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Date : 2021-01-17

Football is one game that Americans tend to go crazy about as it is a game that is enjoyed by the citizen of all states. The game tickets get sold out instantly even if the prices are high and the most audience tries to get to the stadium so that they are able to get the firsthand experience of their favorite team performing. Stadiums get jam-packed with fans who follow each team with utmost dedication.

The citizen of Philadelphia is known to be extremely passionate when it comes to sports and therefore showcase a long list is teams of all types of sports. One of their most loved and sought out the team is the Philadelphia Eagle, which is the favorite of many people throughout America.

If you are new to the sports scene or are wanting to know some more about Philly’s most favorite team then you should indulge yourself by reading this blog.

Basic Information:

Philadelphia Eagles is a Professional Football Team that is based in Philadelphia, America, and ranks among the best in the league. As a member club of the league’s National Football Conference, East Division, Philadelphia completes in the National Football League and has bagged multiple titles over the period of time.

The team dates back to 1933, Philadelphia Eagles has been in the game for 87 years as a replacement for the bankrupt Frankford Yellow Jackets which was bought by a group whose leader was Bert Bell who played an influential role in securing the rights of the NFL franchise.

The team’s home ground is the Lincoln Financial Field located in Philadelphia where they play many of the matches that take place in their home town while their headquarter is in the NovaCare Complex. The team is currently owned by Jeffrey Lurie who is the Chairman and the CEO as well as Howie Roseman as the General Manager, while the presidential seat is under Don Smolenski and the Head Coach is Doug Pederson.

Nicknames come naturally when it comes to such a big and famous team, similarly over the period Philadelphia Eagles has gathered a few nicknames for themselves which include The Birds and The Iggles. The team has gained passionate fans who are known as the most intimidating as well as a rowdy crowd when it comes to any match. The fan base is possible the most passionate of all sports teams as the citizen of Philadelphia sure take their football seriously.

Notable Players:

Players are the significant and the most notable part of what actually makes the team Philadelphia Eagles have given Football history some of the most athletic players who were not only at the top of their game but also people’s favorite

Some of the notable personalities include Fred Barnett, Jason Peters, Bobby Taylor, Duce Staley, Sheldon Brown, Keith Byars, Trent Cole and so many more.

While the present roster includes Carson Wentz as the Quarterback along with Jalen Hurts. Running Backs include Jason Huntley and Miles Sanders. Some of the Wide Receivers are J.J. Arcega-Whiteside, Travis Fulgham, John Hightower, Desean Jackson, and many more while Tight Ends are covered by Zach Ertz, Dallas Goedert, and Caleb Wilson.

Offensive Linemen, Defensive Linemen Linebackers and Defensive Backs include Brandon Brooks, Lane Johnson, Jason Kelce, Malik Jackson, Josh Sweat, Javon Hargrave, Shaun Bradley, Davion Taylor, Craig James, and Elijah Riley respectively to note the few.


What’s a sport without rivalries? To keep up the fire of the game rivalries are necessary and are formed quite easily over small matters. Philadelphia Eagles have several rivalries in which the Dallas Cowboys take the throne.

Dallas Cowboys are the biggest rivals of the Philadelphia Eagles and has been a bitter rivalry from the very start. It became high profile during 1960 and has continued to catch attention due to the incidents between the fans as well as exchanges of explicative.

Next comes in the New York Giants. The rivalry with the Giants runs deeper than the game as it is due to the geographical location as well and seeps into a number of other games as well. It is known as one of the greatest rivalries of all time.

The third rival team is the Washington Football Team, which is as intense as it can be as both team buds heads often with Washington currently in the lead.


Philadelphia Eagles have bagged a few titles during its run. The team has managed to win three National Football League Championships in the past but hasn’t been able to win any as of recent. The only recent win that Philadelphia Eagles was able to bag was the Super Bowl of 2018.

The team continues to work hard and practice their formation day and night to bring the team to its former glory.

