Crushball 65pc Pen Applicator |

Crushball 65pc Pen Applicator |

Buy wholesale 65pc Crushball penapplicators online. Choose from a variety of flavors, including spearmint, mint, doublemint, blue menthol, and black ice. Crushball cigarettes are a great way to add flavor to your vaping experience.

PEN Style applicator is very small and portable. Can be placed inside pack of cigarettes. Applicator will make crushballs the insertion process much easier.

Applicator has FREE 60 MIX Flavour

Instructions how to use:

1. Take out the ordinary cigarette, put it into the bottom spike hole (to make passage for crushball).

2. Tilt the applicator slightly sideways to feed/roll a bead through canal into applicator insertion top part.

3. Push down the cigarette at the top part of applicator to insert a crushball inside cigarette filter.

4. Make the capsule in the filter burst by pressing it.

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