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How to Build an App Like Go-Jek

How to Build an App Like Go-Jek

Date : 2019-08-12

The name Go-jek comes from the term that was \"Ojek\". It was found throughout Indonesia. Go-jek rapid growth and market scenario in Indonesia have prominent media coverage including stemming from a conventional taxi and ojek services.

Once Gojek app is popular, a number of business and individuals found a solution to create an app like Gojek in their respective country.

Multiple services on a single platform:

Cost-effective solution
Wide usage
Exclusive deals
Easy to navigate
Multiple payment options
A wide number of locations
Now you know about what Gojek is all about, now proceed further of our main points
How to create an app like Gojek? To create an app like Gojek it is not an easy task. It is more than coding, design, and launch. There are many steps involved for creating an app idea for the app to seeing live on the store.

After making an app it\'s not easy to become successful and popular. Developing mobile apps demands a great deal of time and resource investment. Sometimes it takes more than 3 years to complete the application.

So if you want to make your business by creating an app like Gojek to gain more revenue then you have to follow these options:

1) Partner with Mobile App Development Company:

2) Buy a Gojek like Clone App Source Code:

3) Hire a Developer on freelancing:

4) Established an In-House development team:

Gojek app development process:

Following are the features provided in the app:

1) GPS

2) In-App payments

3) Live to track

4) Synchronisation

5) Review & Ratings

6) Push notifications

7) Live Chat

8) Feedback

Don\'t wait for your competitors to implements your idea! Set a budget, create a plan, and go ahead with your dream of creating a successful Gojek clone app.

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