So if you are looking forward to any upcoming game season in which Philadelphia Eagles is performing, that is taking place at a stadium then you need to rent a car or hire yourself a limo to get to the desired location asap and the best option when it comes to rentals cars and limo to go anywhere in Philadelphia is the Philly Car and Limo services.

Philly Car and Limo services are the best service provider in the vicinity when it comes to rentals of all kinds. We have a long and extensive list of cars that you can easily choose from that suits your needs along with economical and budget-friendly packages so that you don’t have to think twice.

All our cars are well maintained and sanitized after every ride to ensure optimum safety and protection for our clients. We train our chauffeurs in the best possible way with driving tests as well as how many routes they know to get to a location to ensure that you always reach on time without facing any stops due to traffic.

Therefore if you are looking for the perfect rental to opt for to go anywhere then Philly Car and Limo is the answer to your search.

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Why You Should Hire A Philadelphia Limo Service

Date : 2021-01-17

People hire limousines for various reasons. If you’re seeing the sights in Philadelphia and new to the area, one of the best reasons to acquire the services of a limo is to always get where you’re going on time and without hassles and stress. In addition to being unfamiliar with the territory, you may be unacquainted with the city’s rush hours, shortcuts, and other idiosyncrasies of Philadelphia driving. However, hiring a Philadelphia limo service can remove any doubt or wariness on your part.

No matter if you’re going for a long distance or short distance, your life can be made easier by hiring a limo service or car. You might be going out to dinner with your spouse or significant other, traveling to the airport, or visiting any one of Philadelphia’s many sites and attractions. The fact remains, there are lots of great reasons to hire a limo.

Here’s our top five…

Lasting Impressions

There’s nothing like traveling in style. Additionally, imagine the impression you make on others when you arrive in that limo! You must be a VIP! All kidding aside, there’s nothing like riding around in a stunning limousine, chauffeured by an expert driver.

Door-To-Door Service

There’s no walking through crowded parking lots trying to find your car, trudging for blocks to catch the bus, trying to flag down the next taxi, etc. when you book a limousine. They’ll pick you up at your door and drop you off at the door of your destination. It works in reverse, as well.

Enjoy Your Travel Plans to the Max

With someone else doing the driving, you’ll have time to enjoy all the plans you’ve made for traveling in Philadelphia. Even if you get stuck in traffic, you can at least sit back and relax while someone else deals with all the starting and stopping.

No Need for GPS or Directions

Though GPS is presumably better than glancing down at a map or printed out directions every few seconds, it still may not get you where you’re going in the best possible manner. But when you rent a limo, the driver worries about how to get where you’re going so you don’t have to. In fact, if you’re looking for advice as to what sites to visit, they can likely fill you in on the best.

Zero Road Rage

There are all sorts of drivers on the streets of America – Philadelphia included. Some are reckless. Some are mad. Some are just plain crazy. But when you travel in the back of a limo, you get to sit back and enjoy the ride. Let the driver worry about all the road rage, construction, buses, trucks, etc. You get to enjoy the travel as well as your destination.

Need to Rent a Limo?

When it comes to needing a limousine or renting a car service, when you’re in Philadelphia, Philly Car and Limo Services is at your disposal. We are a dependable, top-rated source for transportation. Anytime you need to get from point A to point B in Philadelphia, why put yourself through the hassle of dealing with trucks, cars, bicycles, motorcycles, buses, and the rest? Don’t put up with rush-hour traffic when you can sit back, travel in style, and enjoy the ride. Stress isn’t healthy! Don’t put yourself through it.

If you’d like to find out more about the Philadelphia vehicles and transportation options we offer, contact us today.

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Top Attractions To Visit In Philadelphia For 2021

Date : 2021-01-17

You may not be willing to travel just yet, but soon – with any luck at all – traveling will once again be safe and comfortable. Though you may not frequently hear about them, there are numerous top attractions to visit in Philadelphia. Below, we’ll not only introduce you to a great number of things to do while you’re visiting Philadelphia, we’ll show you one of the best ways to get around town while you’re there.

