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Need a highly experienced asphalt contractor to help you make a great impression? Since 1977, Potholes Perth have been servicing the Perth metro area as well as close regional areas such as York, Bunbury, and Geraldton. As one of the oldest asphalt tradies in Perth, we remain committed to installing asphalt driveways and paved surfaces in a timely and cost-effective manner. We love doing the work and can match any genuine quote provided by our competitors. Our high standard of workmanship is renowned in the industry and we are the first company to offer a 2-year guarantee on all work done irrespective of job size and location. We are also fully insured. There are many ways to repair damaged asphalt, but there is only one right way to do it. If potholes need repairing, they should be fixed immediately to prevent any further damage. We use DMI Tack Coat, compact the area, re-asphalt, and even clean all damaged asphalt away from the area so that it is clean and ready to use. Another speciality we have are speed humps, access ramps, elevated pedestrian crossings, and water deflectors (water diverters). We have been used by local councils all over Perth hundreds of times. We have also done this on private property. For example, we have installed water diverters in existing driveways and private car parks where there are problems with water flow and pooling. After a simple initial site visit, we will determine the problem and design a solution to fix this problem. More often than not, a cost-effective solution is really just to put the water diverter in the correct location which will save you lots of money in costly drainage works. Depending on the situation, speed humps can also be a suitable water deflector. Our third speciality is repairing driveways and crossovers. Asphalt driveways are cost-effective and have a wonderful visual appeal to them. Sometimes they do need repairing ad we have a range of options that can suit your budget. These include easy solutions such as lapping patches. However we can also do jobs such as overlays and resheeting, and rejuvenating them so it looks as good as new!

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