Ooze Electro Barrel E-Rig

Ooze Electro Barrel E-Rig

The Electro Barrel is a powerful device packed into a friendly, easy-to-use design. The toxic barrel is an OG Ooze design, but this e-rig is hiding something special under the hood. The C-Core Onyx Atomizer powers the Electro Barrel. This provides insanely potent, smooth airflow, maximum flavor production, and more even heating throughout your session. It also ensures the vapor you inhale is 100% heavy metal free.

We designed the Electro Barrel to be simple to figure out for everyone, even first-time dabbers. There’s one button that controls everything, and you simply lift the lid to access the Onyx Atomizer. Just load your dab onto the Azul ceramic core inside the Onyx Atomizer and close the lid. Press the button 5x to turn the device on, and press and hold the button to heat up the C-Core and take your dab.

Electric Dab Rig
Water Bubbler with Removable Chamber
Built with Onyx Atomizer
2000 mAh
Flex Temp – 3 Temperature Levels
Torchless Dab Rig Experience
No Preheating Required
Sub-Ohm Vaping for Thick, Flavorful Clouds
Type-C Charger for Pass-Through Charging
Includes 2 Extra Onyx Atomizers

Electro Barrel Onyx Atomizer Replacement 2-Pack
Ooze Type-C Replacement Charger (required for warranty!)
Ooze Twist Hot Knife Kit
Ooze Geode or other Dab Storage
Ooze Dab Mats
Ooze Smell Proof Travel Pouch
Ooze Resolution Wipes & Cleaning Supplies

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