Seriously? Philadelphia? Yes, it’s true. There are museums, walking tours, parks, tramways, archaeology tours, art tours, movie tours, historical tours, cultural tours, architecture tours, and more. Let’s explore ten of Philadelphia’s top attractions.

Due to the pandemic, some of these attractions are currently closed. Check for availability before planning your trip.

Rodin Museum

You may be familiar with the sculpture entitled “The Thinker”. He lives here, as do over 140 plasters, marbles, bronzes, and more.

The Franklin Institute

When it comes to science education, one of the premier and oldest centers in America is the Franklin Institute. It is named for Benjamin Franklin, thought to be America’s first scientist. Visitors here can experience one-of-a-kind theatrical attractions, ongoing interactive exhibitions, blockbuster exhibits, and more.

Liberty Bell Center

This bell is a lasting symbol of American freedom, even though it can’t actually be rung any longer.

One Liberty Observation Deck

From this one-of-a-kind vantage point, visitors can take in a breathtaking view of historic Philadelphia’s skyline. With interactive touchscreens, learn about the area’s culture and history while viewing the entire city.

Museum of the American Revolution

There are few better places to experience the Revolution than this. Feel like part of the Revolution while taking an engrossing chronological journey including reenacted historical environments, digital interactives, immersive galleries, and more.

Independence Hall

Within this historic building, both the United States Constitution and Declaration of Independence were signed.

Reading Terminal Market

Even for those with the most eclectic tastes, there’s a little something for everyone in the over 80 concessions found at Reading Terminal Market.


Some of the finest collections of 20th and 19th century French painting are housed within the walls of the Barnes Foundation Houses. Checkout works by Matisse, Cézanne, Renoir, and more.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Discover Philadelphia’s cultural heart with a surprise around every corner. In the entire country, this landmark facility houses collections that are the most remarkable. Some of the greatest works of European, Asian, European, and American art are held within these walls.

Eastern State Penitentiary

What? Visit a penitentiary? In the entire world, this was once one of the most expensive and famous prisons. But don’t worry. No one’s going to lock you in today. Now, what’s left are empty guard towers, crumbling cellblocks, and a feeling of a haunted ruin. As penitentiaries go, this was one of the world’s first. Explore Death Row, Al Capone’s Cell, solitary punishment cells, and more.

How Do I Go about Renting a Limo?

You can depend on Philly Car and Limo Services for your 2021 limousine needs when you travel. For pricing and vehicle options in the area of Philadelphia, contact us today. Soon, we’ll all (hopefully) be able to travel again in security and comfort. When it’s finally deemed safe, beat the rush! Book your trip and your limo service before everybody else does!

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Date : 2021-01-17

Breeding house of sports teams, Philadelphia, is home base for several teams who are professional as well as amateur and college level. It breeds athletes who originate from all parts of Philadelphia and can be of any age and background. Anyone with the true potential and passion for a certain sport can apply for a tryout and that is why it has a long list of teams that people of Philadelphia root for.

If you are new to the sports scene of Philadelphia and you are on the look for which team you should root for so that you are always on the winning side, or you just want to which teams Philadelphians, who are known as the most knowledgeable fans, prefer then we are here with the most popular teams which you may be interested to keep an eye on.

Philadelphia Phillies:

One of the most popular teams of Philadelphia is, Philadelphia Phillies, which is an American professional baseball team and has competed in several leagues some of which include; Major League Baseball. The team ranks high enough to grab a seat as a member of the National League East Division.

Like all teams, Philadelphia Phillies has its own home stadium, Citizen Bank Park, which is located on the Southside of Philly. The team is one of the oldest and most sought out franchises in America that has been constantly delivering what their fans expect of them.

The team has also won the World Cup series championship twice which for any team is a major achievement.

