Custom Virus Production Service

Custom Virus Production Service

Save precious time for your research and avoid all tedious virus production steps. Creative Diagnostics provides you with customized virus production services. We cultivate, titrate, and purify numerous viruses from various species. Our service includes processing both BSL-2 and BSL-3 pathogens in certified bio-isolation laboratories, making wild-type and recombinant viruses, and preparing the nucleic acids probes.

With years of experience in cell culture and the assessment of new antiviral drugs, we can produce, concentrate, and characterize viruses at scales ranging from 9 mL to 16 L. Further customized virus production services, including viral protein preparation, virus inactivation, and viral genome nucleic acid isolation, can be well performed as well.

No matter what you need, Creative Diagnostics' scientists will customize the virus production process according to your specifications. At the same time, we provide molecular biology services to improve our virus production services.

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