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If you need to move a piano you have bought, or are transfer a piano between family and friends right away, we are usually able to accommodate a move on short notice. All our movers at Piano Movers Melbourne are experienced not only in moving furniture but also pianos, since they require delicate and specialized handling. Pianos are different from most furniture because of their size and weight, and specialized strategies are needed when moving them. That’s why we recommend that you never try to move one yourself. We know that many pianos have a family history with memories behind them, making them valuable in more than just a monetary sense. They are often a major investment as well. Piano Movers Melbourne is bonded and insured so you can have peace of mind. It also shows that we are serious about our business. Most regular moving companies are not trained to move pianos so select a moving company that knows how to transport a piano safely. We have been hired to move pianos not only for individuals but also for businesses, churches, schools, and even music stores.

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