Philadelphia Eagles:

For a football enthusiast, Philadelphia Eagles is not a new name at all. One of the most popular and oldest professional football teams that flags from Philadelphia dates back to 1933 and has competed in the renowned National Football League which is one of the most hyped and looked after leagues in America. The team is also a member of the National Football Conference of East Division.

The team has participated in Super Bowl many times and has managed to bag a few wins for itself along with the wins of multiple Championships. As every football team has its very own rival so does Philadelphia Eagle who goes head-on with the New York Giants and is the oldest in the NFC East along within NFL. The rivalry is hyped every single time to keep the fans hooked and they eat it right up.

Philadelphia Flyers:

Hockey might be the game that makes you think of Canada instantly but Philadelphia Flyers are a professional hockey team that flags from Philadelphia as the name suggests. They mostly compete in the National Hockey League as a representative and a member of the Metropolitan Division of Eastern Conference.

The team has won the Stanley Cup twice despite being an expansion team and is the third-best team in America. They rival head-on with the New York Rangers which has now come to know as a historic and intense rivalry dating back to the 1970s. Their mascot hasn’t been constant but a few years back they introduced a new fuzzy orange creature named ‘Gritty’ as a mascot.

Philadelphia 76ers:

Commonly and popularly known as the Sixers among its fans, the Philadelphia 76ers, are a professional basketball team hailing from Philadelphia’s metropolitan area. The team competes in the National Basketball Association as a member of the Eastern Conference Atlantic Division. They mainly play at the Wells Fargo Center and were founded in 1946 with the name of Syracuse National which they later changed to their present name.

Philadelphia 76ers are one of the oldest teams who are still a part of the NBA and were strong enough to survive the league’s first decade. Many of the team’s players graved the Hall of Fame due to their popularity and fan base. The team together has won three NBA championships and continues to compete in championships.

Philadelphia Union:

Finally a soccer team, Philadelphia Union is a professional soccer team which is based in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area. The team competes in Major League Soccer as a member of the Eastern Conference. The Union is a relatively new club which was formed in 2008 and started playing in 2010 as an expansion team.

Most of their home matches take place at Subaru Park which is designed as a soccer stadium only with soccer-specific needs and is located at the banks of Delaware River. The team has bagged Supporter’s’ Shield which was its first title in its history. They haven’t bagged any major wins but continue their hard work for which their fans support them throughout.

As mentioned, Philadelphia has a team for every sport one can possibly imagine and therefore is a dream city to be in for any sports enthusiast. Sports lovers flock to Philly whenever the game season is near and teams try their best not to disappoint their fans.

All the mentioned teams are the ones who have been performing their top game and that is why huge crowds of people flock to stadiums whenever a team they support is playing. Some people visit the stadiums for the experience and thrill of it all. If you are one of those said people who are looking for a ride to the stadium your favorite team is playing at the reach out to Philly Car and Limo and rent yourself a car.

Philly Car and Limo prides itself on having the best range of cars and limos to choose from in the vicinity. Our cars are kept in top-notch condition with daily maintenance, inspection, and sanitization to ensure the health of our clients. Our chauffeurs are excessively trained about the best routes to every stadium in Philadelphia so that they can avoid all traffic and have you at the location on time.

Whenever you need a car or even a limo which will economical and safe to get to the stadium, Philly Car and Limo is the one you should go for!

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Date : 2021-01-17

Are you planning a trip to Philadelphia? And you are also looking for hotels that are near Philadelphia Airport that follow all the Covid-19 regulations while being hygienic so that you are safe and healthy and face no issues when it comes to traveling along with being on time for your flight? If yes then this is the right place for all the information you are looking for.

It is natural to think of all the possible places you can stay while traveling since it determines how your trip will turn out. It is significant that you opt for the hotel that is near the airport and which is at your best convenience while being affordable as well as near to all the places and spots you intend to visit.

The hotel location determines traveling cost since if your hotel is near to the town’s hotspot then you will not have to spend a lot of money on taxis and other means of transport. Also, that would give you a chance to be at the center of all activity and to soak up the life that the town has to offer.

