Monitor & Laptop Under Desk Mounting Kits

Monitor & Laptop Under Desk Mounting Kits

With two decades of experience in the technology furniture industry, we’ve adapted our product lineup in response to customer needs and evolution in the computer industry. One particular challenge that many clients have encountered is giving their users computer access, but only on an as-needed basis. Our response: the patented flipIT® system, a SMARTdesks original.

Semi-Recessed Monitor Mounting System

SMARTdesks was the first company to house computer monitors below the desktop, putting CRT monitors underneath a glass desktop. As flat screen computer monitors took over, we developed the flipIT®, which allows the flatscreen monitor to be rotated out of sight below the desktop, creating a computer desk with concealed monitor. Not only does this provide an added measure of security, but it empowers the user to access the monitor on their terms: open it up when it’s needed, and move it out of the way when it isn’t.

We later adapted the flipIT® for monitor lifts to raise the monitor vertically from the desktop, creating recessed monitor computer tables. It will support a range of VESA-compatible flat screens and all-in-one computers, a variety of screen height settings, and requires no counterweights or spring adjustments for normal use.

Laptop Under Desk Mount

Laptops have become ubiquitous in many organizations, but their mobility makes them easy pickings for thieves. So we again adapted the flipIT® for use with notebook computers. By mounting the laptop in the flipIT® Laptop Safe, the device will stay secure and locked up, but will keep charging. And like the flipIT® for flatscreen displays, the user can swivel the laptop down and out of the way when it’s no longer needed.

SMARTdesks has a full range of technology furniture solutions, including computer lab deskstechnology tablesconference tables and more, adaptable to your particular space and requirements. Contact us today to learn more.

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