workspace, there is no denying the benefits that a high quality pressure washer can provide. What may take hours by hand can take a matter of minutes if cleaned with a pressure washer. However, before purchasing one of these useful machines, it is important for people to know the differences between electric and gas powered pressure washers. Learning these important details will enable anyone to make an informed purchase.

Purchasing an Electric Pressure Washer

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing an electric pressure washer is that it is cost effective. Generally, electric pressure washers are fairly cheap and easy to purchase. They are also cost effective due to the fact that the owner won’t have to spend money on gas or oil. There are also not too many expensive parts to replace in an electric pressure washer.

However, even though they are cost effective, the best electric pressure washers don’t last as long as the best gas powered pressure washers.  This means they will have to be replaced more often.

Purchasing a Gas Powered Pressure Washer

There are tons of benefits to purchasing a gas powered pressure washer. It doesn’t have to be the best gas powered pressure washer in Canada to get the job done.These powerful machines can get any job done. In fact, some of the best gas powered pressure washers in Canada can offer as much as 4,000 PSI. They are also much more mobile than electric power washers, due to the fact that they don’t require any cords. Although they require some maintenance, these amazing machines can last for a number of years. 

Sadly, there are a handful of downsides that come along with purchasing one of these machines. The most obvious downside is that they are more expensive. They don’t only cost more to purchase, but they also require gas, oil and, occasionally, parts. If the owner doesn\'t know how to fix it, he or she will also have to pay for expensive repairs. 

Before heading to your local retailer, it is always a good idea to stop, think, and look at the positive and negative aspects of both electric and gas powered pressure washers. Both of these machines have their own unique sets of pros and cons. By knowing these pros and cons, the soon-to-be owner will be able to make the correct decision.

We at Roy Turk Industrial Sales LTD know that it can be difficult to decide between electric and gas powered pressure washers. Thankfully, we offer only the best gas powered pressure washers in Canada, making your search that much easier. Come on down today!
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