We have compiled a list of all the possible hotels near the Philadelphia Airport which might interest you, including five-star hotels as well as some of the local ones which offer the finest services in the vicinity.

Courtyard by Marriott Philadelphia Airport:

A three-star hotel which is just a few miles away from the airport offers its guests a free airport shuttle with parking and many more facilities. Moreover, the hotel has multiple restaurants and bar so that you can sample several cuisines during your stay. It also provides its guests with a smoke-free room along with several breakfast options and free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

You can also indulge yourselves with premium TV channels or sweat at the Fitness Center to release some of the pent up tension from the business meetings. If you are traveling with family you can even request for infant bed and cribs so that your child is also taken care of without any hassle.

There are several attractions near the hotel as well which include Wells Fargo Center, Citizen Bank Park, University of Pennsylvania and so many more.

Four Season Hotel Philadelphia at Comcast Center:

Four Season is a five-star hotel near the Philadelphia Airport which has views to die for. Having an ideal location, the hotel offers its guests a smoke-free room with daily housekeeping, private bathrooms, and a connecting room if one is traveling with family or friends and requires more rooms.

You can also spend some time at the Spa which has all the possible services that you can think of along with an indoor pool, restaurants, and bars. You can also opt for babysitting services so that you can have your very own me-time without worrying about your child’s welfare.

Liberty Bell Center and Independence Hall are at walking distance along with the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Reading Terminal Market so that you can visit some of the attractions that Philadelphia has to offer without spending a dime as travel expense while staying at the hotel.

Microtel Inn and Suites by Wyndham Philadelphia Airport:

For the perfect mix of value for money and comfort at its best Microtel Inn and Suites is located near Fort Mifflin and offers its guests free breakfast throughout their stay. You also have the access to ATM which is present on the hotel ground along with free parking and free airport transportation. You can also use their free Wi-Fi round the clock and seek guidance at the front desk no matter what the time is. The staff of Microtel Inn and Suites is bilingual therefore caters to people from all over the world.

The places near the hotel include The Barnes Foundation and Rodin Museum along with many other shopping malls and attractions which might interest you.

The Rittenhouse Philadelphia:

For the aesthetic and the five-star experience, Rittenhouse in Philadelphia is the one you should be checking in. Like many other five-star hotels, Rittenhouse offers its guests a smoke-free room and daily housekeeping but what sets it apart is the indoor pool which has the most beautiful setting that will make you feel at peace instantly. Moreover, it has a spa which has an extensive range of services that help you to relax and destress during your travels.

You can visit Rittenhouse Square, City Center, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and many more attractions which are just at walking distance from the hotel.

Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Philadelphia Airport:

Newly renovated Hawthorn Suites offers its guests first-class amenities along with top-notch services that rival any other hotel in the vicinity. It provides guests with free airport transportation along with free breakfast so that you start their day in the right way. The rooms are equipped with a flat-screen, kitchenette along with a microwave so that you have the freedom to manage your meals according to the needs. The guests also have the access to the gym and free Wi-Fi. The best part about the Hawthorn Suites is that you can have your pets with you without any issues.

These are just a few of the hotels present in Philadelphia while many others are waiting for you to land at the Philadelphia International Airport so that they can cater to you. We at, Philadelphia Airport Car & Limo Services, are ready to take you to any of the hotels that you choose no matter if you are traveling alone for the business of with friends and family. We provide you with the finest travel services and will you take you to every attraction in Philadelphia in our well-maintained cars and chauffeurs who are trained and are cordial. Our cars are also sanitized after every ride so that we can provide you the ultimate safe travel experience even in the time of a pandemic.

You can trust our hotel picks and choose one which suits you the best so that you are at maximum comfort during your travels.

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Choosing the Best way to Travel Around Philadelphia (And Why to go There in the First Place!)

Date : 2021-01-17

Do you want to travel around Philadelphia securely and comfortably? Then this article is for you.
Philadelphia is an exceptional destination, and before we delve into the ways to get around it, we will breakdown why Philadelphia is a great place to visit. Keep reading for information on a great company to travel with, to see how amazing Philadelphia is.

Why You Need to Visit

Visiting Philadelphia is not just something to do to knock off your bucket list. It is an amazing city with a variety of captivating sights to enjoy. The Liberty Bell is one of the most iconic parts of Philadelphia. Its historical significance was huge as a symbol of abolitionists for example. This is a great option If you are looking for a quick visit, as it is free and always open, and it will definitely spruce up your Instagram feed!

Speaking of bolstering up your Instagram feed, visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art is a great choice to visit when in this amazing city. It has amassed an extremely interesting collection of history that you must visit on your trip there! Taking a photo on its iconic steps will be a life-long memory that you will remember forever! Make sure that you don’t miss out!

Speaking of history, one reason to visit Philadelphia alone is to visit Independence Hall, the place where the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence of 1776. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is an integral part of American history. Tickets to visit them are free and you can arrange a tour around independence hall with an experienced tour guide to provide you with a truly amazing experience!

Next on our list is the City Hall. Giving this place a visit is a wonderful way to round off your trip. It is the largest municipal building in the country and visitors are provided with in depth tours of the significance of the City Hall today, and historically. These are on a variety of topics that are certain to gauge your interest, and we won’t spoil these so you can truly enjoy the moment when you visit!

Finally, if you are up to visit nature, consider Valley Forge National Historical Park. Philadelphia is certainly a city for those interested in history, and this place is historically significant because the Continental Army spent so much time here. You can see a variety of things here, such as replicated huts that mimic those used by the Continental Army.

Therefore, visiting Philadelphia is a no-brainer! However, Philadelphia is a very large city, and it is crucial that you are getting around comfortably and safely. Whether you are here on a business trip or for leisure, Philly Car & Limo Services are a car service and limo service firm that can help you travel around this historic city comfortably and safely, minimizing travel time, but still letting you take in every part of Philadelphia on your visit there.

Travelling with Philly Car & Limo Services

Philly Car & Limo Services are a firm that specialize in airport transfers and transport business but are also a great firm to choose when travelling around the city to these key destinations. They have a significant reputation in their industry and are a great firm to travel with as they emphasize customer loyalty to the highest standard. Their chauffeurs are trained in every part of the city, and just by mentioning what is listed above, they will know the best routes to take, whether you want to take in the views or get to places quickly.

Philly Car & Limo Services are an extremely amazing option for those who want to spend the least money possible on their trip. Click on the first link below to be directed to a page that allows you to get a free quote. These prices are of course dependent on your personal choices, and you can choose what you travel in. From cars to limousines, you will be spoilt for choice with Philly Car & Limo Services.

Philly Car & Limo Services also specialize in airport transportation, and whether you are here for leisure or business, you can be certain that they will cater for your needs. If you are here for leisure, you can choose the vehicle of your choice to accommodate your packages, and if you are here for business you can do the same, allowing you to dictate your travel preferences from the start of your journey.

Your driver will be in contact with you the moment you land at the airport, and with excellent communication skills, will be able to direct you to their location, allowing for an extremely smooth pickup process, allowing you to kickstart your trip off optimistically.

Also, Philly Car & Limo Services put your safety at the top of their priorities. In our current world, living in the midst of a global pandemic is difficult, but Philly Car & Limo Services have tweaked their operations to allow them to continue operating in the safest possible way. Your chauffer will observe social distancing rules in line with government policy and ensure that any personal requests for your safety are understood and acted upon.

Therefore, choosing Philly Car & Limo Services is certainly the best choice when travelling around Philadelphia to visit all of the amazing sights that we have discussed. Philly Car & Limo Services allow you to dictate each step of your journey in Philadelphia, as their chauffeurs are extremely communicative people who want you to have the best experience possible. They are trained to observe safety protocols as well, assuring you of your safety when travelling in their vehicles. They are also an extremely economical choice whilst allowing you to travel in style, making them one of the most competitive firms in the business, as their business is centered around you!

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Best Tips for Navigating the Philadelphia Airport

Date : 2021-01-17

Traveling can be an exciting adventure for you and your family but navigating a busy airport like the Philadelphia International Airport can add a lot of stress to your travels. Fortunately, if you go in with all of the best tips you can help reduce the stress and handle your next trip like a pro. Reading on, you are going to learn all about the best tips for navigating this airport.

It All Starts with Airport Transportation

Hiring a car service or a limo service can be the best approach here. A car service to Philadelphia International Airport can take a lot of stress off of your trip, especially if you are traveling with a group or are not familiar with the area. There are designated spots where a car service to airport Philadelphia can park, giving you convenient access into the airport. This also reduces the stress of having to find someplace to park and how much the long-term parking is going to cost you. Airport transportation services is also a good idea over options like rideshares or taxis because they are more reliable and safer.

Getting Through Security

One of the things that can slow you down going through any airport is getting through security. At the Philadelphia airport, the security checkpoint is located near the departure gate. You need to be sure that you put all electronics, metal objects, and your shoes in the plastic container, which will be sent through the x-ray machine. You need to also be sure that you have your boarding pass and ID in an easy to access spot so that you can grab it quickly when you need it. Be sure that you keep any liquids in a Ziploc bag, as this will be screened separately. Game systems and tablets will also be screened separately. However, any medical devices should be inspected by hand rather than going through a machine.

After you have successfully made it out of security, you are now in the secure area of the airport. There are arrows that point to the different gates as well as monitors throughout this area that can help you as well. You can find seating in that area to relax in while you wait for your flight to take off.

Leave Early (Don’t Worry, You Can Catch Some Rest)

It’s crucial that you leave as early as possible to make sure that you make your flight. If there are any issues, getting there early will help you avoid any major issues that could cause you to be late. In fact, it can be a good idea just to make sure that you get the earliest flight possible. This airport is essentially a ghost town if you get there before 7 a.m. You will encounter minimal lines through security and even some of the best quick bites there. You will even get those premium seats near the plugs so that you charge your devices while waiting for your flight. This is also a great idea to do because if your flight is cancelled, you can book another one without it completely disrupting your day.

Think you’ll be too tired to function that early in the day? A great feature of the Philadelphia International Airport is the Minute Suites. These are little sleeping areas that you can take advantage of, which is located between the A and B terminals. These suites not only have comfortable sofas for you to take a nap on, but there are also TV and workspaces so that you can either stay productive or just peacefully relax without dealing with the stand hustle and bustle of the airport.

TSA Pre-Check

The TSA Pre-Check option is something that can easily streamline your process of going through security. This allows you to have an easier time getting through security once you’re already TSA-approved. This is something that can be a huge time saver and relieve a lot of stress associated with traveling.

Know the Luggage Rules

According to the rules at this airport, you are only able to have one luggage that is cost-free to check and a smaller carry-on piece of luggage. If you want to be sure to avoid any extra fees, it’s important to make sure the bag that you are checking is under 50 lbs. This bag should also not be any bigger than 62 inches in total. The liquid items that you have in your checked bags must be in a Ziploc bag and be no more than 3.2 oz. Checking more than 1 bag? Go to the check-in counter at the terminal of the airline you are departing from. Again, be sure that your identification and other necessary items are easily accessed to make this easier for you. When you check in at the counter, your bags will be tagged and sent where they need to go and you get your boarding pass.

Take Advantage of the Many Services

In addition to any devices like wheelchairs that you need, you can find a great deal of services at the Philadelphia International Airport. In fact, the marketplace here is award-winning for its selections and quality. You can find over 160 food, beverage, retailers, and service shops within the airport. Want to check out some art while waiting for your plane? There is also a rotating exhibit of art you can check out while you are here.

Contact Us Today

At Philadelphia Airport Car and Limo Services, we want to make your next trip to and from the airport as easy as possible. Hiring an airport transportation service like ours is one of the best things that you can do to make your next trip as easy as possible. You can easily book one of our cars online as soon as you book your flight, ensuring that you get the car services that you need when you need them. If you want to learn more about our services, please contact us today and we can help you out.

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Traveling to and from Philadelphia International Airport?

Date : 2021-01-17

Going on a trip to Philadelphia?

Philadelphia, a city in Pennsylvania, is the place where most of the people prefer to go on the holidays. A city which is mainly notable due to its rich history. There are a lot of iconic and historical places to visit in Philadelphia. It is considered the most visited place in the whole of Pennsylvania. People love its atmosphere as well as the historical monuments.

But apart from these qualities, the thing that makes people uncomfortable is traveling to and from Philadelphia international airport. People mostly complain about the high fares of transportation that upsets their budget. Insecurity is another threat that most people face while traveling. If you are looking for a comfortable trip to and from the airport that suits your budget, then yes you are in the right place.

We at https://phillycarandlimo.com/ provide you the most comfortable ride with quite economical fares.

Why you should prefer us?

Following are the reasons why should you prefer us?

● Easy to afford:

The prices and the packages that we offer are easily affordable and not at all heavy on the pocket. Clients are our first priority and we take every possible step to provide ease to them.

We try our best not to give you any stress in traveling as there are thousands of others.

 High-quality ride:

We provide best quality standards by hiring chauffeurs who know the best possible places in the vicinity. Our prices are highly maintained with quality products. With Philly Car and Limo Service, you can enjoy your ride comfortably without any hassle.
This is the main reason for the trust of thousands of our clients.

 Secure traveling:

Insecurity is the main and the most important issue of this modern era. This is the only reason why people hesitate to travel. Safety is our topmost priority as we make sure that you reach your destination securely and timely and with no harm to you or your baggage.

We always stay in contact with our drivers in case of any emergency. In short, we will provide you the safest traveling in minimum time.

 Professional drivers:

Drivers that we offer are the best in their field. They know all the rules and regulations of being on the road as well as the most convenient routes that make them the safest bet for traveling. They will ensure timely pick up as well as the drop off to your desired location without any difficulty or hustle.

Our staff is highly skilled and is extremely friendly. Time has the most importance in faced-path life, therefore we try our best that we don’t waste it.

 Covid-19 outbreak:

In this covid-19 outbreak, there is nothing more important to us than the well-being of our employees and customers. For this purpose, we have increased our daily vehicle cleaning protocol to include multiple disinfecting a day, including between the passenger change.

Furthermore, we use ozone disinfectant machines to disinfect our vehicles.

 Trusted and reliable service:

Customer satisfaction is our outmost priority which our previous clients speak about. With years of experience in the travel business, we’ve built our reputation well-enough that you can trust us.
After giving us the luxury of serving you with our top-notch services, there is nothing you need to worry about.

From managing your luggage to safely taking you to your desired designation, you can count on us.

● State-of-the-art customer services

We know that our reviews are good and our customers are always satisfied with our services. But we also know that there maybe some questions which might be bothering you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

With our state-of-the-art customer services, we are here to help you with any confusion you have, 24/7. So, you can have your best holiday with the best travel experience ever.

The takeaway

Sometimes, all we need is a break from our current happenings. So, for that matter we consider travelling to places like Philadelphia where we can be enlightened by the rich history these places have got and how can we forget about the beautiful sights.

You may be going on a holiday or you might have some business to conduct in Philadelphia. With our experience and commendable services, you can travel with us, to your desired destination and have the best time ever.

We provide all kind of facilities to our customers. Now, you must be wondering, what about the expenses? Well, despite our top-notch professional services and top-notch reputation we’ve build around the globe, we provide affordable offers. Offers which doesn’t compromise on the quality of our service and at the same time focus on giving you the each and every facility you can have.

So, what are you thinking about? Get a quote by contacting with us.

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